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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

John Cena & RVD Vs Triple H, Shelton Benjamin & Chris Matchers - 3 on 2 Handicap Texas Tornado Intercontinental & WWE Championship Match - Raw 15/05/2006

Lol, what a clusterfuck match title! Hopefully its not a clusterfuck match with 5 guys all being allowed in the ring at the same time and 2 titles on the line.

Nothing noteworthy happens for... some time. HHH and Cena go at it, while Shelton and Masters go after RVD. Then they finally mix shit up and Benjamin goes after Cena... and WINS an exchange with him, ending in Shelton doing that spinning kick after his leg gets caught, which results in Cena flying over the guard rail to the fans! Then we get some nice 3 on 1 action (sounds wrong, I know...) with everyone beating on RVD (and it continues to sound wrong...).

Oh and of course, someone goes for a cover, someone else breaks it up because they wanna win the match, and that results in ARGUING. So Masters tries to sneak a win while HHH and Shelton bitch at each other . Wow, Cena is REALLY selling that ONE kick. I think he's trying to fill his yearly quota of selling in one match here. That's probably how he can superman every week these days; he sold the shit out of single moves every week in 2006!

No wait, that can't be it, he's supermaning like shit here. I guess he really is just superman. You heard confirmation of it here first!

LOL Shelton survives an STFU. Which HHH tapped out to at WM. LOL.

FINISHERS~! Lots and lots of FINISHERS~!

Shelton wins! Shelton wins! New WWE Champion! Shelton did it! By gawd Shelton Benjamin just became the WWF Cham... no wait he's the IC champ now. HHH thought he won, but he didn't. So he pedigrees a referee. Like you do.

First 7 or so minutes are... dull, but once they all start mixing it up instead of HHH Vs Cena and Shelton/Masters Vs RVD, it gets pretty good and really fun. Plus they get the IC title off RVD and back to Benjamin.

Rating: ***

there's a Trish/Mickie segment after that match, and Trish comes out first and gets on the mic to cut a promo and challenge Mickie to come out to the ring... except its like Trish can only remember a line at a time, then stop talking as if the promo has ended... then starts with another line, then stops, then starts again . Oh hey, its Beth Phoenix. Remember when she was someone from Mickie's lesbo past or something? Then she broke her jaw or something and we never saw her again until she came back and it was never mentioned. Always wondered where that shit was gonna go.
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