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charmed1 & friends: the PC posse

Sadly the political correctness is in our society stronger than ever before. Sure it was always there but it's more relevant now than ever before and all the things that were once edgy and cool suffer because of that. I would kill to go back to 1997-2000 where EVERYTHING was great and nobody gave a fuck about anything and still we had less lunatics than today in the current PC society.
Then, people had fun and they could do and say anything they want, today you must be careful what you do and say until you can't take it anymore and you go nuts.
Or you suck it all up and you will become a tool, a mindless zombie, a robot..
You are not allowed to think, to have your own opinion. If you do the today's society will turn you into a heartless monster and some tools will jump on this bandwagon and will call you also a scum.
Look at the new shirt of John Cena. Some people really called the fans scums who boo the wrestler and the character because of this shirt „how dare you boo a man with a anti cancer shirt“

Even now, in an actual thread called the Amanda Todd thread. Please don't close this thread if you think this would be a Amanda Todd thread #2345. This thread right here is about the people who are either blind or became already tools, I don't want to destroy the other thread with off-topic and I also have the feeling that the thread will be soon closed if people continue to use some words outside of the rants section.

Let see the facts Whap Me Jungles posted

1. She was 15 years old when she flashed those guys.
2. She did it out of her own free will. She CHOSE to do it.
3. She already flirted with many guys before.
4. She got 'beat' up at school not because of the picture, but because she slept with another girl's boyfriend. (refer to #1)
5. The guy 'bullied' her once only about 6-8 months after she flashed online. Not multiple times over 2 years.
6. She was known to have slept with multiple men and to sell herself out.
7. Her home life wasn't the best. (family troubles)
Well some people ignore this because there is a Facebook memorial page with 1000 likes so that must be right instead of form an opinion.. Like some naive housewife who is fooled by some washing powder commercial who thinks this must be the best washing powder only because the commercial said so.
To be fair, I would be a hypocrite if I want that people respect my opinion and I don't respect the opinions of people who think different but the problem is that most people just post stereotypical comments from Facebook „Stop posting that. She is dead for God's sake“ instead of their own opinion.
Let see, if we ever discuss here about World War 2 we should never mention who started the war because all these soldiers are probably dead.
Dying doesn't change facts and the fact was that she was not a saint and not a victim.
Even in that thread people just post the same washed up comments, insult the other users, they put words in their mouth and they try to portrait the people as something bad.

Look at all the things you posted. We hate dead people, we are happy that she is dead, let's hope that neither one of us will ever have children, we are nothing else than a bunch of keyboard warriors.
Skermac posted that you could talk a girl in her age into anything. If that is the case I've lost my virginity with 13 years with all 10 girls in my school class

nothingucansay calls all people who disagree with him a perfect example what's wrong in the today's society. Well, people who call other people what's wrong in the today's society only because of different opinion are actually what's wrong in the today's society

Phenom calls her a kid who couldn't handle life. Well, she knew how to use the webcam, how to strip, how to fuck, how to make a video with the cards and to perform a song and the first time she had to accept responsibility she turned into a little, innocent, clumsy girl who is misunderstood. If you ask me she would kill herself even with 20 years because she seems like someone who enjoys life and when it comes time to face the music she runs away

NoyK is shocked that somebody created internet memes about her and asks himself what the fuck is wrong with the society. It took a Amanda Todd meme to open his eyes and not the whole 9/11 and starving children in Africa memes.

legendmaker2 doesn't get why we love pornstars who show their tits but blame a little girl who made a mistake
First of all I would say the same about Shyla Stylez if she cries how somebody called her a bitch in a forum and second there are thousand stories on the internet of the young girls who also showed their boobs and now people bully them but I guess you don't even bother to check these stories and you probably never heard of her before her death.

charmed1 takes the cake by telling how it shows only the personality if you call a slut a slut because she is dead. What a bunch of hypocritical crap. If I called her a slut 2 weeks ago for having sex with this guy you would not say a damn thing and you know it. You would even post what the society has become if the girls act like sluts so young

Fact is that some people should get off their high horse. Like I said you don't even bother to check these stories when you are online and you never bothered to check stories about Amanda Todd when she was alive and now you come here to attack people for having their own opinion only because it doesn't fit in your PC world.
"Poor girl was bullied, she had no support". Where have you been with your ridiculous Facebook likes when she was alive to click on support?

It's one thing to be a cunt like Warren Zeavon or HeelKris who attack people for no reason like the little boy who wants to meet Daniel Bryan but it's something entirely different to refuse to see someone as a victim because she did some things and getting attacked by some oversensitive people only because they refuse to at least try to form an opinion.

At least make this forum a place like 15 years ago when we had not so many oversensitive PC douchebags
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