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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
The booking and storyline at Survivor Series 1998 is up there with any angle in history. You just had to listen to the dead silence in the crowd when Rock turned on them. Brilliant. Russo always jumps to say that this is the best work he has ever done. 20k were standing there in complete shock after crazily cheering and chanting for The Rock for months and all that night like never before. They only realized what happened there the next night when Rock came out to mega heat and the clever story of this point was that now the tide has turned and Rock is the one who didn't want them on his side while they were begging to be there, wanting to chant along with him. Which led to the "This is not sing along with The Great One!" catchphrase.

Bossman "losing" in 3 seconds, then "accidentally" throwing the stick to Shamrock, Kane causing a DQ on Taker, Shane screwing Austin in his match with Mankind, and the top of the list, Rock, Shane and Vince revealing the new Corporate WWF champion to close the show when nobody saw it coming. Pure money, the highest drawing title run on the road in history and on his FIRST RAW main event as WWF Champion in the match against Austin, Rock broke the all-time RAW record at that time with a 7.3 against a pretty big Goldberg/Bigelow match on Nitro. The Shakespeare of rasslin'. Booking peaked that night.


"Look at that, you would think The Rock had been attacked by damn King Kong. And the award goes to...Where's The Rock's Oscar Vince?" :rocky

Remind me to post this when Rock gets his rightful Oscar one day.

Nothing like The Corporate Champion, his work in HalfTime Heat alone deserves an Oscar. Rock was working title match after title match on RAW, Road Dogg, X-Pac, HHH, Al Snow, Austin, Mankind etc. Week after week main eventing RAW with WWF title matches. Great Rock/Al Snow match with Rock giving a Corporate Elbow to the legendary, revolutionary, iconic...HEAD:

Amazing video. Great match and an iconic moment that will live forever. The reactions on YouTube were worth this year. The Cena kids in that vid deserve a medal for their gold performance, best by far were: "HOW CAN HE LOSE?! He's supposed to be THE BEST CHAMP!!", "I HATTTTE JJOOOOHNNN CCCEEENNAA!!!" . The live stadium footage was awesome. Unforgettable, all-time memorable moment like only The GOAT can create.
It's equally impressive how they booked Mankind during that period. He has those classic hospital scenes with Vince and becomes the loveable jester. Vince screws him over and you have the perfect double turn and set up an amazing feud between 2 polar opposites in Rock and Mankind.

Amazing that so few people saw it coming.
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