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Re: charmed1 & friends: the PC posse

I had a conservation on Facebook chat this morning with some girl and she started to talk about the Amanda Todd suicide. She posted how she almost started to cry because of how cruel this world is and asked me if I liked the Amanda Todd Facebook page.
I responded that I don't care and she asked me how can I be so cruel.
I responded with why am I cruel if I don't care and didn't liked the page? There are thousands of people who also killed themselves and she also doesn't care about them.
She responded that this is a special case.
I asked why in the blue hell is this special?
She responded it's special and different because she made a video

She said then how everybody should like the page even if we think she was bad because when people die we should threat them with respect no matter what they did.
I responded that in this case I respect Hitler and Bin Laden because they are now dead.
Then she called me an asshole because I compared her to Hitler and logged off.

Then I read some comment of a girl who posted that she cried when she saw the video with the cards because it reminds her of Britney Spears some years ago and how Britney screamed for help and it makes her cry when she thinks that Britney Spears could end like Amanda

Then I log on here and notice a red rep from a jabroni who repped me because of a comment I posted a month ago where I made a terrorist joke about Daivari. After I explained in the same thread that I am more relaxed with these jokes because I am also a Muslimthat guy red repped me a month later with a comment "that doesn't change the fact that your comment was against muslims"
Someone should arrest Jay-Z and Kanye because they use the word ..... a lot.

Well lot of facepalms for me this morning and we still live in this douchebag society. But at least we have less crap in the original Amanda todd thread

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