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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by PunkSE316 View Post
Huh? "love affair"??? What the.... I've been saying Hopsin is a good Hip Hop artist on the rise..he is still only releasing a couple of songs here and there. Totally unfair to compare him up against a number of Lil Wayne albums. Hopsin has potential to be better than Lil Wayne and he most likely..well, he is already better. Anyone is, lol. I would rather hear Martha Stewart rap then Lil Wayne. It's just like what Chris Tucker said "Lil Wayne sound like a lil retarded kid" Krispy Kreme is even better than Lil Wayne.

Kendrick Lamar is decent but Hopsin just has a massive point to prove and I'm 19 years old, and I can tell you right now that a lot of my generation has swayed towards Ocean, Hopsin, Fiasco etc. You may say "Fiasco is that and this blah blah" But everyone is moving towards them instead of Lil Wayne and Drake. I think only 14 year olds listen to Lil Wayne, so lame.
come on now

and why do you keep bringing up Ocean? He's a singer, not a rapper. He rapped some bars on Oldie but he's still a singer. And who's everyone? Fiasco barely sold 90k week one and his album has been called a disappointment. This guy also made lasers, the definition of a mainstream album. Then when it got backlash, he blamed the label

And hopsin is what, 27?He just released Raw 2 years ago and Gazeing at the Moonlight 3 years ago. Wayne released TC2 at 23, younger than Hopsin is/was

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