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Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution

The biggest news coming out of this week's edition of Impact is Dave Batista's confrontation with Samoa Joe. While there were talks of immediately pushing him into the title picture, officials believe that building towards a championship match further down the line at Slammiversary or Bound For Glory will prove more worthwhile. Apparently, Joe was one of the guys who went to several of the writers and pitched the idea of a feud with Batista. When the idea was brought into the writers room, it quickly caught steam and the push is now to keep Batista as a strong heel before turning him face at some point during his run towards the title. Batista was more than happy to hear of Joe's interest in feuding and the two are expected to collide at TNA's next Pay-Per-View event, Genesis.

• Other big news coming out of TNA following the 3-hour Impact is the overhaul of entrance themes, replacing them with non-TNA manufactured songs. The majority of superstars were asked to choose their own entrance music. While a few decided to keep their original themes (Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, etc.), several superstars surprised fans with brand new entrance music. James Storm's new theme, "Crawl" by Kings Of Leon, was one of the more noticeable changes. The fact that Storm was allowed to choose such a popular mainstream song suggests that he is very highly thought of within the new TNA hierarchy. The idea behind the theme changes were to give TNA more of a bigger/mainstream feel to the company.

• John Hennigan is said to have impressed TNA officials with his attitude backstage. Many were worried that his infamous 'diva' attitude would rear it's head when he was first integrated with the rest of the roster but, apparently, he was very amiable with the rest of the TNA locker-room. They're also impressed with the brief work he did at the end of the eight man tag team match on Impact. The company are already looking to move forward with his pushed and he could be holding championship gold as early as this month.

• The World Title picture is an interesting picture as James Storm defeated Jeff Hardy but didn't walk out as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion due to Austin Aries. While Storm is highly thought of within the company, many feel like he has too many title shots in big matches in recent times. While the idea of a Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries rematch is currently the most likely scenario, there is a strong push to give James Storm the match against Hardy. With TNA starting off in a new direction, the current belief is that the first Pay-Per-View should be headlined by a singles match, making a three way unlikely but the idea is not completely off the table. With the Pay-Per-View still several weeks away, anything could happen but with Austin Aries set to make an address regarding the title picture on Impact, they'll certainly be beginning to set up the championship match as early as this week.

• After his return to action last week, Chris Sabin is expected to challenge Zema Ion for the TNA X-Division Championship at Genesis. In the original plans when the match was announced, Jesse Sorensen was set to win the TNA X-Division Championship but the company soon discovered Sorensen would not be 100% fit for several months. They almost pulled the match altogether but Sorensen managed to talk them into letting him compete. The finish is said to have spun a few heads backstage as many members of the crew were said to be furious with Ion and Sorensen with using a move like the piledriver that is renowned for injuring necks. Sorensen is looked at as an innocent party and a lot of the backstage heat has fallen on Ion who has claimed it was Sorensen who suggested the finish.

• Finally, news regarding other TNA signings suggest we may be waiting a while to see the debuts of Finlay and Carlito. Both men are keen to make their first appearance for the company but, after so many debuts on the January 3rd show, TNA officials feel like they should stagger some of the newcomers to make them feel more important. Regarding other signings, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love are both expected to appear as early as this weeks show with Hamada expected to return the following week.

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Preview For January 10th TNA Impact

Originally Posted by impactwrestling.com

TNA Tag Team Championships: World Tag Team Champions Of The World (c) Vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle
Having exchanged victories on several occasions, these two teams have established themselves as the two top tag teams in the entire company. In recent times, however, Daniels and Kazarian seem to have had the upper hand over Styles and Angle. Having picked up a victory over Daniels and Kazarian in the eight man tag last week, Styles and Angle have earned another opportunity to challenge for the Tag Team Titles. Having failed to win the gold on several occasions in the past few months, if Styles and Angle fail to win the Tag Team Titles on this occasion, you can be sure that they'll be pushed to the very back of the contenders line. Can Styles and Angle finally turn their luck around and win back the Tag Team titles? Or will Daniels and Kazarian find another way of getting out with their title reign intact?

Samoa Joe defends TNA Television Championship!
Following his collision with Dave Batista last week, it has been announced that Samoa Joe will be defending his TNA Television Championship against an unnamed opponent. Joe is sure to still feel more than a little wound up following the bad attitude that Batista showed him on Impact and he's more than likely to take it out on whoever ends up being named as his opponent. I don't think the question is whether or not Joe's opponent wins or not: it's whether or not he survives!

Austin Aries has something to say!
Having cost James Storm the TNA World Heavyweight Championship last week, Austin Aries will open up Impact as he has something important to say. Having already claimed he deserves a rematch against Jeff Hardy for the World Title, you can be sure he'll have something to say regarding the World Heavyweight Championship picture. Is he going challenge Jeff Hardy to a championship match? Or will James Storm be a road-block on his path to regain the World Title?

Sting: The Aces & 8s Ultimatum
With the news that Hulk Hogan will be out of action for several months, Sting has to continue this war against Ace & 8s without the General Managers help. Sting has now come out and said he will be on Impact to offer Aces & 8s an ultimatum that he hopes will end this thing. After what happened last week, you can be sure he won't be making the ultimatum without the help of some back-up. Hopefully, this doesn't end the same way last week's confrontation did.
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