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Re: charmed1 & friends: the PC posse

Just for the record, I didn't mean with criticizing the PC that I should be allowed to post "LOL he is bald" when a little sick kid wants to meet Daniel Bryan, that is disgusting.
My biggest concern are the videos like when the whole world saw how a girl who acts like a man provokes a bus driver and when the man finally has enough everybody screams "but she is a girl!"
or this video

if you have your own opinion you are automatically someone who likes to abuse women.
If you hate how WWE censors things because of Mattel you are only a unsatisfied wrestling fan but if you hate how WWE censors things because of GLAAD that you will automatically receive mails that you are a homophobe.
Those and many other examples prove what's wrong today.

But what's funny and ironic the whole douchebag organisations will make their own sick story and make things up without checking facts.
If a boy goes nuts it must be because of his Playstation
If a black guy goes nuts he must be on crack
If a muslim in the western world does something he must be a terrorist and a member of Al-Qaeda
If a black guy and a white woman are in a relationship and have an argument the reason must be that the black guy is violent.
If a white guy beats a black guy he must be a racist without checking facts that maybe he attacked him because of a girl, money or something else.

This society makes you something you aren't.
If you are black you must be a drug dealer, if you are muslim you must be a terrorist, if you are from Texas or Kentucky you must be a racist etc. and when you go nuts because of that than the whole organisations who are responsible for the mess attack other people and call them bullies.
Hypocrisy at it's best
Look at the posts of charmed1 & friends. They bully us because they are against bullies

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
DualShock, you should bold the users' names that you cited and PM them a link to this thread. It could get interesting.
There are too many of them to send them all a message. I think you must be a Premium Member to be able to send 250.000 messages at once

Originally Posted by Abk™ View Post
What's your take on the whole thing, OP?
First ask them to show their boobs and then threat to show the pictures to everyone, then send them to the most dangerous city Stockton, if they survive dress them as rhinos and send them to South Africa. If they survive send them to Lancashire with a white stick to walk around a police station. If they still are alive and well send them to Compton to perform the "Chris Brown beats Rihanna" skit in black face, if still nothing happens tell them to drive in a bus in Cleveland and to annoy the bus driver and if they still don't learn introduce them to a portuguese homosexual and tell them to ask him if he can show them how to cure AIDS
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