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Opinion: leaving Miz's gash exposed = subliminally legitimizing WWE

I know it may sound like I'm over analyzing things, but hear me out. Wrestlers usually come out and sell head/face injuries with band-aids, (first comes to mind is HHH and HBK) especially if the actual damage is not real. In this once instance where it was, they decide to leave it uncovered, leaving a decent sized scab appearing above his eyebrow and actually seems pretty explict for a PG show.

I'm almost absolutely certain they made him go out with it uncovered, because in any other case, anybody else would cover their scabs to protect from infection I.e. falling off the bike and bandaging your wounds. I do infact think this is a subtle way of making wrestling and the WWE specficially, feeling legeitimate again, and all comes from a Kofi Kingston kick. maybe everybody should start working more stiff? Kidding.

And by the way, this is the only botch I've seem to my knowledge that ended up putting everybody over. Kofi looks dagerous, with a legit finisher, and Miz looks strong for taking the whammy and coming out the next day. That alone makes Kofi awesome. But about the exposed injuries of Miz, do you think it was planned to be uncovered?
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