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Default Re: Who gets the world title shot next week?

This is how it should go:

"Championship Thursday"
-Storm gets shot
-Hardy and Storm have good match
-Ref gets knocked out by Aries
-Hardy distracted, Last Call Superkick
-Storm goes to pin without knowing ref is knocked out
-Aries kicks Storm during pin, brainbusters Storm and tosses Jeff on top of Hardy
-Ref back, Jeff wins
-Aries says Hardy couldn't win without his help

"Open Fight Night"
-Storm calls out Aries for ruining his title match, Hogan makes it to decide the number one contender
-Aries and Storm have good match
-Hardy distracts ref, Storm hit's the Last Call
-Roode runs out to interrupt pin, hits Hardy with chair
-Storm turns around to dropkick and brainbuster from Aries
-Roode takes out both Aries and Storm with chair
-Announces he deserves the title shot more than anyone else

"Turning Point Go Home Show"
-Hogan announces three way for the number one contender match between Aries, Roode and Storm. He says Hardy gets to pick the match stipulation.
-Storm is complacent, Aries complains that he had the match won and the company is still catering to Hardy's needs, Roode is livid about not getting the title shot
-Aries, Storm and Roode go through their match with Hardy on commentary
-As the match goes on, none of the three is able to secure a pin
-Roode has had enough, grabs chair, aims for Storm, ref takes chair away. Meanwhile, Aries has a chair ready to hit Storm while Roode is distracted.
-Hardy runs down and snatches the chair from Aries, aims from Aries, Aries ducks, Hardy hits Storm. Hardy aims for Aries again but Aries ducks and Hardy hits Roode.
-Aries continues to duck and eventually leaves ring, complains to Hogan that once again he had the match won but Hardy can do whatever he wants.
-Hogan understands and is about to reprimand Hardy, but Hardy says he has a solution, at Turning Point, Four Way Full Metal Mayhem Match. Hogan likes the idea and approves it!

"Turning Point"
-Aries tries to get the title most of the time but avoids getting hurt.
-Roode, Storm, and Hardy beat each other down most of the match.
-Aries fakes injury and has to leave, Storm is climbing up the ladder to victory but Roode hits him with the beer bottle.
-Roode get's taken out by Hardy, Hardy grabs the title back.
-Aries music hits and he comes back out.
-Aries announces he still hasn't gotten his one-on-one rematch and he wants it right now.
-Aries takes advantage of the opportunity and goes over Jeff Hardy with Hardy passing out in the Last Chancery.

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