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Re: APOCALYPSE: Return of The Livid One

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
Nah that pic is Mystical getting ready to fuck some pig or something in his farm. The buck toothed, hillbilly, fat turd will fuck anything that walks lol. Just ask his mama.

As for the parrot at the top of this page, you're indeed a band wagoning cock sucker. Your mouth seems to be wide enough to fit 5 dicks or more. All you do is repeat the same shit everybody says. And the funniest thing is you don't even try to repeat it in your own words. Now quit flapping your jizz covered lips and put Annie's pin needle sized wiener back in your mouth.
I am human actually and funny you use all the insults that livid one did. I do have a big mouth. Just because I agree with anark does mean I suck his cock. You seem to have an obsession with sucking dick. Also how would you know if someone could fit 5 cocks in their mouth? Have tried or something? I don't want to know actually

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