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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Backlash Review

Interesting choice to kick things off with the tag contest, certainly felt looking at the card this one could steal the show so should be a good one. Was a pretty slow start with Michaels and Miz as well as Michaels and Jericho to be honest, wanted to see a little bit more especially in the Michaels/Jericho exchange but things certainly picked up when JoMo came in. A lot of the tags seemed a little unnecessary so early on, I could understand Miz wanting in on Morrison but other than that, bit too much too early on. Very surprised to see Michaels Ďinjuredí here, kind of took away a bit in terms of pace and excitement from the match but itís certainly an interesting angle to go down and intrigued to see where you go with it.

The heels started to dominate from this point on and it was to be expected. You showed Morrison having real guts and determination though, the continuous kick outs showed that heís got a real steely side which will help him with the fan reactions, no doubt. Pace began to pick up a lot a little further into it and this is where I started to get more invested in the match. Jericho and Morrisonís little passage was excellent with Jericho attempting the Walls before JoMo showed all his resolve and athleticism, great job there. Ending felt a little flat, especially considering the spell JoMo and Jericho had just had, although I was pleased to see it was Miz who got the pin. Decent opening contest here and interested to see how you go with Michaels injury as well as Miz and Jerichoís paths, expecting a draft there.

Really wasnít a fan of this Flair/Long exchange. Flair was completely off in everything he said. Just picture Flair saying that and itís quite difficult to do so. I get the idea of the segment, hyping the draft for tomorrow which is smart but Flairís character in particular needed work.
LASHLEY!! You bastard trying to fool me. Lashley/Kozlov isnít a bad way for B-Lash to return and of course, Kozlov gets the competition he desires so smart choice. Standard kind of big man start here with the pushing and shoving antics although I was a little surprised as I expected this to be all about Lashley but Kozlov did actually get to stay in this thing. He had a small spell on top which surprised me but I guess Lashleyís rusty, maybe point that out during it. The belly to belly from Lashley off the top was OUCH, huge impact there, loved it. Always gonna be a Lashley win here and the ending was a little anti climatic but it done the job and you made two powerhouses have a fairly decent outing. Good comeback for Lashley.

The whole death of the Hardyz has been good and I like that Jeff played that up here. Was pretty standard Hardy stuff, never been the greatest on the stick. In my eyes I would have had him a little bit more passionate, make out just how much it means to him tonight. Also was a little bit of a sudden ending to it, wouldíve liked a little more. The way it ended had me thinking another paragraph was coming.

One thing I will say, I donít wanna be too critical but the commentary isnít the greatest. I can very rarely find myself picturing what Cole, King and J.R are saying in their voices. Iím sure itíll get better though the longer this thread runs on, itís a tough one to get a grasp of.

Mysterio/Regal was one that on paper I thought had the potential to steal the show so letís see how this one turns out. Rey had a really fast start here which I liked as itís typical Rey fashion, sharp, fast and to the point. Was really surprised to see McIntyre and McGuiness ejected so early on. I anticipated maybe a little bit later on in the match but I wasnít so sure about it being this early as they were being used very effectively, the little trips and hopping up on the apron were typical heel moves. Did enjoy the way that this kinda swung things Regalís way however, showed how clever he is, taking advantage of the distraction and the picking apart of Rey was nice, particularly the stomping on the fingers, I legit cringed reading that lol. Regal really looked to be in cruise control but it was vintage Mysterio comeback and it was cleverly worked so kudo s there. Taking advantage of a Regal mistake and then seemingly having the match won only for no refereeÖ I thought oh shit Regalís gonna turn it round here but glad to see you had Rey counter the brass knucks effort. Very good end to a strong match up. Best of the night thus far.

Aftermath was again very nicely done as it allows this feud to continue as well as Cryme Tyme to keep involved with McIntyre and McGuiness. Strong stuff.

Short and sweet here. Did its job which is the main thing, shows how heated this rivalry has become.
I really liked the combination of Kendrick and Zeke when they were together and Kendrickís character as ĎTBKí was gold. Glad to see you giving him some mic time and it was decent stuff rounded off well with the intimidating Zeke. Liked the early exchanges between Lito and Kendrick, nice fast paced stuff. Much like the earlier tag I wouldíve liked to see a bit more from these two before the first tag though. Very surprised to see Lito get the upper hand on Zeke and the double teaming was nicely done, glad to see some use of a REAL team there. Things began to pick up midway through and the frequent tags between Jackson and Kendrick were well worked as they began to dominate and that dropkick off the top from Kendrick was brutal. Was a little surprised Lito came back into it so soon after that, he literally came back moments later with a Tornado DDT, I thought that dropkick wouldíve taken a lot out of him. Really enjoyed the finish, unique and different which is always good, the apple spit will no doubt bring a ton of heat also, good job. Enjoyable contest and I look forward to seeing where you go with these two top of the tag team tree.

Pretty strong interview with Lashley here which says a lot considering how shit he is on the stick. Kozlov attack didnít surprise me but Iím not all that keen on this feud continuing, I hope you can make it work.

I thought Punk would be the one to come out the blocks flying here but instead it was Kane who controlled the majority which surprised me but in a good way, made it all the more of an uphill battle for Mr.MITB. Clever way of getting Punk back into the match, simple yet effective with the big man getting caught up in the ropes and from this point on Punk really got the chance to shine. Some real strong offense and the elbow off the top was well executed. Liked the little counters from both men, the GTS and then Chokeslam, added a little bit of drama into it. Ending was different, not too sure why Kane wanted to get himself disqualified as he was looking in complete control so that confused me a touch but showed how clever Punk is, how resilient he is in finding a way to win. Match was a solid affair and itís a much needed win for Punk.

I wonít judge this aftermath too much as Iíll wait to see where you go with it. For now though? Donít quite get it and after getting a big win there, to get chokeslammed after and have his hair then cut off doesnít exactly do Punk any good. Again though, Iíll see where this leads to.
Orton was fairly strong throughout this, probably one of the better promos of the night. Flair again wasnít quite right but he was much better than his stuff with T-Long earlier. Banning Rhodes and DiBiase was a smart move and itíll be interesting to see how that pans out later.

This one was probably the one I was most looking forward to, a lot of ways you could have gone so I was very interested to see what route you took. Wasnít sure why the two men went to lock up from the get go, this is as heated as it gets, expected an all out brawl and Iím glad Jeff went the way of that straight after the lock up. Wow, big spots coming out already with the twisting tornado DDT, huge move so early on but really goes to show just how crazy this one will likely get. Following this it was more what I anticipated, all action, chaos everywhere with these two taking it all around ringside, was very enjoyable stuff. The Twist of Fate onto the steel was just ouuuuuuch. Holy shit this thing really went all out, Twist of Fate off the ladder?!? Good god. I would say, just make that more impactful, like really make it stand out as it just felt like any other move with it in a big bunch of text, maybe give that itís own line or a few lines really emphasising how huge it was, capital letters, ĎHOLY SHIT, HOLY SHITí and whatnot.

Little bit repetitive here, we already had a missed Swanton earlier on, no need for a second one to be honest. FINALLY we get a hit Swanton Bomb and I thought that might just do it but Matt with a HUGE kick out, shows just how much fight he has in him, really showing the depths heís going to in order to knock his brother off again. WOW, Swanton off the ladder through TWO tables, jesus Christ. Unbelievable, really making Jeff out to be the daredevil he is, such a high risk, awesome spot and Matt still managing to have the wherewithal to get out the way, griping stuff. Hell of a way to end it, made Matt look like a real no nonsense, remorseless SOB and thatís what he needs to be if heís gonna step up so kudos there. I honestly thought it was over after the missed Swanton but that last bit really helped put Matt up another notch. Just a crazy, high risk, bundle of fun match up here. Some incredible spots, certainly no technical masterpiece but that was never on the cards. Match of the night for me so far by a long shot.

To be honest I wasnít really into this next contest, purely because it came after TLC. Felt like a bit of a breather even as a reader which is what they go for in real life I guess. Good win for Maryse, definitely the right call and you showed off her arrogance nicely throughout as well as some solid in ring action. Bit surprised this went for so long I must admit, expected it to be a short 5 minute one but I wonít complain it went longer.

Awesome video package for Edge- Cena, loved it. Start of the match was different with the stand off and slapping. That was a good thing for me, gave it a different vibe to all the other matches on the card so far. Some very nice back and forth exchanges with Edge and Cena sharing the spoils, it was good reading as you kept it really up in the air, neither man particularly dominated for large spells. One little error in there is that you put ĎCena rolls onto his stomach and crawls on top of Punkí lol. Whether youíd been watching Cena/Punk beforehand I donít know but just a slight thing to double check next time. Enjoyed some more back and forth with the old ĎYAY, BOOí stuff, thatís always good as it gets you into the match a bit more and at this point it was trademark Cena and I thought he had the job done with but a kick out from Edge of the AA was wow, didnít see that coming at all. There have been a lot of kick outs to finishers here tonight, I canít really comment as I do it too, think itís something that gets to everybody come PPVs. Edge doing likewise moments later, although exciting stuff, not sure if heíd have it in him having just come off an AA.

Holy shit, a kick out from a mid air spear?!? Now at this point I knew there wasnít a title change incoming. Incredible stuff and a spot I love to see. THEN we go one further and ANOTHER AA kick out, really thrilling stuff, back and forth before Cena FINALLY puts Edge away with a huge move off the second rope, that really put emphasis on just what it was gonna take to put one of these two men away tonight. Very enjoyable match, the back and forth nature really did it for me, this was the Ďfinal battleí and they certainly showed it. Good job.

Aftermath was kind of unexpected but at the same time I wasnít surprised if that makes sense? Edge has shown face tendencies of late and if this is his official face turn then itís not a bad time or way to do it. The draft being tomorrow night I wouldnít mind if he ended up on Raw with a fresh start as a face although a feud with Vickie and Show does look likely which would be interesting if not my favourable option.

Solid stuff from Maryse and Beth here. A unification would be the smart thing to do, hope thatís where you go.

Again, very nicely done video package here that hyped up well this bitter rivalry. Wow, this got really brutal, really quickly, guess that was to be expected. I mean, it was very gripping stuff as a reader but maybe it was a little TOO overboard. Within the first few minutes there was chairs, kendo sticks, steel steps, the titantron, I couldnít keep up. Maybe you couldíve built more into it at first. The sledgehammer coming out eventually was to be expected and at this point I thought Hunter was gonna have a real spell of dominance but infact this only seemed to raise Ortonís game, that shot to the stitches wouldíve been devastating. Tables quickly turned again though and after that pedigree I honestly thought Trips had it won, thrilled Orton held out though. Vicious and correct way to end it with the Punt. It was a really brutal, violent match and Ortonís most brutal and violent move closing it out was the right call. Orton shouldíve been champ at Mania and you rectified that mistake with a war of a main event, if a little too much to take in. I wouldíve also said maybe hype up the little passage before the Punt, make it seem like ĎOh shit, Ortonís got the Punt in mind, heís lining it up etc etcí. Aftermath was just all the more ruthlessness from Orton. Maybe a tad overkill and the title change was enough but this just shows what a badass you have on your hands now.

All in all a very enjoyable read. Think that the TLC and World Title matches were the highlights and the main event was simply a war. I would say that maybe try not to overdo the main events so much next time until itís one of the big four as they ALL had kick outs and finishers galore. Again, I do the same and itís something Iíll try and fix too, just a bit more variety. Promos were the main thing Iíd say need work, a fair few of the characters need fine tuning but Iím sure the more you write the better theyíll become. A lot of positives though in this(even if I sound critical) and I really look forward to the next PPV as well as the Draft, really put your own spin on this thing. Good job mate
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