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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Apologies for any coding errors, anyway onto the show...

WWE Monday Night RAW
Special Three Hour SuperShow

4th May 2009
Boston, Massachusetts
TD Banknorth Arena

‘Time to shake things up...’


No opening video, no highlight package of last night, instead we fade in right into the main arena, where the crowd are waiting in anticipation.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentleman... the NEW WWE Champion... The Viper... Randy Orton!



The arena erupts with a massive amount of heat, as The Viper, the NEW WWE Champion, Randy Orton walks out into the same arena where he punted Triple H. Orton walks down the ramp, the WWE Champion across his shoulder, wearing a ‘Legacy’ shirt and looking very focused.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the TD Banknorth Arena, the scene of the crime where Randy Orton, the new WWE Champion punted Triple H in the skull. Tonight ladies and gentleman, it’s the WWE Draft, but right now, before the Draft begins formally, we’re going to hear from The Viper, Randy Orton.

King: I can’t wait to hear what he is going to say, after what he done last night I can’t imagine he’ll be short of words. And returning to the Draft, Michael, I can’t wait to see who RAW will draft, and just like last night, we are joined by SmackDown commentator, my good friend, good ol’ J.R.

Jim Ross: Thank you, King, like you – I’m looking forward to seeing who SmackDown will pick up tonight. But right now the focus is on Randy Orton, and rightfully so, he is in action later tonight against John Cena, but right now everybody wants to hear what he says about his actions last night.

Michael Cole: Last night ladies and gentleman, we witnessed a helacious contest, between Randy Orton and Triple H, by the end of the night, Randy Orton was the new WWE Champion after he punted Triple H in the skull.

King: I don’t think we’ll be seeing Triple H around for a long time after that.

Jim Ross: And don’t forget, Orton showed just how dangerous he can be, when he hit Triple H’s wife, Stephanie McMahon with an RKO.

Orton stops at the ring, and looks at the part where he punted Triple H and connected with RKO to Stephanie. He turns to walk to the steel steps, The Viper takes them one by one and then steps into the ring. He walks over to the turnbuckle and stands on the second rope, he simply stands, no arms raised or title raised, he just surveys the arena before dropping down and being handed a microphone. He walks to the centre of the ring, and measures his words before speaking.

Randy Orton: Four years... four years I’m been waiting.

Orton pauses for effect...

Randy Orton: Four years ago... Triple H started the beginning of the end for him. When Triple H kicked me out of Evolution, that was the moment, the moment that the beginning of the end of his career started.


Randy Orton: Four years ago... I made a vow... that vow consisted of me ending Triple H’s career.

Another batch of heat, but Orton continues...

Randy Orton: I did that last night... last night I... ENDED Triple H’s career.


Randy Orton: And in doing so... I became the WWE Champion.

A lot of boo’s...

Randy Orton: Triple H’s career is dead... I PUNTED him in the skull... I’ve ended Triple H’s career. Triple H will be very, very lucky to even make it back to the WWE... and if he does, he won’t be the same. If he does come back, I’ll be waiting, waiting to destroy him once more.


Randy Orton: When I won the Royal Rumble, I had it in my mind to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion, and defeat him at WrestleMania, but then Triple H won the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber, I saw my moment.


Randy Orton: I saw the moment I have been waiting for... for four years. Not only could I get my revenge on Triple H, I could take away the one of two things that he loves.

Another pause from Orton...

Randy Orton: And the other thing... his family. I targeted his family, I attacked his family to get to him, and he bought it. Attacking his family put me on his radar, which is exactly what I wanted. Triple H came to me, he bought it... he took the bait.


Randy Orton: I’ll give him credit... he defeated me at WrestleMania... but not only did I defeat him at Backlash... I destroyed him at Backlash.

Another batch of heat...

Randy Orton: I defeated him, I destroyed him... and I won the WWE Championship in the process.

Orton raises the belt over his head, before returning it to his shoulder...

Randy Orton: This championship means I’m the best, I’m a three time WWE Champion. I’ve ended many Legends career, and now I’ve ended Triple H’s career.



Orton turns to face the stage, looking extremely pissed off while the fans react with a massive pop, as the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, walks out from the back, wearing a nice grey suit. The boss doesn’t look happy at all, he stares at Orton from the top of the ramp, he begins to walk, no sign off the classic walk that we’ve came to know from Vince.

Michael Cole: Oh my! I didn’t expect Mr. McMahon to be here tonight, he wasn’t scheduled to appear tonight was he?

King: I don’t think so, Michael, but it makes sense, he’ll have wanted to be here for the draft.

Jim Ross: And don’t forget, he is emotionally invested in what happened last night, I think Mr. McMahon will have a lot to say to Randy Orton.

McMahon takes the steps one by one, picking up a microphone from the top of them before stepping into the ring and staring at Orton.

Randy Orton: What-


Huge pop for the boss putting Orton in his place...

Mr. McMahon: Who the hell do you think you are?!

Randy Orton: I’m the WWE Champion... the man who destroyed Triple H... and the man who... destroyed... your... family.

Huge heat for that...

Mr. McMahon: You are the WWE Champion... but not for long... not if I have anything to do with it.

McMahon pauses...



Mr. McMahon: I made that belt... I made this ring... I made all of this... and I made you.


Randy Orton: You didn’t make me... I was born into this business... I’m a third generation-

Mr. McMahon: I don’t give a DAMN... if you are a third generation Superstar. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be in the WWE, I signed you in two thousand and two.


Mr. McMahon: But if I knew how you would turn out, I would never have looked twice at you. What must people think, your father, Cowboy Bob Orton, what must he think of his son. What you’ve become. You used to say how when you were a child, your father would have great men like Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan at your house.

Pop for Andre and Hulkster...

Mr. McMahon: Andre must be turning in his grave, god rest his soul. And Hogan must be sick to his stomach, the little boy that he held has turned out like this.

McMahon pauses...

Mr. McMahon: You are a sick bastard, Orton, you attack my family, out of nothing but spite.

Randy Orton: This is all of Triple H’s fault, the things I’ve done to you and your family... you need to look closer to home... and realize that Triple H caused this.

Mr. McMahon: No, you caused this Orton. You caused this when you became jealous of Triple H, you became jealous of the fact that he is one of the greatest WWE Superstars ever.

Huge pop...

Randy Orton: Jealous?! You think I’m jealous? No, Triple H is the jealous one, he was the one who kicked me out of Evolution, out of nothing but jealously... nothing but spite.


Randy Orton: Last night I got my revenge, when I PUNTED Triple H in the skull and sealed the night by RKO’ing... your... precious... little... daughter.

Vince starts to get extremely mad at this point...

Randy Orton: I’ve decimated the McMahon family... and Vince I can see your getting mad. But let me tell you something, when your... when your grandchildren grow up... keep them away from the WWE... otherwise they might go the same way as your Son and Daughter.

Mr. McMahon: YOU SON OF A BITCH! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! You attack me, you attack my son, my daughter and now you have the audacity to threaten my grandchildren?! You’re a disgrace, a disgrace to your family and a disgrace to that damn title.

Orton looks at the title while Vince is red with anger...

Mr. McMahon: I was going to come out here and fire you... but that would be too easy. I’m going to make your life hell... I want you to feel pain, Orton... I’m going to take that title away from you and make sure you go through the amount of pain you’ve put my family through.

Orton goes to speak but Vince doesn’t allow him...

Mr. McMahon: Tonight, you go one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion, a man who actually has integrity, John Cena.

Huge pop from the hometown crowd for Cena tonight...

Mr. McMahon: And by the end of the night, Orton... you’ll know the man who I’ve picked to end your title reign, and inflict the same amount of pain on you that you’ve done to me and my family.

Orton is getting visibly pissed...

Mr. McMahon: I will take the title away from you... I will inflict pain on you... I will MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL GOD DAM-


McMahon stumbles back, when Orton knees him in the gut! And clubs him on the back, and starts to stomp on the back of McMahon. The crowd boo extremely loudly, giving Orton abuse but he is ignoring them, he froths at the mouth, breathing heavily as he backs away from McMahon. He then dives to the mat, and starts to pound the mat.

Michael Cole: Oh no! Someone stop this!

King: Wait... we seen this last night... oh my god... someone stop this!

Orton suddenly stops pounding, and gets a glazed look in his eyes, he gets to his feet and backs off into the corner.

Jim Ross: We’ve seen this before! This happened last night! Someone get Orton away from him!

McMahon climbs to his knees, and rises up to all fours... BUT THEN ORTON SPRINTS FORWARD... AND PUNTS MCMAHON IN THE SKULL! Sickening actions from Orton, the fans are in shock as McMahon lies on the canvas, knocked out. The Viper stand up quickly, and picks up his WWE Championship.

Jim Ross: What has Randy Orton done?!

Michael Cole: In the space of two days, he has punted Triple H, RKO’d Stephanie and now he has kicked Mr. McMahon in the head!

King: I feel sick, Randy Orton is a sick and twisted man.

Orton stands above McMahon as we fade to a commercial.


Monday Night RAW returns and we’re at the announce table.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to the two thousand and nine edition of the WWE Draft, this is a special show where Superstars from both brands will be highlighted tonight.

Jim Ross: RAW’s best and brightest will tangle with SmackDown’s greatest in an attempt to win draft picks for their show.

King: It makes for some great match ups, we already know that John Cena will face Randy Orton and the winner gets a draft pick, but let’s back up a second and talk about what just happened.

Michael Cole: We certainly have to, Randy Orton, the new WWE Champion just attacked and punted Mr. McMahon in the head, a sickening sight but it’s one we’ve came to expect.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman, we have some footage of what happened during the commercial break.

During The Commercials

Randy Orton has left the scene of his crime as the medical staff arrive, they slide into the ring and look into McMahon’s eyes, he’s most certainly knocked out, so they carefully move him onto a stretcher. The RAW General Manager arrives on the scene, he joins the staff as they wheel the Chairman up the ramp, he disappears backstage with the stretcher, and a few seconds pass before we cut backstage ourselves.

Ric is walking the stretcher through the backstage area, we eventually arrive at the parking bay, where Mr. McMahon is wheeled into an ambulance. The ambulance drives off, leaving Flair looking on, but then he turns around and sees Josh Matthews. He prepares himself for the barrage of questions.

Josh Matthews: Um, a moment of your time please? As RAW General Manager... what course of action will you be taking against Randy Orton for his actions, if any?

Flair wipes his forehead...

Ric Flair: Believe me, Randy Orton has overstepped his boundaries, he actually done it last night... but what he done tonight compounded everything he did last night.


Ric Flair: Orton will feel the consequences, damn it! I run this show, not Orton, I RUN THIS SHOW!


Ric Flair: Randy Orton made a hell of a mistake, he will feel consequences, that punt of his is a dangerous move, and I, in the interest of myself and RAW Superstars, he and that punt... need to be dealt with.

Josh Matthews: Thank you, Mr. Flair.

Ric looks Matthews up and down before locking his suit jacket together and leaving the scene.

End of Video

We return to the main show...

Michael Cole: As you just witnessed, Ric Flair has got plans in mind as punishment for Randy Orton.

King: It will be very interesting to see what Flair has in store for Orton.

Silence for a moment...



The fans respond with a nice pop for the arrival of the former WWE Tag Team Champions, Carlito and Primo, The Colons. The duo look naked without their championships but they soldier on, walking down the ramp, both wearing light blue tights and orange boots.

Jim Ross: Last night ladies and gentleman, we witnessed a robbery. Carlito and Primo looked poised to retain their WWE Tag Team Championships, but thanks to a spit in the face and a title shot to the skull, Ezekiel Jackson and The Brian Kendrick are the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Michael Cole: It was a fantastic match, with a shocking ending, an ending which soured the match.

King: Kind of set the tone for the rest of the evening didn’t it? We saw terrible endings to the TLC match, and the WWE Championship match, even the actual PPV ended in an awful scene.

Primo and Carlito roll into the ring and prepare for their opponents.




After last night, the two men walk out as smug as you can get, while the crowd boo them very loudly. The Miz with his new slicked back look, and Jericho wearing his usual black and blue trunks, the cocky duo walk down the ramp, looking focused on the two men in the ring.

Michael Cole: This team also competed at Backlash last night, but unlike their opponents, they managed to pick up the victory over the team of John Morrison and Shawn Michaels.

King: But only after Shawn Michaels suffered an injury to his foot, luckily for him he shouldn’t be gone for more than a month, I just hope The Miz is ready for when he does return, he was the one that injured Michaels.

Jim Ross: Not intentionally though, King, unlike Randy Orton he didn’t set out to injure his opponent.

The Miz and Jericho climb into the ring, both men stand in the centre surveying the crowd before retreating into their corner.

Tag Team Match; Draft Pick On The Line
The Colons vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz

We join this match a good distance into it, where Chris Jericho has just Irish-whipped Primo into the corner where The Miz is waiting. Jericho walks over to Primo, nails him with a right hand before tagging in The Miz. Jericho stays in the ring however, and holds Primo in place, extending his arm into the air, leaving his side unguarded as Miz lashes out with a kick! The Miz pulls Primo out of the corner, pushes him against the ropes and sends him sprinting, Primo rebounds off the ropes but manages to duck a clothesline from The Miz, he rebounds again... and goes for a cross body... but The Miz ducks out the way... he quickly covers him... 1... 2... NO!

The Miz quickly climbs to his feet, picking Primo up at the same time, before Irish-whipping him into the corner. Miz tags in Jericho and the duo grab Primo and plant him with a double suplex! Jericho sinks into the cover... 1... 2... NO! Jericho doesn’t go right back for Primo, instead he cockily walks around the ring, gloating, getting some pretty big boos and they get louder when he suddenly knocks Carlito off the apron with an elbow! Carlito luckily lands on his feet, he then tries to enter the ring and get some payback but that just plays into his opponents hands as Jericho chokes Primo in the corner! Once the referee deals with Carlito, he turns to face the action where Jericho stops choking Primo and tags in The Miz.

The Miz doesn’t go straight for Primo, instead h takes a leaf out of his opponents book and taunts Carlito before turning around... right into a bunch of kicks from Primo! The taunting cost The Miz as Primo backs him into the corner and then Irish-whips but The Miz reverses... and Primo goes tumbling off over the ropes, as Jericho held them down! The Miz distracts the referee as Jericho leaves the apron and launches Primo into the barricade! Carlito tries to get the ref’s attention but it’s no use, Jericho rolls Primo into the ring where The Miz goes for the cover... 1 ... 2... KICK OUT!

The Miz reaches over and tags Jericho in, who walks around the ring before going for a Lionsault... but Primo rolls out the way! Primo uses the ropes to get up, and then springboards off them... but Jericho catches him by the legs and locks in the WALLS OF JERICHO! But Primo bends his body and rolls forward, rolling Jericho up for the cover... 1... 2... NO! Both men get up at the same time, where Primo goes to kick Jericho but Chris catches his foot... but Primo connects with an enzigueri! Both men are spark out on the mat but Primo shows some life first with Jericho not far behind, they both get tags to their partners in due time!

Carlito and The Miz meet in the centre, but ‘Lito tags The Miz with a huge clothesline... and then another... and then another! Miz gets up agai, only to be dropped by a drop kick. Carlito then gets some payback and knocks Jericho off the apron! Carlito gets fired up and climbs the turnbuckle... and goes for a missile drop kick! He gets up quickly, and measures The Miz, he springboards off the ropes... but Jericho reaches up and whacks him as he does so. Carlito manages to stay on his feet, while Primo runs around the ring, using the steps to jump off and take down Jericho! In the ring, Carlito backs into Miz who goes for SKULL CRUSHING FINALE... NO! Carlito drops down and flips Miz over his head... and goes for a BACKSTABBER... but The Miz holds onto the ropes! Carlito quickly gets up but is then planted with the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: Chris Jericho & The Miz @ 11.32
RAW Gets The First Pick Of The Draft

The referee calls for the bell as The Miz rolls off his opponent, Primo quickly slides into the ring and The Miz swiftly takes his leave. Jericho picks himself up, and starts to walk around the ring, to join his tag team partner.

Michael Cole: Well, after a fantastic match – RAW has the first draft pick of the night. Jealous, J.R?

Jim Ross: A little Michael, but let’s see who you get first before you start bragging.

King: Yeah, well I’m sure it will be someone great.

Michael Cole: We’ll find that out in just a moment, but let’s talk about the match for a second, The Miz and Jericho continue their winning ways, they managed to deal with John Morrison and the injured Shawn Michaels last night and now they’ve defeated the former WWE Tag Team Champions.

King: They are certainly on a roll, but that doesn’t mean I like them, The Miz still talks too much for my liking.

The Miz and Jericho continue backing up the ramp, while Carlito climbs to his feet.

Michael Cole: Let’s find out who RAW gets first in this years draft!


Draft Pick #1 – RAW

We cut away onto the tron, where a wheel appears with a number of Superstars and Divas faces on it, it goes around and around before we cut away into blankness and then the first draft pick of the evening is revealed...



A huge cheer rises from the crowd in the arena as we cut back to the ring, Carlito and Primo look pretty happy with the outcome, they stare up at The Miz and Jericho, pointing at them, telling them that The Colons are now on RAW.

Michael Cole: What is this? Two?

King: I think they come as one Michael, but who cares, RAW just drafted the former WWE Tag Team Champions, Carlito and Primo!

Jim Ross: I’m not going to lie, guys, I’m disappointed that The Colons will be leaving SmackDown, but I wish them luck here on RAW, and you guys have just been given a shot of energy right into your tag division.

Michael Cole: What about the SmackDown division, how will that cope without The Colons?

Jim Ross: Well, SmackDown do have new tag team champions and The Hart Dynasty are to debut any week now, so we should be fine Michael.

Primo and Carlito leave the ring and slap a few hands before we cut to a commercial.


Monday Night RAW returns and we are backstage in the parking lot, no movement can be seen until from the entrance way, the lot starts to light up as a car dives in and parks in one of the parking spots. A few seconds pass before John Cena exits the car to a huge cheer from his hometown crowd, before walking into the arena, he reaches back in and picks up the World Heavyweight Championship. We starts to walk, the camera backing away in time with his walk, as we cut to away...

And we’re back in the RAW General Manager’s office, where Ric Flair is sat waiting on his couch for some reason, no girls here tonight, it’s all business. A few seconds pass before we hear a door opening, Ric stands up swiftly and then Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk into the shot, standing in front of Ric.

Ric Flair: What the hell is this? I asked for Randy Orton, not his lackeys.

Cody Rhodes: Listen, Flair, Randy has a match to prepare for, he faces the World Heavyweight Champion later t’night, he doesn’t need a distraction like this.

Ric Flair: Alright, I guess I’ll tell you, you and Ted tell Orton this – as a result of his actions last night and tonight, next week – he will be in a match. Not just any match, he will be... he will be... will be in a STREET FIGHT!

Huge pop...

Ted DiBiase: What?! Who against?

Ric Flair: Orton may think he has ended the McMahon family, but he forgot about one member, he will face the man who’s house he invaded last week... Shane MCMAHON!

Another huge pop...

Cody Rhodes: Really? Ric, seriously? Shane McMahon is in no condition to compete after what we, Legacy did to him last week.

Ric Flair: That’s where your wrong, Shane McMahon has personally asked for his match, and I granted it.

Ted DiBiase: Tell Shane McMahon... he’s made a mistake, because next week Randy will defeat him and then PUNT him in the skull.

This gets a lot of heat but DiBiase and Rhodes don’t care, they turn around and leave Flair’s office, leaving him to sit back down on the couch and rub his forehead as we cut away...

Into the main arena where...


The fans respond with a lukewarm reception as Gail Kim hops out onto the stage, she poses for the fans before walking down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Last night, Gail Kim had the opportunity to become the WWE Divas Champion, but Maryse picked up the victory, retaining the belt.

Michael Cole: She’ll be hoping to win this match and get some momentum back, but she faces a tough test in Beth Phoenix, who actually had an altercation with Maryse over how she wasn’t on the Pay-per-view but Maryse was.

King: So Beth will be looking to make a statement tonight, she faces the women that Maryse beat so we’ll see if she’ll try to one up the Divas Champion.

Kim slides into the ring, poses for the fans again before waiting for her opponent.


Gail’s opponent now makes her way onto the stage, the WWE Women’s Championship, Beth Phoenix receives a good amount of heat before beginning to walk down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Beth Phoenix and the current WWE Divas Champion, Maryse, had a confrontation last night about the differences between the WWE Women’s Championship and the Divas Championship.

King: That they did, I’m a big fan of Maryse, I mean just look at her but I have to side with Beth at this point, the WWE Divas Championship does not compare to the WWE Women’s Title.

Jim Ross: I do have to agree, but for the sole reason that the Women’s Championship has been around for decades, the Divas championship has only been around for a few months, it will be a long time until it is at the level of the Women’s Title, but with Divas like Maryse holding it, it might be sooner than we think.

Phoenix climbs onto the apron, straddles the top turnbuckle before flipping backwards, landing on her feet and waiting in the corner.

Singles Match; Two Draft Picks On The Line
Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim

We’re almost at the end of this match, and after a back and forth, hard thought bout we join it where Gail is sat on the top turnbuckle with Beth climbing up to join her. Beth grabs Gail’s arm and puts it over her neck and goes for a super plex! But Gail hooks her leg under the metal pole of the turnbuckle, and manages to break Beth’s grip and knock her off the turnbuckle! Beth gets up quickly, only to see Gail soaring through the air... and connecting with a cross body... but Beth rolls through and covers Gail... 1... 2... KICK OUT!

Both Beth and Gail climb to their feet but Beth takes the initiative and backs Gail into the ropes, before whipping her and on her returns and connects a power slam before going for another cover... 1... 2... NO! Beth doesn’t waste any time as the WWE Women’s Champion grabs Gail and locks in an arm bar! Gail is in this hold for a while, and is asked a lot if she wants to quit but she shows her fighting spirit and says no! Gail eventually manages to fight out of it, getting to her feet and hitting some elbows and then Gail hits a number of clotheslines, getting fired up. Eventually, she connects with a drop kick and then she measures Beth before going for the EAT DEFEAT... only to be countered into the GLAM SLAM... cover... 1... 2...3!

Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 7.31
RAW Gets The Second & Third Draft Pick

Phoenix rolls off her opponent and has her hand lifted in the air by the referee, she is then handed her title before resting in the corner.

Michael Cole: Just like Maryse did last night, Beth Phoenix has defeated Gail Kim here tonight.

Jim Ross: Gail Kim is no slouch, this is a big victory for Beth, she has had it tough lately after disappointing against Mickie James and Melina.

King: You know what the best thing is?

Jim Ross: What?

King: RAW gets TWO draft picks! That takes our picks up to a grand total of three for the night!

Michael Cole: Well, let’s find out who we get first.

Right on cue, as Beth watches from the ring, the second pick of the night is revealed...


Draft Pick #2 – RAW
Again, like before, we cut away to a video where the wheel spins around, before it stops spinning and then spins away from view, before the second pick is revealed...



We cut swiftly back into the arena where...


The fans respond with a bit of heat, while some of the male fans cheer the arrival of one of the best looking Divas ever on RAW. The WWE Divas Champion eventually walks out, wearing a Red and white attire for the occasion, Maryse stares down at the ring where Phoenix looks up, looking pissed off but Maryse looks very calm and confident.

King: Woohoo! Look at this! Not only do we get the Divas Champion, look who it is, we get Maryse, Michael... can you believe it?

Michael Cole: What does this mean? RAW now has two championships that can be contested between the Divas.

Jim Ross: So far, it has not been a good night for RAW, we’ve lost a team which was a former WWE Tag Team Champion and now the current WWE Divas Champion. I can’t believe it, what is happening, we need to win some of these matches, and soon.

Michael Cole: Well, your loss is RAW’s gain, we’ve gained two great Superstars and a top Diva, it will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out.

King: I can’t wait to see more of Maryse!

Jim Ross: Steady, King.

Michael Cole: Anyway, the match that just transpired meant we get two draft picks, we’ve had one, and the second one, will be revealed after this commercial break, join us in a few minutes.

In the ring, Beth Phoenix holds up her WWE Women’s Championship, and Maryse does the same, holding hers up, she then winks at Beth before blowing a kiss and walking backstage.


And we’re back...

Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, we’re not going to waste any time, let’s find out RAW’s third draft pick of the evening!


WWE Draft Pick #3 – RAW

Again, the familiar wheel spins, highlighting the possible choices that could be drafted, after a few seconds we cut away and RAW drafts...





The fans respond with a huge pop as Mr. Kennedy walks out onto the stage, wearing a pair of jeans and a blue chequered shirt, he stands on the stage for a few moments before a microphone descends from the rafters.

Mr. Kennedy: ... TONIGHT... marks the return from injury... tonight marks the official return to Monday Night RAW... the return of MISSSTTTEEERRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYY!

Huge pop from the crowd, but Kennedy isn’t done he waits a few seconds before...

Mr. Kennedy: ... KENNEDYYYYYYY!

Again, the fans respond with a good pop as Kennedy’s music plays and he walks backwards, disappearing behind the curtain.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy has returned from injury here tonight! And he returns on Monday Night RAW!

Jim Ross: I can’t believe this, SmackDown has lost four of its top Superstars and Diva, this night can’t get much worse, we need to win the next match.

King: You sound like you’re going to cry, J.R, ha! It’s been a great night for RAW so far, and there is plenty more draft picks to be contested.

The commentators stop talking as we head to a video package...


We open up and the first thing we see is a church, it’s night time and we can hear Owl’s hooting, it’s a very creepy atmosphere as we can see candle light shining through some of the windows...

We fade away again, and hear the screams of men and women, we don’t see anything just the darkness...

The video comes back and this time we are in the church, it’s very grim, some of the pews are turned over, candles are lit near the focal point of the church, where coffin lies...

Again, we fade away, but then we come right back and are in a small booth where we see Matt Hardy...

Matt Hardy:
Forgive me father for I have sinned...

Again, we fade away, getting a glimpse of the priest on the other side of the booth...

The video comes back around, the same booth but this time it’s Kane that’s there...

Forgive me father for I have sinned...

Fade away for another time...

Fade back and we are back in the small booth this time its Randy Orton...

Randy Orton:
Forgive me father for I have sinned...

We’re now in a dark room, faintly lit by candles again, there is a desk where a man with a shroud sits who we assume is the priest...

We close in on the man, before taking a view of what he is looking at it, it’s photos of Randy Orton, Matt Hardy and Kane...

You may have sinned... but He does not forgive...

We cut away again, and we’re in the main room of the church where we begin the video and we’re focused on the coffin...

We close in, and smoke fills the room as the coffin rises and a hand reaches up...

We then see a man sit up and it’s The Undertaker, he slowly faces the camera...

The Undertaker:
Judgment Day... is... coming...



We return to RAW, and we’re backstage where the WWE Divas Champion, a new addition to RAW is walking backstage, the title slung over her shoulder. She stops in her place, looking rather smug before walking to the side and we see Mickie James and Melina talking to each other. They both turn to face Maryse.

Melina: Uh... can we help you with somethin’?

Maryse: So rude. Don’t z’you know it is customary to welcome someone new? I’m the newest Diva on the RAW roster.

Mickie James: What do you want, a medal?

Maryse: That’s cute. I’m just here to tell z’you both, 'zat I’m the WWE Divas Champion, and this means I’m the best on this brand.

Mickie and Melina glance at each other...

Mickie James: Is that right, the best on this brand? Well why don’t you prove it, face me, one on one for that Divas Championship.

Mickie nods at the title, while Maryse simply smirks...

Maryse: Z’you know what? Mon premier match RAW, ce sera un match de championnat, je vais vous faire face et je vais vous battre.

Mickie and Melina glance at each other once more...

Mickie James: Speak English.

Maryse scoffs...

Maryse: I will face you next week, Mickie James, it will be a championship match and I will beat you, one two three, in 'zat ring.

Mickie James: We’ll see about that.

Mickie and Melina turn and leave Maryse standing, looking pleased with herself, she brushes her belt before turning around... right into the WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix!

Beth Phoenix: Word of warning... watch your place here on RAW, you may have been top on SmackDown, but here you’re nothing compared to me.

Maryse smirks.

Maryse: When I was drafted, all of 'zat changed, y’see this belt means I’m the top Diva on RAW. I’m the best looking Diva in the history of the WWE, I’m the Diva that those people pay to see.

This actually gets some cheers from some of the men in the arena.

Maryse: Y’see, the women in the audience they dream of being me, while the men – they dream of being with me. Now until you do something impressive on pay-per-view like I did last night, or get some surgery to replace that face of yours, don’t talk to me. Ciao.

‘Ooohhh’, Beth’s face takes a turn for the worse as she looks extremely pissed off and angry. Maryse brushes past her, walking away as she watches her go, we then cut to the main arena.

Michael Cole: Well, with two champions on the brand, we were certain to get some kind of confrontation here tonight.

King: But what about what’s going to happen next week? Mickie James will face Maryse for the WWE Divas Championship, add that to the Street Fight announced, it’s going to be a huge match!

Jim Ross: I can’t wait to see those matches, but let’s take a look at what happened last night between CM Punk and The Big Red Monster, Kane!



The crowd are on their feet, cheering on Mister Money in the Bank, CM Punk who kneels on the mat, and gets his briefcase handed to him. Punk glances at Kane, who is still knocked out, and glances around the arena, nodding at the level of support he has. Punk walks over to the turnbuckle, and climbs to the second rope, raising the briefcase over his head.

Michael Cole:
Something, something inside Kane, when he saw the briefcase that Punk is holding right now, something snapped. He saw the dent and went absolutely crazy, I was actually afraid he would start attacking everyone in sight.

We’ve always known that Kane is a bit mentally unstable, but this was new, it was like the dent reminded him of when Punk bested him.

Jim Ross:
Punk’s bested him tonight as well, so I don’t think this loss will sit well with Kane... HEY... HEY!

Kane is back on his feet, standing waiting for Punk to come down from the turnbuckle, and when he does... GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT... STARES DOWN THE EYES OF HIS RIVAL... AND THEN PLANTS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM!

Michael Cole:
I can’t believe it! Kane lost this match, he shouldn’t be doing this!

The crowd boo the shit out of Kane, who stares down at Punk, and then suddenly starts laughing manically. He goes to leave, but then his face turns so no emotion is shown, we then see him talking to himself.

What’s going on?

Jim Ross:
It seems... it seems that Kane is talking to himself... or talking to something.

Kane stops and backs away from the rings, he glances at Punk before rolling out of the ring and looking under the apron. The Big Red Monster then PULLS OUT A PAIR OF SCISSORS! The commentators question what Kane’s doing, who slides back into the ring, he kneels down beside Punk, and hoists him into a sitting position! Punk is still knocked out, and can’t do anything about this, as Kane GRABS A CHUNK OF PUNK’S HAIR... AND CUTS THE WHOLE CHUNK OFF!

Jim Ross:
Bah gawd! Someone needs to stop this, King... GET IN THERE.

You must be joking, no way am I getting in there with that monster.

Kane continues cutting, while the fans are going crazy, booing the shit out of him. He grabs chunks after chunks, and cuts all them off, leaving Punk’s hair looking very... very patchy, some bits long, some bits extremely short. Kane stands up, letting Punk fall back down, and simply laughs before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp.


Once the highlight ends we are at the announce desk...

Michael Cole: As you saw, CM Punk won the match, but Kane got the last laugh as he cut most of CM Punk’s hair right off.

Jim Ross: And we all know how CM Punk’s hair is a symbol of his straight edge lifestyle.

King: As a result, CM Punk even requested a rematch here tonight!



The arena lights up in red, as The Big Red Monster, Kane walks out from behind the curtain, focused on his rematch tonight.

Michael Cole: Like you said, King, CM Punk requested this match after Kane choke slammed him after their match and then cut chunks of Punk’s hair out!

Jim Ross: This match isn’t about draft picks ladies and gentleman, this match is all about revenge for Punk, and simply for inflicting pain for the demented Kane.

King: I’m not sure if Punk has though this through, maybe he acted in the heat of the moment?

Jim Ross: Either way, Punk has never been one to back down from a fight but... wait a minute... HEY!

Suddenly, the fans erupt in cheers as KANE IS CLOBBERED FROM BEHIND BY CM PUNK, THE BRIEFCASE SMASHING OFF THE BACK KANE’S HEAD! Kane drops down to one knee as Punk takes his shirt off, his long hair isn’t with us anymore as all of his hair now has been pretty much shaved off. Punk grabs Kane from behind the head and runs him into the ring post! He picks Kane up and rolls him into the ring where the referee can start this match!

Singles Match
Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk vs. Kane

We join this match a few minutes where CM Punk backs Kane into the corner and Irish-whip him but Kane reverses, Punk rebounds off the ropes and is planted with a huge spinning side slam! The fans boo but Kane doesn’t really care as he heads to the top rope, and measures Punk. Mister Money in the Bank climbs to his feet and Kane goes for a flying clothesline from the top rope... but Punk connects with a drop kick in the middle of the air! Punk gets to his feet, while Kane gets to his knees, and Punk connects with a couple of stiff kicks before bouncing off the ropes and smashes Kane in the face with a running knee... cover... 1... 2... NO!

Punk looks out into the crowd, and signifies it’s time to go to sleep, he measures Kane and picks him up... only for Kane to wriggle out and clothesline Punk over the top rope... but Kane tumbles over at the same time! Kane the first to get up, he picks Punk up before smashing his face off the top of the table. The Big Red Monster then pulls the top of the announcer’s desk off and it seems he’s going to CHOKESLAM Punk through the table as he grabs him by the throat. He tries to but Punk elbows Kane on the side of the head! Punk then runs Kane into the ring post! He pulls him up and slides him into the ring and goes for the cover... 1... 2... NO!

Punk doesn’t waste any time, he picks Kane up and whips him into the corner. Punk runs at him and connects with his special knee to the face... before connecting with a running bulldog... cover... 1... 2... NO! Punk stands up and measures Kane, but The Big Red Monster simply rolls out of the ring, Punk goes to follow but the referee stops him. We see Kane grabs something from ringside but Punk hasn’t... he dives through the top and second rope... but Kane turns around smashes the briefcase on Punk’s head!

Winner: CM Punk @ 9.23 via DQ

The referee quickly calls for the bell as Kane stands above Punk, briefcase in his hands! The fans give him so much shit but he doesn’t care, instead he picks Punk up, rolls him into the ring and wraps his hand around Punk’s neck, looking for the chokeslam... but he doesn’t slam him down, instead Kane looks like he’s talking to himself, shaking his head over and over BEFORE LETTING GO OF PUNK AND BACKING AWAY!

Punk kneels on the mat, while Kane backs away, still seemingly talking to himself, he steps over the top rope and down onto the mat. The Big Red Monster then walks up the ramp, still talking to himself while Punk is handed his briefcase which now has a dent on the other side, as a result of the shot to his head!

Michael Cole: What on earth is going on with Kane? For weeks we’ve seen Kane act extremely strange, sort of like he’s talking to someone or something in side of him.

King: Kane did tell everyone that he has a demon inside of him, and that it has been reawaken.

Jim Ross: I don’t believe in all this demon stuff, but I’ve seen Kane do some disgusting stuff, to me and to others.

Punk clutches his briefcase to his chest, looking extremely confused over what just happened as we fade to a commercial.


Silence for a moment...



Smoke fills the stage as The Rated R Superstar; Edge makes his way out from the back, wearing a pair of sunglasses, jeans and a ‘Rated R’ shirt. The former World Heavyweight Champion walks on down to the ring, where he is getting a positive response from the crowd after the show of respect that was shown last night between Cena and him.

Jim Ross: Last night, Edge and John Cena competed in an epic match to determine the World Heavyweight Champion, unfortunately for Edge, he came up short but both men put on a show last night.

Michael Cole: They did indeed, and after the match Edge even shook the hand of John Cena.

King: Like you said, J.R, Edge and John Cena don’t like each other, but they do respect each other.

Jim Ross: That’s true, Edge is John Cena’s biggest rival, likewise with Cena rival being Edge, the fans showed their appreciation last night after a huge match. And then Big Show tried to ruin a great match by interfering after the match was done, he tried to ruin a great moment but he simply created another when John Cena saved his biggest rival from a beating.

The Rated R Superstar now steps into the ring, he takes his sunglasses off and throws them to the side, before being handed a microphone by someone at ringside. He walks to the centre where he gets a round of applause for his showing last night in the championship match.

Edge: Y’know what? First off... thank you for that round of applause, I appreciate it.

Cheer while Edge nods...

Edge: Last night at Backlash, John Cena and I put on a show, now I still don’t like John Cena, but last night he gained my respect, and I’m pretty sure I gained his.

Another pop...

Edge: Now, I lost my shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, the thing I worked my whole career to hold, all of the blood, sweat and tears all built up to me holding that title. You would think I’d be mad or upset right now, wouldn’t you?

Edge takes a pause...[I]

Edge: But no, well actually – truthfully I am pretty annoyed at myself, but in the same vein, I’m actually pretty happy tonight.

Another pause...

Edge: And I’ll tell you why – I’ve finally got rid of the one thing... the one thing that made my life hell. That thing is none other... than Vickie... Guerrero.

Huge heat at the mention of Vickie...

Edge: About a month ago... Vickie lost her job as SmackDown General Manager... so y’know what I did? I dumped her ass!

This actually gets a pretty good pop from the crowd...

Edge: I dumped her... and then...

Edge smirks a little...

Edge: And then she runs into the arms of... of... The Big Show...

This gets a lot of heat from the crowd...

Edge: Hey... I agree with all of you, it’s disgusting... it’s sickening. But hey, let and let live and all of that... those two whales are welcome to each other.

The Boston crowd react with a good pop as Edge smirks...

Edge: Unfortunately... when I broke up with Vickie... it wasn’t one hundred percent official... but today... I got a call from my divorce attorney... and he told me that my divorce has been finalized.

Huge cheer...

Edge: From this day forth... Vickie Guerrero is no longer my wife... we’re officially split up.

Another pretty big pop from the crowd while Edge looks pleased with himself...

Edge: But... after what happened last night... it seems Vickie Guerrero still holds a grudge against me. I can understand why... I mean... I did publically embarrass her when I dumped her ass the first time... then I embarrassed her when I pinned her new boyfriend to become number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.


Edge: But last night at Backlash... after one of the greatest World Heavyweight Championship matches in recent memory... after two of the greatest rivals went toe to toe... Vickie got her new boyfriend to come down to this ring... knowing I was hurtin’... knowing I was beat up... to get some sort of revenge.

Boos directed at Vickie and Show...

Edge: Well... that didn’t work out as planned did it?


Edge: Now I’ll admit... Vickie did help me in some ways... when she was GM she got me title matches... but then she lost her job... and that meant she was worthless to me. Before she lost her job though... she... in my view... cost me the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania... she cost me the one thing I worked for my whole career... so if anyone should hold a grudge... it should be me right?


Edge: Not a month after we unofficially went our separate ways... Vickie is now sleeping with the fat tub of lard that is The Big Show.


Edge: But y’know what they say... once a slut... always a slut.

This gets a huge pop as The Rated R Superstar smiles...

Edge: Y’know... to be honest... I don’t know who I feel sorry for the most. I mean... if Big Show rolls over in bed... then she’s guaranteed to be crushed to death. But on the other hand... Show now has to listen to that voice... that nails on a blackboard voice... he has to listen to that every day.


Edge: But like I said... once a slut, always a slut.

Another pause...

Edge: And believe me... I’ve had my fair share of experience with a certain other one so I know one when I see one...

???: Excuse me!

Edge turns to the stage where none other than Vickie Guerrero and Big Show stand, the fans boo extremely loudly as Vickie and Show walk down the ramp, she still talks on her way.

Vickie Guerrero: Who the... EXCUSE ME!

This gathers lots of heat from the crowd...

Vickie Guerrero: Just who... EXCUSE ME!

The fans aren’t letting Guerrero talk...

Vickie Guerrero: How dare you! How dare you, Edge... how dare you call me a slut!

Vickie and Show are now at the ring, looking up at Edge...

Vickie Guerrero: Y’know what you are... a hypocrite.

Heat for Vickie channelling her inner Chris Jericho, the two of them climb into the ring and stand in front of Edge...

Vickie Guerrero: You’re a hypocrite... because when we were engaged... you KISSED THE DAMN WEDDING PLANNER!

Edge looks out into the fans and shrugs his shoulders...

Edge: What can I say?

Vickie Guerrero: Listen to me! I made your career what it is...

‘Oh really’ mouths Edge...

Vickie Guerrero: Yeah... REALLY!

Edge: No... you didn’t make my career... the numerous TLC matches did... the championships did... the rivalries I’ve had with the likes of The Undertaker and John Cena.

Huge pop for the mention of ‘Taker and Cena...

Vickie Guerrero: Your career... your career is over... it’s over now that you no longer have me holding your hand.

Edge: Are you for real? No... seriously... are you that stupid? Before I met you... I was a multiple time WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion... I didn’t need you... and I don’t need you now.

Huge pop...

Vickie Guerrero: Accept it... your career is over... and because of the disrespect you showed me... you will have to deal with The Largest Athlete In The World.

Edge: Athlete is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

Vickie Guerrero: EXCUSE ME! Shut up while I’m taking.


Vickie Guerrero: Y’see... The Big Show... he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before... he’s the best thing to ever happen to her... he makes me happy!

Edge: That’s only because he’s the only one who’ll sit through a ten course meal with you...

Edge turns to the crowd...

Edge: Believe me... I’ve tried... it’s not easy.

Show speaks into the microphone...

Big Show: Hey! I’ll have you know... I’m the lightest I’ve been in years.

‘Oh okay...’ Edge mouths...

Vickie Guerrero: Divorcing me... was the worst thing you could have done... because now... The Big Show and I... are going to make your life... a living... HELL!

SUDDENLY BIG SHOW ATTEMPTS TO DRIVE A RIGHT FIST INTO EDGE’S FACE... BUT THE RATED R SUPERSTAR DUCKS IT! He comes out behind Show, who turns around into a kick to the gut! Edge continues laying into Show with right fists but Show pushes Edge off... HE HITS THE ROPES... REBOUNDS... SPEAR... NO... SHOW SIDESTEPS... EDGE SPEARS VICKIE! The crowd react with a massive pop as Vickie lies on the mat, looking terrible as The Rated R Superstar rolls out of the ring, he backs up the ramp, smiling as Show kneels beside Vickie and looks up at Edge.

Jim Ross: My god! Edge just speared Vickie! He was going for Big Show but he ducked out the way, and got his ex wife!

Michael Cole: Big Show made the first move, trying to knock out Edge but he was too alert and in the end, just like last night – it ended badly for Vickie and Show.

King: At least that shut her up, I don’t think I could’ve handled another minute of her voice.

Jim Ross: Big Show does not look happy, this isn’t the last we’ve heard from this.

Fade away...


Back on RAW...


The new WWE Tag Team Champions make their presence felt as The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson walk out from the back, Jackson with the belt over his shoulder while Kendrick is more traditional with the title around his waist.

Jim Ross: This ladies and gentleman is a champion versus champion match which will result in two draft picks for the winning teams brand.

Michael Cole: This team defeated The Colons last night to win the WWE Tag Team Champions but they face a tough test tonight against the World Tag Team Champions, JTG and Shad... Cryme Tyme.

King: They won that match under dubious circumstances, but fortunately for them, they don’t need to worry about any ramifications after The Colons were drafted to RAW.

Jim Ross: I’m not a fan of this team, simply because of the way they win matches, but tonight I will be hoping they pick up the victory, SmackDown needs a draft pick and soon.

Kendrick slides into the ring while Jackson climbs onto the apron before stepping into it, the two men then hand their championships to the referee and wait for their opponents.



The crowd respond with a good sized pop as the World Tag Team Champions, Cryme Tyme come out from the back, both men look fired up. The belts are over their shoulders while they high five in their special way before walking down to the ring, JTG gets in the cameras face while Shad is all business, staring at his opponents in the ring.

Michael Cole: Cryme Tyme, after a few years of trying and failing, they finally won the tag team titles when they defeated The Miz and Chris Jericho, with a little bit of help from John Morrison.

King: They deserved it though, they took Miz and Jericho to their limits, they are good guys and they deserved those titles.

Jim Ross: I spoke to them earlier backstage, and had to check my pockets just in case they stole my wallet!

JTG and Shad climb into the ring, they climb the turnbuckles and show off their belts before dropping down, handing them to the referee and retreating into their corners.

Champion vs. Champion: Tag Team Match; Two Draft Picks On The Line
World Tag Team Champions Cryme Tyme vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

We join this match with Brian Kendrick holding JTG in the corner, he throttles him with a couple of right fists before tagging in his huge partner, Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson enters the ring and hoists JTG up into a gorilla press slam position... and throws him down... but he lands on Kendrick’s knee! JTG falls away and rolls to his corner and tags in Shad. Jackson to the centre of the ring, where Shad meets him, the two behemoth’s stare off, staring into each other’s eyes. Shad suddenly sets off running and hits a shoulder block but Jackson stands his ground. ‘Zeke does the same, and Shad doesn’t move at all. Shad tries again... but Jackson runs at him and connects with a huge clothesline!

Jackson picks the big man up before Irish-whipping him but Shad returns with a mega big boot, cover... 1... 2... NO! Shad tags in JTG who climbs to the top rope and soars through the air with a drop kick, another cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! JTG gets to his feet and Irish-whips him but Jackson reverses and Kendrick kicks the back of JTG when he hits the ropes! JTG turns around to face Kendrick who simply backs off, but JTG turns around and his floored by a huge clothesline!

Jackson angrily picks JTG up before planting him with a body slam before kneeling down and locking in a sleeper hold! JTG eventually manages to twist to his feet, he elbows him a couple of times before breaking his grip and hitting the ropes... before hitting a jumping swinging neckbreaker! Both men are down but it isn’t long until both men get the tag to their respective tag partner. Both men run at each other but Shad takes Kendrick down with a clothesline and then another! He measures Kendrick before exploding forward and connecting with a big boot!

Shad then spots Jackson on the outside, and tags in JTG again while he slides out of the ring and the two big men start brawling on the outside. JTG meanwhile measures Kendrick, before going for ‘Da Shout Out but Kendrick ducks and then rolls JTG up... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson @ 11.05

Again, Kendrick and Jackson win a tag team match, but again they cheat to win. Jackson grabs the titles from ringside, steps over Shad who he laid out and slides into the ring, Kendrick takes one of the belts off his partner and they celebrate together.

Michael Cole: Kendrick and Jackson steal a victory again, and not only that – they steal two draft picks for Friday Night SmackDown.

Jim Ross: I don’t condone what they done, but it’s always a good thing when we get a draft pick.

King: Just remember, J.R, the next draft picks are tainted.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may... let’s find out who is coming to Friday Nights!



The familiar wheel appears on the screen, and it spins and spins until it disappears and the first pick for SmackDown is...




We return to the main arena where the man himself Dolph Ziggler walks out from behind the curtain, he confidently strides out wearing his usual attire before telling everyone that it’s his time. He stands on the stage for a few moments before feeling satisfied with himself and taking his leave, allowing for the second draft pick to be revealed.

Jim Ross: Well... Dolph Zigger is a young bright Superstar and now he’ll be plying his trade on the blue brand, but let’s see who we get next.



Dat wheel... spinning and spinning... until it disappears before revealing...




The crowd pop as John Morrison, The Shaman of Sexy walks out from behind the curtain, looking very pleased that he’s been drafted. Morrison doesn’t have his attire on, instead its jeans and a shirt, but nonetheless he looks extremely pleased, he poses for the fans for a second before staring down at Kendrick and Jackson in the ring who simply look up at him.

Jim Ross: I’m a huge fan of this man, he went toe to toe last night with not one but two people after Shawn Michaels suffered an injury, and I can’t wait to see how he does on Friday Night SmackDown!

Michael Cole: Morrison had only been on RAW for the past month after ECW disbanded, this goes to show no one is safe from being drafted.

King: While I’m not happy about losing a star like John Morrison, I wish him luck over on SmackDown, you just drafted two great young Superstars, J.R.

Morrison turns around and leaves the stage as we cut backstage...

... where the current World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena is currently pimping, talking to not one but two divas... Brie and Nikki Bella, The Bella Twins. The crowd react with a huge pop for the second time they’ve seen their hometown hero tonight, but then the cheers turn to boos as Matt Hardy appears behind Cena. The Champ’ turns around, he says bye to The Bellas first but is then solely focused on Matt.

Matt Hardy: Did you see, John?

John Cena: See what?

Matt Hardy: What I did last night? Did you see what I did... what I did to Jeff?

Cena shakes his head, disappointed in Matt’s pleasure...

John Cena: Y’know what... I did see that and I thought what you did... I thought it was damn right barbaric. You might have thought you were puttin’ yourself on the map... nah... you were just actin’ out of jealously of your brothers success.

Matt smirks, not letting Cena’s jealously jibe get to him...

John Cena: But y’know what the worst part was... the fact that you took pride in it. You took pride in doin’ that to your own brother... your own flesh and blood.

Matt Hardy: Yeah... I did take pride in it... but do you blame me? For years... I’ve been in the shadows... not anymore... I took my brother and decimated him... in front of the world... I’ve put myself on the map. I’m not waitin’ for my chance anymore... I’m takin’ it.

Matt looks at Cena’s belt which is around his shoulder...

Matt Hardy: And now... I’ve got my eyes... firmly set on your World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena: Y’know me... ya’ want some...

‘Come get some’...

John Cena: ... Come get some.

Matt Hardy: Be careful what you wish for... because I could put you out of action... just like I did to Jeff.

Matt goes to walk off until...

John Cena: Hey... woah... woah... out of action?

Matt Hardy: Yeah I-

John Cena: Uh... you must have got your wires crossed... y’see... Jeff... he isn’t that badly hurt... not at the level you think anyway... you put him out... but not for the length you think.

Pop from the crowd...

John Cena: Y’see... your brother... he’ll be back... in two weeks time... and I bet he’s got some words for you...

Huge pop as Matt shakes his head...

Matt Hardy: Who told-

John Cena: Who told me? Teddy Long... the SmackDown GM told me.

Matt shakes his head again...

Matt Hardy: We’ll see...

Hardy walks off, probably to speak to Teddy as John watches on, and he shakes his head as we fade to a commercial break.


We’re back on RAW... and we’re backstage where the camera is following Matt Hardy from behind. He stops at Theodore Long’s office for the night and enters without knocking, the camera follows and we see Teddy in conversation with Maria and Gail Kim. He turns to face Matt before telling the divas he’ll deal with the fact that there is no Divas belt on SmackDown any more, they leave which leaves Matt and Teddy alone.

Theodore Long: What can I do for you playa?

Matt Hardy: Cut the crap... I want to know... when will Jeff be back and able to compete?

Theodore Long: Doctors say he should be cleared to compete in two weeks time... why?

Matt doesn’t answer for a few seconds...

Matt Hardy: That can’t be possible... I put him through hell last night.

Theodore Long: Look... Jeff is one of the most resilient Superstars on SmackDown... you shouldn’t be shocked by this, playa.

Matt Hardy: Whatever... look... I want you to remember somethin’... last night I won... he lost... when you decide who becomes number one contender for Cena’s title... keep that in mind.

Theodore Long: I will.

Matt and Long stare at each other before Matt leaves and we cut to another part of the arena...

... where Josh Matthews is waiting with a microphone in his hand.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman... please welcome my guests at this time... they are the newest tag team on Monday Night RAW... The Colons!

The crowd give out a nice pop as Carlito and Primo walk into the shot...

Josh Matthews: First off... welcome to RAW. Secondly... how does it feel to be drafted to Monday Nights?

Carlito takes the lead...

Carlito: As ju’ know... Carlito has been on RAW before... and Carlito has got to say... he enjoyed his stay the last time... so he knows that he and his brother will enjoy it the second time round.

Primo takes over...

Primo: Yeah... Carlito has experience on this brand... but I’m completely new to it... but I’m excited to get started.

Matthews takes the microphone back...

Josh Matthews: Lastly... what do you think of the tag team division here on RAW?

Carlito takes the lead again...

Carlito: ‘Da tag team division on RAW... it’s pretty good, Josh. And now that ‘da Colons are on RAW... it’s only gonna’ get better... and we’ve got j’our sights firmly on ‘dem World Tag Team Championships.

Matthews takes the microphone and backs away as Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness appear on the scene.

Drew McIntyre: Is that so is it?

Nigel McGuiness: Who do you fella’s think you are? You don’t come to RAW... our show... and talk about the tag team division... talk about the championships that will soon be around our waists.

Drew McIntyre: If you two want a shot... then get to the end of the queue.

Carlito and Primo take a step forward...

Carlito: ‘Da Colons have no problem beatin’ ‘ju two clowns to become number one contenders.

Primo: We’re former WWE Tag Team Champions... we have no problem goin’ through ‘ju two.

Drew McIntyre: Former... former is the key word here. Now listen here... once William Regal beats Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championships... and once we win the World Tag Team Championships, nothin’ will stop us from running this brand.

???: Is that so?

The camera pans out, and we see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk into view, the three teams are in a circle, glancing to and from each other.

Cody Rhodes: You two think you will run this brand? Nah... we run this brand. Legacy run this brand.

Ted DiBiase: With Randy as WWE Champion and soon enough... when we become World Tag Team Champions... Legacy will be covered in gold... just like we should be.

The three teams then, in somewhat comical fashion, start arguing with each other, all three of them are doing it so we can’t really hear what they are saying, it just sounds like jumbo as we cut to the main arena.

In the ring already is The All American American, Jack Swagger who is holding a microphone.

Jack Swagger: Last week... I taught Charlie Haas a vital... vital lesson... so bring on my next opponent... because the last ever ECW Champion... and the All American American is ready to teach the next guy a lesson!

Swagger lets go of the microphone before...


A huge pop greets the arrival of SmackDown Superstar, who is having his first non PPV match since returning, Bobby Lashley. Bobby makes his way down the ramp, looking very focused on Swagger.

Jim Ross: Jack Swagger has his work cut out for him tonight as he faces the man who defeated Vladimir Kozlov last night at Backlash, on his return to the WWE.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley is a behemoth of a man, he returned last night and defeated the man who was demanding competiton, but after the match, when Lashley was being interviewed he was attacked and a brawl insued between the two men.

King: I hope that will play on Lashley’s mind because Swagger will need all the help he can get to defeat Bobby tonight.

Lashley hops onto the apron which is greeted with a blast of fireworks before he steps into the ring.

Singles Match; One Draft Pick On The Line
Bobby Lashley vs. Jack Swagger

After a hard thought opening, Jack Swagger has managed to ground his opponent and begins working on the ankle of Lashley. Swagger stomps on the ankle before dragging his opponent to the ropes and then places his ankle on the bottom rope, before jumping up and stomping on the elevated ankle. Jack drops down and looks for the victory with the cover... 1... 2... NO! Lashley kicks out to a good pop but Swagger continues his assault by picking him up and Irish-whipping him in to the corner. Swagger backs into the opposite corner, he pounds his chest before sprinting at Lashley and connecting with a splash! Lashley stays in the corner as Swagger proceeds to walk around the ring gloating but he then turns around and Lashley explodes from the corner and takes Swagger down with a clothesline!

Lashley looks extremely pissed off as he grabs Swagger, picking him up before Irish-whipping him. He rebounds off the ropes and is then flipped over Lashley’s head! Lashley drops down into the cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! The fans boo and Lashley gets right back on the horse, he picks Swagger up and Irish-whips him again, he rebounds but is then caught by Lashley and planted with a belly-to-belly suplex! Lashley fires him up and measures his opponent, Swagger gets to his feet but manages to poke Lashley in the eye, he then kicks him in the and goes for the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB... but Lashley puts all his weight on the floor before breaking out and connecting with the DOMINATOR! Cover... 1... 2...3!

Winner: Bobby Lashley @ 07.54

Lashley picks up the victory and has his hand raised by the referee as Swagger is rolled out of the ring. Lashley celebrates on the top rope, posing for the fans.

Jim Ross: Yes! SmackDown get another draft pick, and I can tell this is going to be a big one.

Michael Cole: Let’s hope not, it’s been a great night for RAW so far... I don’t want to lose anyone huge.

King: Well let’s not waste any time.



The familiar wheel starts spinning and eventually it stops, disappearing before we see the newest member of SmackDown...





Huge heat from the arena as the first mega star of the evening has been drafted, the self proclaimed Best In The World walks out on the stage, Chris Jericho. He shows no emotion as he stands surveying the crowd.

Jim Ross: SmackDown drafts Chris Jericho! What a move for SmackDown, a huge star has just been drafted.

Michael Cole: Well, while I’m disappointed to see SmackDown take one of our biggest stars, I’m a little happy that we don’t have to listen to Jericho every week on Monday nights.

King: I hear that, Cole... I’m glad we don’t have to listen to him, now if only The Miz would be taken away from us.

Jericho stands on the stage for a moment longer before we cut away into a commercial.


We return and it’s all action as Bobby Lashley and Vladimir Kozlov are brawling on the stage, the two behemoths are going at it, they punch each other over and over, clubbing each other trying to gain the advantage. Eventually, Kozlov starts to take the advantage, taking advantage of the tired Bobby Lashley, he grabs him by the back of the head and RAMS HIM INTO THE STAGE! The crowd boo as Lashley falls to the steel below as Kozlov stands above him.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman... Vladimir Kozlov has just sent a message to Bobby Lashley... it seems this rivalry isn’t over.

Michael Cole: Indeed not ladies and gentleman, but to give you some contest, here’s what happened during the commercial break...



With Jericho gone from the stage, Lashley leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, high fiving some fans before walking up the rest of it. He turns around on the top of the ramp and poses for the fans, but is then attacked from behind by Kozlov and the two behemoths eventually go at it...


Kozlov backs away from Lashley, smiling at his work while referees come out and check on Bobby.

Michael Cole: As you saw, an attack from behind by The Moscow Mauler but right now ladies and gentleman, our colleague Josh Matthews is waiting backstage.

With that, we cut backstage where, indeed, Josh Matthews is waiting.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guest at this time... he is the newest member of SmackDown... Chris Jericho!

And on cue, Jericho appears, receiving huge heat from the crowd...

Josh Matthews: I guess I’ll start off by asking, Chris... how do you feel about leaving RAW?

Jericho looks at Matthews with a look that could kill...

Chris Jericho: What did you call me?

Josh Matthews: Uh...

Chris Jericho: You called me Chris... you address me as Mr. Jericho... you show me respect.

Matthews nods...

Chris Jericho: My feelings on leaving RAW? I feel good... it’s a good feeling and I’ll tell you why... it’s because of all these... people.


Chris Jericho: For months... these people have been giving me abuse... these hypocrites have tried to derail my career with their parasitic views. And the fans on SmackDown... they better show me the respect I deserve on Friday.

More heat...

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho has been a staple of Monday Night RAW for years... but now I’m a SmackDown Superstar... and that means one thing... John Cena... the World Heavyweight Champion has my attention.

Jericho pauses...

Chris Jericho: Y’see... John Cena and I... we have unfinished business. It was Survivor Series when John Cena ended my World Heavyweight Championship reign... and I haven’t forgotten about that... so I will be the one that ends his title reign.

Huge heat...

Josh Matthews: Well, Chr... Mr. Jericho... what’s your thoughts on breaking up with The Miz?

Chris Jericho: You make it sound like The Miz and I were a couple. Honestly... I don’t particular care... over the past month I’ve helped The Miz improve himself... improve his career. Why? Because I saw some of myself in him... like me... he is unjustly abused by these fans... by these hypocrites.

This gets some more heat...

Chris Jericho: Because of me... The Miz has learned how to be a top Superstar... and because of me he won a pay-per-view match last night at Backlash. The Miz doesn’t need me to hold his hand... he’s big enough and good enough to handle himself.

Josh Matthews: Thank you for your time.

With that, the interview is wrapped up and Jericho turns around and leaves as we cut to another part of the arena where...

... John Cena is getting ready for his match later on tonight, he is sat on a steel chair putting on his knee pads when The Rated R Superstar, Edge walks in, prompting Cena to stand up and the fans cheer as they go face to face once more.

Edge: I guess I should thank you for savin’ me last night... but I’m not gonna’ do that. I could’ve handled Show on my own... just like I did earlier tonight.

John Cena: Yeah... sure you did. And f-y-i... I didn’t save you... I saved the match. I was makin’ sure that Show didn’t ruin a great end to a great match.


Edge: Be that as it may, Cena... just remember... when I’m done with Big Show... I don’t care who it is... whoever’s champion will be in my sights.

John Cena: Lookin’ forward to it.

Edge goes to leave but stops...

Edge: Oh, by the way... good luck tonight... against Randy Orton... ‘cause you’re gonna’ need it.

This time, Edge actually leaves as Cena watches on as we cut back into the main arena.

*WHAT’S UP...*

And it’s time for the second champion versus champion match of the night as R-Truth, the WWE United States Champion skips out from the back, doing his usual rapping crap.

Michael Cole: Next up ladies and gentleman, two extremely athletic Superstars go head to head as R-Truth, the WWE United States Champion takes on the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio.

Jim Ross: I can’t wait for this, R-Truth won the title from MVP a few weeks ago and hasn’t looked back since.

King: Rey Mysterio has been in pretty great form too, after beating John Bradshaw Layfield at WrestleMania in record time, he managed to overcome the odds and defeat William Regal.

Truth climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd.


Huge pop from the crowd and then Truth begins to prepare for his opponent.


*BOOYAKA 619...*

The WWE Intercontinental Champion now makes his entrance, as Rey Mysterio walks out from the back, getting a massive cheer from the crowd. He walks to either side of the stage, setting off his pyro before walking on down to the ring, interacting with a few fans.

Michael Cole: Last night, Rey Mysterio overcame the odds once again, he is a former World Heavyweight Champion and last night he retaining the Intercontinental Champion. After the match however, he was attacked by Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness.

King: Luckily for Mysterio, two men had saw enough, and those two men were Cryme Tyme, who have had run ins with Drew Mac’ and Nigel McGuiness.

Jim Ross: As you saw earlier, the tag team division on RAW is really heating up, so Cryme Tyme will have more than McGuiness and McIntyre to deal with in the coming weeks.

Mysterio climbs into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle; holding his title belt in the air before dropping down.

Champion vs. Champion: Singles Match; One Draft Pick On The Line
WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. WWE United States Champion R-Truth

After a fast paced opening, R-Truth is the one in control at this moment as he pulls Rey to his feet and pushes him off the ropes, Irish-whipping him but Rey rebounds and baseball slides through Truth’s legs. Truth sprints at Rey but Mysterio ducks and hits a drop kick when Truth turns around! Rey scampers to the cover... 1... 2... NO! Mysterio now picks Truth up but he retaliates with an elbow to the gut and then whips him into the corner. The U.S Champion sprints at Rey but he gets two feet up and Truth runs straight into them. Truth stumbles away as Mysterio climbs to the second rope and then soars through the air and connects with a cross body... no... Truth grabs Mysterio in mid air and turns him into a power slam! Cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT!

Truth doesn’t waste any time and decides to lock in a sleeper hold to the fans chagrin. Rey is stuck in this for quite a while until the fans get him fired up and he manages to get to his feet, he elbows Truth in the gut and runs, breaking his grip. He rebounds off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Truth kicks Rey in the gut! He bounces off the ropes and goes for the CORKSCREW SCISSOR KICK... but Rey moves out the way. Truth gets up quickly but Rey is already running at him and connects with a tilt-a-whirl and Truth is propelled forward onto the second rope... 619... Rey climbs up the top rope and hits a SPLASH! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 12.29

The crowd pop as Mysterio picks up the victory over the United States Champion, he gets to his feet and his hand lifted before being handed his WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio comes through for RAW! He defeated a tough opponent in R-Truth and now RAW has another draft pick!

King: I always had faith in Rey, now let’s see who we get, let it be someone big!

Jim Ross: I have to say, despite not winning a draft pick, we just witnessed a great match.



You spin me right round...



*I’M COMIN...*

The crowd respond with a cheer as the newest member of RAW jogs out from the back, MVP runs to each side of the stage, posing for the crowd before standing in the centre and staring down at Mysterio, who stares back.

Michael Cole: RAW gets MVP! What a draft pick this is, one of the best young Superstars on SmackDown has just now switched brands.

Jim Ross: MVP spent all his days on SmackDown but now he’ll have to restart on RAW.

King: RAW is looking pretty stacked right now!

MVP leaves the stage as we fade to a commercial break.


We rejoin RAW... and are backstage where Ric Flair is talking to someone on the phone.

Ric Flair: Yeah... well good luck with the recovery... how far are you from being ready to compete... good... someone needs to stop Orton... talk to ya’ later, Dave.

Flair hangs up, and just as he does that William Regal enters the room...

Ric Flair: What can I do for you?

William Regal: Out of courtesy, I thought I’d come here and inform you that last night... it was a blip... a travesty. What happened... it was a blip on my plan to become WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Flair doesn’t respond...

William Regal: I’m here... because I’m asking you for a rematch for the title. You saw what happened, Mysterio took advantage of a terrible predicament with the referee down.

Ric Flair: What I saw... was Mysterio takin’ advantage of a situation that you created. And if you want a rematch... your gonna’ have to earn it. Next week... you’ll compete in a number one contenders match to determine Rey’s opponent at Judgment Day... good luck.

Regal goes to leave but stops...

William Regal: Wait... against who?

Ric Flair: That’s for me to know... and for you to find out.

And with that, we cut away to another part of the arena where Randy Orton is sat on a steel chair, staring at his WWE Championship. He stands up swiftly when DiBiase and Rhodes walk in.

Randy Orton: Where the hell were you two? What took so long?

Ted DiBiase: Calm down... we just had to deal with some other stuff about the tag team titles.

Randy Orton: I don’t care about the tag team titles... now I sent you to find out what Flair wanted... now... tell me.

Rhodes takes the lead...

Cody Rhodes: Basically... remember when we invaded Shane McMahon’s house?

Orton nods...

Ted DiBiase: Basically... next week... you’ll compete against him.

Cody Rhodes: In a street fight.

Orton surprisingly doesn’t look pissed off...

Randy Orton: Good... good... that means I can finish off the last standing McMahon.

Rhodes and DiBiase glance at each other, possibly they expected Orton to shout and scream but instead, The Viper sits back down and stares into the distance as we cut to the ring where the ring is filled with Superstars.

Michael Cole: What you are seeing ladies and gentleman, is ten RAW Superstars in the ring against ten SmackDown Superstars, and the surviving team wins two draft pick for their brands.

Jim Ross: This is a battle royal so it should be every man for themselves but I think their will be some teams forming in this match.

King: The RAW Superstars better get along, we need some more draft picks!

10 on 10 Battle Royal; Two Draft Picks On The Line
Carlito, Charlie Haas, CM Punk, Jack Swagger, JTG, Kofi Kingston, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Primo & Shad vs. Chavo Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Evan Bourne, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Stevie Richards & Tommy Dreamer

We’re at the latter end of the match where we’re left with six men, three from each team, and those men are Chris Jericho, Christian and Matt Hardy from SmackDown and CM Punk, MVP and Mr. Kennedy from RAW. Jericho is currently got Punk in the corner, choking him while Matt has his hands full with Kennedy in the opposite corner but the main action is coming from MVP and Christian as Christian is dangling over the top rope with MVP nearly eliminating him. But Chris Jericho realizes this and jogs over, pulling MVP away but MVP fights Jericho off until Christian grabs him from behind and Irish-whips him while Jericho pulls the ropes down and MVP tumbles over the top!

CM Punk now gets involved while Kennedy is still dealing with Hardy, he clubs the back of Christian and gets some offense in, putting Christian down with a kick to the head but then turns round into a CODEBREAKER! Christian is back to his feet and now grabs Punk before tossing him over the top rope! Meanwhile, across the ring Kennedy has managed to get Matt onto the apron and he is nearly on the floor as his legs are dangling, that is until Christian and Jericho jog over and grab Kennedy, the two of them then run him to the other side and throw him over the top rope but he lands on the apron. Christian and Jericho then part as Hardy comes sprinting through and hits Kennedy in the gut with a shoulder thrust and he falls to the mat!

Winner: Chris Jericho, Christian & Matt Hardy @ 15.23
SmackDown Gets Two Draft Picks

The referee calls for the bell as SmackDown’s theme plays through the speakers, the referee raises each of the men’s arms in turn, but they simply stare at each other, not knowing what the other is going to do.

Jim Ross: As a result of this battle royal, SmackDown gets two new Superstars, we’ve already got a couple of good ones such as the man in the ring, Chris Jericho, let’s find out who’s next.

King: Better not be someone good.



‘Dat familiar wheel... it does its thing before disappearing and revealing...





The arena erupts with a cheer as Kofi Kingston makes his way out from the back, having just competed in this match he’s a little tired but he still puts on a show for the fans, slapping his hands together three times while the three men in the ring watch on.

Michael Cole: Damn it, we lose yet another top star.

Jim Ross: RAW had such a great start to the night in regards to the draft, but I think SmackDown is racing away in front now.

King: I don’t like this anymore, I’ve got a feeling the next one will be just as big as well.

You don’t have to wait long to find out, King, as Kingston disappears behind the curtain...



And again, the wheel spins... and spins... and spins until it disappears before revealing...





The fans react with boos, and the men in the ring look worriedly at the ramp as The Big Red Monster, Kane walks out onto the stage. He stares down at the men in the ring, and starts laughing to himself.

Jim Ross: Oh no, I wanted a huge star... I didn’t want a twisted, sick man like Kane.

Michael Cole: I’ve got to say – I’m glad that Kane is going to SmackDown.

King: Me too... means we don’t need to deal with him on RAW... anymore.

Michael Cole: Good luck, J.R.

Jim Ross: Thanks...

Kane leaves the stage while the three men watch on as we cut backstage...

Where The Big Show is walking past the camera... AND WE SEE EDGE LYING ON THE CONCRETE BEHIND HIM! The fans boo loudly as everyone knows that Show has attacked Edge, some road agents circle around him and check on him as we fade to a commercial break.


The arena is silent for a few seconds until...


WHAT? The fans respond with huge heat as the familiar limo drives out from the side of the stage and a driver gets out before opening the back door... where John Bradshaw Layfield gets out. Looking rather dapper in his grey suit with his white cowboy hat. The fans give him shit, but doesn’t seem to care as he has a huge grin on his face, he has a microphone in his hand but he doesn’t speak until he steps onto the ramp where he stops.

John Bradshaw Layfield: ... Did you miss me?

This gathers huge heat but JBL just grins...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Of course you did. I could tell... watchin’ RAW and SmackDown... the presence of The Wrestling God was sorely missed.

Another batch of heat as JBL is standing in front of the ring now...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Over the past month... I’ve sat in my penthouse and watched SmackDown... and after every episode... by distaste for it grew every time.


John Bradshaw Layfield: And I’ll tell you people why... because the commentary is god awful.

More heat as JBL begins walking around the ring...

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’m not talking about Jim Ross... I’m talking about those to inept idiots that sit next to him... Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

JBL reaches the announce table and stands in front of it...

John Bradshaw Layfield: I am here tonight to announce my return to the WWE...

Huge heat...

John Bradshaw Layfield: From this moment on... I... John Bradshaw Layfield... will save SmackDown from horrendous commentary... I am the new SmackDown colour commentator.

Another batch of heat while JBL stares at the three announcers...

John Bradshaw Layfield: The Wrestling God... is now The Announcing God... so everyone... rise and applaud the saviour of commentary.

JBL walks around the ring and waits for the three men to stand up, eventually they do and they shake hands as he takes his seat.

Michael Cole: Well... uh... welcome I guess.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Thank you, Michael... I remember when you and I were announcing partners...

Michael Cole: Yeah, we did we-

John Bradshaw Layfield: But now I’ve got a hella’ upgrade on you. So... tonight I’ll save RAW and on Friday... I’ll save SmackDown.



The fans nearly take the roof off the arena as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton walks out with the title belt laying on his shoulder. He looks very focused,as The Viper ignores the boos and walks down the ramp.

Michael Cole: I can’t wait for this match, I know it results in a draft pick, but I hope John Cena teaches him a lesson after what Orton done last night and earlier on tonight.

King: I agree with you there, Michael, what he done last night was awful and earlier on tonight was just as bad. He is the worst man to have as the leading champion on your brand.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Are you too kiddin’ me? Are you two thick? What Orton done last night was magnificent... he was sendin’ a message... sendin’ a message to the whole McMahon family and to everyone in that back. And that message was to keep out of his way... mark my words... Orton will be WWE Champion for a long time.

Jim Ross: While I don’t agree with Orton’s methods, I can’t argue with how successful Orton has been at getting to the McMahon’s, I haven’t seen anyone do that since Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Orton climbs into the ring, and walks over to the turnbuckle, he stands up and simply stands, surveying the crowd before dropping down.


The World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena jogs out from the back to a huge cheer from his hometown crowd. He’s got the World Title wrapped around his waist and his blue shirt on, he looks down at Orton before surveying the crowd, he salutes before sprinting down the ramp.

Jim Ross: John Cena is a man who is all about hustle, loyalty and respect.

John Bradshaw Layfield: John Cena was the one that ended my record long WWE Championship reign all the way back in two thousand and five, we’ve crossed paths more than once, but I won’t deny that he is a hell of a competitor, a great champion but tonight he has his hands full with one of the most dangerous men in the WWE.

Michael Cole: Last night, John Cena defeated Edge to retain his championship and just one night after, he faces a broken up Randy Orton.

King: Remember this results in a draft pick, ladies and gentleman.

Cena slides into the ring and goes to stand up and bounce off the ropes, but Orton is right in his face, the two men stare off and Orton then holds up his championship but then Cena does the same with his, we get a far away view of the two biggest Superstars in the WWE, the two World Champions facing off. The referee breaks them apart and takes their titles before calling for the bell.

Champion vs. Champion; Singles Match; One Draft Pick On The Line
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena

We join this match a good distance into it, and both men are hurting like hell but it’s Orton in control as he has Cena sat on the top rope. Orton climbs to the second and levels Cena with a couple of right hands until Cena grab Orton by the stomach and launches him to the side and Orton tumbles to the mat below! Cena doesn’t waste any time, he climbs down from the turnbuckle before sliding out of the ring and picking up Orton. He grabs him by the neck and slams his face into the barricade! Cena is then handed a drink by one of his hometown fans and he proceeds to dowse it all over Orton’s head!

The World Heavyweight Champion then decides to pick his opponent up and slide him into the ring. Cena follows quickly but Orton is on his feet and catches Cena with a boot to the gut and proceeds to Irish-whip him and connects with an elbow to the face! The WWE Champion stares down at him and then proceeds to stomp on every body part, going around his body before walking off and then suddenly diving to the mat, preparing for his finisher... Cena gets up... RKO... no Cena pushes Orton off and runs him over to the ropes, throwing him over the top!

Cena follows quickly but Orton stands up and hits him with a stiff European Uppercut before Irish-whipping him into the steel steps! The Viper leaves Cena and rolls into the ring, telling the referee to count. The referee reaches a count of nine before Cena manages to roll himself into the ring. Orton measures Cena and runs forward and kicks him in the gut before sinking into the cover... 1... 2... NO! Cena kicks out to a huge pop, while Orton looks at the referee before grabbing Cena and pulling him to his feet but he fights back with a couple of punches to the stomach before setting off running and hitting a shoulder block! He hits another and goes for another but this time Orton ducks and Cena flies forward and hits the referee!

Cena looks at the ref before turning around and Orton goes for an RKO but Cena throws him off... he hits the ropes and rebounds into Cena... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT... it connects! Cover......... There isn’t a referee! Cena wonders what he needs to do, he crawls to the referee and tries to wake him, a good time has passed before Cena gives up and then spots another referee sprinting down the ramp. Cena then dives to another cover... 1... 2... NO! Orton kicks out! Cena pounds the mat in frustration and then asks the referee why he didn’t come out sooner. He then picks Orton up and Irish-whips him into the corner, he sprints at him but Orton side steps the splash and then rolls Cena up from behind... 1... 2... NO!

Both men get up at the same time and Cena swings wildly at Orton’s head but The Viper ducks and connects with his signature back breaker! Orton looks around the arena before diving to the mat and pounding it, preparing for his finisher again... Cena gets up... RKO... no Cena throws Orton off again and he rebounds off the ropes... right into the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT... NO... as Cena launches Orton... The Viper wraps his arms around Cena’s neck and connects with a innovative RKO! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Randy Orton @ 15.32
RAW Gets One Draft Pick

The fans react with boos as John Cena loses in his hometown, and Orton manages to get to his feet, using the ropes for support before being handed his WWE Championship.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I told you all about how good Randy Orton is, he beat the other World Champion in the best match of the night.

Michael Cole: And that means RAW gets the last draft pick of the evening!

Jim Ross: Well... let’s not waste any time.

King: Please be someone big.

Orton turns to face the stage as the last pick of the evening is about to be revealed...



The wheel appears for the last time tonight, highlighting some of the biggest stars before disappearing to reveal...



We return to the arena where nothing has been announced, the crowd talk amongst themselves, trying to figure out what happened as Orton still stares at the stage... suddenly...


The lights go out!


It can’t be it!


The lights come on AND IT IS! THE UNDERTAKER IS IN THE RING! STARING AT ORTON FROM ACROSS THE RING! The crowd are going wild as Orton looks petrified.


King: I think it is... ORTON LOOKS TERRIFIED.

John Bradshaw Layfield: No no no no! SmackDown can’t lose ‘Taker!

Jim Ross: I can’t believe it!

The Deadman is still staring across at Orton, in his ring attire but then John Cena climbs to his feet and staggers around INTO THE CLUTCHES OF ‘TAKER... CHOKE SLAM TO CENA!! THE FANS REACT WITH A HUGE MIXED REACTION AS ORTON RUNS FORWARD TRYING TO TAKE UNDERTAKER BY SURPRISE!

‘Taker kicks Orton in the gut and brings him up... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Taker stands above both World Champions, his attention focused on Randy Orton, he picks up the WWE Championship before bending down, kneeling beside Orton and holding the title out.

Michael Cole: What have we just witnessed! The Undertaker is the newest member of RAW! And he has his eyes set on the WWE Championship!

Jim Ross: That’s all we have time for ladies and gentleman, join JBL and I for SmackDown on Friday to see reaction to all of the action that took place here tonight.

King: Been a great night, thank you ladies and gentleman.

The crowd are cheering wildly as the lights go out again and the gongs play up again as... we... fade... to... black!


Draft Results

The Undertaker
Mr. Kennedy
The Colons

Chris Jericho
Kofi Kingston
John Morrison
Dolph Ziggler

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