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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Th3Gr3atOn3 View Post
Seriously how long are you going to keep this up but for the shits of it..... BTW catchphrases are not inanimate objects but if you had a 2nd grade education you would know.
So let the Rock get this str8 you are still trying to act like a big shot, like your Th3Gr3atOn3 when obviously your not, The rock says this, BC Hunk, you should take your entire 24 pound head, turn it back words like the exorcist, have it rolled down your back, and then Hunk, hold your 24 pound head with your hand and proceed to shoving it DIRECTLY UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!!!.....................
So Th3Gr3atOn3, you think that by pretending to be the Rock, by addressing yerself as The Rock, you actually impress The Hunk? You actually think you can copy Rock's promo on the Undertaker word by word and "own" The BC Hunk?


Let The Hunk make it crystal clear.. You have NEVER... and The Hunk means NEVER impressed the BC Hunk! Sure, The Hunk posted a clapping GIF of The Rock for yer fantasy booking a few days ago, but that was like The Rock putting the Green Hamburglar Hurricane over! As far as yer quest for gaining Rock316AE's affections go, let The Hunk tell you this, he doesnt swing that way. So beat it, jabroni

Now that The Hunk has made you know your damn role, and shut your damn mouth, you TheGreenOne can go crying to yer dirty little bed, hide yer face inside yer mickey mouse pictures printed bed sheet, ask yer momma to sing lullabies for you, and go sleep. Whereas The Hunk will do what he does the best, that is, he will take a walk down the Know Your Role Boulevard, located near the Jabroni Drive, check himself straight into the SmackDown hotel and order some freshly prepared poontang pie, cuz ever since The Hunk's babe left him, he has found a new place to dwell!

If ya smell What the Hunk is cookin!
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