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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Mini rant on rappers dying too early:

I don't get why some people automatically assume B.I.G, L, Pac, whoever would have stayed the same and never changed their style and never would have fell off. I'll give you a perfect example:
50 Cent dies after the Massacre or right before it gets released

Can you imagine how much hype he would get? GRODT would automatically be bumped up to Illmatic tier, The Massacre turns into a classic, people wonder "imagine if he didn't die". No one could have predicted how hard 50 fell off after The Massacre, who's to say B.I.G doesn't after LAD? This is all hypothetical of course, but I hate going on sites like youtube and people saying "If Tupac and Biggie were still alive Lil Wayne would be working at McDonalds" or some dumb shit like that. They'd probably be collabing with him!

This is in no disrespect to dead rappers, but music evolves. It's 2012, no way Pac is rapping the same way he was in 1997 and the same with Biggie. As bad as that Duets album was, that "Nasty Girl" beat sounds exactly like something what B.I.G would rap on
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