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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG ďBOLA Night 1Ē
1. TJP vs. Joey Ryan:**
-Not too hot of an opener
-Joey Ryan is Joey Ryan. Gets heat when he moves his lips but drains life when wrestling

2. Roderick Strong vs. Drake Younger:***1/4
-This is what you would probably would expect but that isnít bad
-I love watching Strong wrestle. He chops like a demon and breaks backs.
-Younger knows how to take big moves. Still interesting to see him in PWG
-Strongís thing where he gets the guy in a torture rack position on the apron and tosses him into the turnbuckle is so brutal
-Fun match with it looking like Strong is going to kill Younger at points

3. Eddie Edwards vs. OíReilly:***
-This is a match you could have plugged into ROH. Yet this is PWG
-Lacked much uniqueness to it. The one moment where they are both on their heads slapping each other was an exception. And that part was pretty sweet.
-They did manage to have a nice match but it seemed like it dragged and kept going on and on at some point.

4. B-Boy vs. Brian Cage: **1/2
-Not a good matchup
-Cage doesnít carry people and should be put with much better wrestlers to help him grow
-This wonít kill Cageís momentum but it wonít help
-B-Boy will now probably prevent me from getting excited about his matches from now on
-I donít know think there was any real story to this match.
-This match was okay. I actually wasnít offended but it still wasnít good.

5. Ricochet vs. Kevin Steen: ****
-I can understand why some people didnít like the match but I think a lot of people will really like it
-Early in the match Steen KILLS Ricochet with a powerbomb. I mean FUCK!!!
-I love the commentators making the Ricochet to El Generico references throughout the match
-It looks like the story is going to be Steen killing Ricochet
-Then there is a muddy middle where Steen bites Ricochet a few times
-Then it switches to Steen just trying to finish Ricochet since Ricochet is proving to get in some offense

6. Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack: ***1/2
-Fun as hell
-Sami looks like a psycho in this matchÖin a good way
-I compare this match between Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. Willie Mack has the raw strength and is damn near impossible to keep down like he is a creation of science. Sami Callihan is wild, crazy and blood thirsty. Itís a metaphor.
-Maybe there isnít a need for all the stiffness but I enjoy it all the same

7. El Generico vs. Adam Cole: ***3/4
-Kevin Steen does commentary for this match. It is GOLDEN
-Evil Adam Cole in PWG is going to be too awesome. El Generico being the ultimate babyface makes him the perfect opponent for Cole to show off his heelness in PWG
-Thereís a German Suplex spot and may I just say that it is fantastic
-The ending of this match is the best. If you donít agree thatís okay

8. Michael Elgin vs. Davey Richards:**3/4
-I didnít understand this match
-This match had emotionless strike exchanges and name yelling. Win
-I donít mind lots of MOVEZ. I donít really get behind it though when there doesnít seem to be any emotion behind the moves. People may not like Willie Mack for the same reason but for me when they did it you just see the rage in their faces.

OVERALL: By PWG's extremely high standards this would probably be considered a pass. There was only one match that hit the **** mark. That with 3 matches under the *** mark and it wouldn't seem worth watching. Take away that it was PWG though and it was a pretty solid show. You had a couple matches with the dudes beating the piss out of each other with Mack vs. Callihan and Strong vs. Younger. You have a real awesome match where within 3 minutes of the start of the match you aren't sure if a man has died. You get the start of Heel Adam Cole in PWG. It is so much a part of him that heel is capitalized when talking about him. While I was not into the main event at all maybe if I re-watch it down the road I'll see what some others feel or I still won't enjoy it. Weird how the worst parts of the show are the beginning,middle, and end but the stuff between them is very solid. I won't give this show the strongest recommendation, and there are certainly better PWG shows this year, but my thumb is pointing slightly up.

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