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Re: WWE 2010

The opening was unexpected to say the least. I did not expect for Bret Hart to take over Vince's promotion, and to add insult to injury Bret used the same words Vince uses for everyone. For the Hart Dynasty to face Cryme Tyme sounds like a legitimate matcb. Hart then announced that he would be openinig NXT, will you be writing this? It would seem like a great read.

Evan vs Kingston is a solid match-up although the recap was extremely short. Shelton interfering and MVP turning his back was also spontaneous, I hope you build up on this.

Barret starting the Barrett Barrage before NXT starts? Interesting...

Didn't even last 5 seconds without Swagger exxaggerating his MITB win by forcing it into his opponent's head, litterally. Looking forward to the match next week.

The promo between Cena and Batista as TV Standard Perfect...not too great to seem like a PPV promo but not too sucky to seem like a backyard wrestling promo.

The whole tag team match was chaotic. In my opinion, Cryme Tyme split too soon but its your BTB. Anyways, nice little tag division feud going on. Plus, again, in my own opinion, Bret was a little too on everyone's case on that show.

The R-Truth vs John Morrision seems like a great match, plus it is between two skilled competitors so it wasn't a disapoint.

The 8-man tag team match was surprisingly long. To be honest, it is around 4 or 5 times longer than the other match recaps. Probably even, triple all the other recaps combined.

Keep up this innovative and interesting storylines, but elaborate more. Don't tell me it was a great match, explain why it was. The main event shouldn't look like the only match with effort put into it.

"Triple H: You'd rather to face the Undertaker in your last match than me? I'm hurt, Shawn, I really am.

Triple H grins.

Triple H: Nah, you know I'm just messin' with ya.."

LOL that was funny, the whole last promo is somewhat confusing. Eh, I'll try to get why Sheamus interfered.

Score : 71/C-

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Thanks to this post, I laughed my ass off twice in this thread. Thanks for that.
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