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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I haven't seen Styles/Abyss but the thought of Abyss having a MOTYC makes me feel weird. I will watch it one day.

Watched the DX v Legacy matches. Thoughts be here (sort of, some of it is just babbling):

I liked the first ten minutes of this a ton (the match- DX's entrance was kinda really lame and if that was on while I was having dinner with my family I would have to explain I don't enjoy it). HHH just spends some time punching and kneeing both Legacy dudes in the face and his stuff looked good. Then Rhodes gets near Michaels and it's obvious as hell he's going to slap him in the face. Obviousness kind of bothers some people, but it doesn't bother me, I was looking forward to it and if he DIDN'T happen to slap him in the face I would have said a mighty "what the fuck!?" What was really great about the slap was the crowd were chanting 'HBK' and Michaels were looking at them meaning he didn't see Cody's hand plummet toward his beard. Obviously he wants t be tagged in now, and after some dilly-dally wrestling Cody just slaps in the face AGAIN. Michaels says "fuck you" and tackles him to the ground, but Rhodes saids "no, fuck YOU" and reverses it right away and punches at his face. Best two minutes of Cody Rhodes ever. Both Legacy members work over Michaels really well and I don't remember this team looking this good. I was actually disappointed when Michaels got the tags because I wanted the Legacy's stuff to go longer. HHH's house o' fire sort of thing was all right, but it was great when Cody kicked in the back while on apron like 'ah fuck you', but then HHH says 'no fuck YOU' and pulls him in the ring. The finishing parts were kinda cool with HHH getting in a sort-of-cheap-shot Pedigree and people bumping everywhere, but it didn't feel like the sort of end I wanted I liked the match overall. The end was fine (Cody sold the superkick pretty bad though), but through I was like "IDK what I wanted near the end but it wasn't this." You understanding me? If not then I'll say fuck you worse than Cody Rhodes did. . It feels like these two teams had a really good ten minute TV match in them that I hope actually happened. Even then, as of now this is either my favourite or second favourite Michaels/HHH tag. IDK if that's saying a WHOLE lot because I think most of their matches were either average or kinda shitty or really shitty, but I liked this.

So I just gone done saying these teams wrestled a good, normal match, and here we are with Submissions Count Anywhere. I don't remember seeing too many Submissions Count Anywhere matches, so I wasn't sure what to totally expect. I saw visions of four goofballs putting on shitty crossfaces on the streets in front of confused locals. And a moose (they were in Canada). What this was OK, but I'm not much a fan of the WWE-style All Over the Arena brawl even when they're done pretty well (and this one was done kinda averagely). The opening was kind of weird with Michaels looking at HHH and DiBiase instead of looking at Rhodes kick him in the leg. If he doesn't see it he won't sell it. Both DX guys work both Legacy guys' legs and I liked DiBiase stumbling toward HHH and almost falling over when punching him the head. The Boston Crab/Camel Clutch through the chair spot was really cool. They wind up in the concession area where they have a bunch of random chanting weirdos yelling 'YOU SCREWED BRET' at Michaels, and this was just after they worked over both Rhodes' and DiBiase's legs. Then they put on figure-fours. HUH? You're in Montreal surrounded by beer-guzzling bitter Bret Hart fans- USE THE SHARPSHOOTER. Speaking of submission moves - I wish neither member of DX ever used the crossface. I'm not particularly offended by it or anything; they just suck ass at putting it on. Back near the ring sometime later Rhodes has this reverse Gory Guerrero whatever thingy it is on Michaels and HHH seemingly breaks it up by jumping off of the apron and not even touching him. I'm imagining Steph telling Cody before the match- "Whenever you put that Reverse Gory Guerrero Whatever Thingy It Is on Shawn- you will break it up when Hunter jumps to the floor." To which Cody replies with "YES EMPRESS!" and a salute. I don't remember much of the last moments where the Legacy were working Michaels over solo. Well I kinda do but I don't really think it's really worth mentioning. IDK. Needed a moose. If this had Shawn Michaels putting on a sharpshooter in front of a moose it would have been ****1/2.

I loved the idea of this. Unfortunately it wasn't executed very well and just wasn't much fun to watch. Rhodes and DiBiase attack DX before the match even starts and they brawl all around the outside. Said brawling just wasn't that good. They get to the ramp entrance place and HHH takes Rhodes' god-awful finisher (seriously the fuck is that thing?) on the entrance way. This way they lock the door and keep Shawn in the ring and can just beat on him and win handily. It was just kind of boring and I thought the visual of HHH lying there was funny. Shawn's semi-comebacks were kind of fun, I liked when he just channelled his inner Sabu and chucked the chair directly at Cody's face. Rhodes also took a hell of a bump into the cell when Michaels used DiBiase as a weapon. One MILLION minutes after lying dead from The Shitty Thing That Is Cody Rhodes' Finisher, HHH is flopping and bouncing like a mental patient on stilts down the ramp-way. And I thought him just lying there was funny. Then he can't open the lock and DiBiase yells like an idiot "you like that donchta?" "you're HELPESS TRIPLE HHHHHH". That was also kind of funny, like when the Miz tries to act serious. Actually Shawn's acting in some of this was abysmal, like I don't remember anything short of his awful Southern Belle performance at this year's WrestleMania being worse. He was shaking a wobbling like an old man, and he was better at shaking and wobbling like an old man in 1996 when he wasn't actually an old man. So HHH leaves to what I'm hoping is him running down the ramp yelling like a barbarian to try to break the door down with his shoulder, but instead what I get after a millionerererer more minutes than him lying there was some bolt cutters. He cuts the door he hits people DiBiase locked out DX win match over GOODBYE. Bleh.

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