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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by PunkSE316 View Post
Hopsin isn't a cornball at all. It has nothing to do with that "speaking his mind" bullshit like you say...he is different which is why a lot of people have moved towards his music. Everyone is slowly starting to get tired of Drake and Lil Wayne so they're moving towards Ocean, Fiasco (again), Hopsin, Sweatshirt, Lamar etc.

People are being force fed Drake, the guy is a fake. Yeah, so much street cred and attitude, because appearing in a Bieber video makes you like that, 2pac has nothing on him..such a joke. Drake and the rest of them auto tune douchebags are all over Youtube adverts, Billboard charts, TV stations, Spotify adverts etc. Everywhere.

They're (YMCMB) all talentless douchebags.
When the fuck has Drake ever claimed to be a thug or be a street guy? Oh that's he right he never has just people like you want to assume just because you're a rapper you have to have that mentality. Getting into a fight in a club and threatening a tattoo artist doesn't mean someone goes around pretending to be a fake thug, you're grasping at straws and being a blind hater. So what if he appeared in a Justin Bieber video? Once again, Drake never claimed to be a gangster, he doesn't make gangsta rap music, so I really don't know what the fuck you're expecting him to do. Snoop Dogg has made songs with all kinds of pop artists including people like Katy Perry, why aren't you bashing him calling him a fake thug and saying he has no street cred? As for Drake, do you expect him to hang out in the hood with a posse full of gangbangers and appear in Waka Flocka videos?

And speaking of street cred what kind of fucking street cred does Hopsin have? The guy wears colored contacts and skateboards...oh he's so "street". Fuck outta here. Hopsin is nothing more than another hipster rap fan fad and soon those guys will move on to another rapper who's "different", like they always do.

No one is being force fed Drake. If you don't like the guy, you don't have to listen it's pretty simple. As for him being all over radio, Billboard, YouTube, etc. You act as if that's a bad thing that he wants to be well known and make more money and that his record label pushes him to the top. He's one of the most popular rappers in the game, what do you expect? Of course he's gonna be all over TV and the radio, that's common sense man. Do you expect them to put Hopsin or Joey Bada$$ there? Like I said, common sense is they'll put guys like Drake, Wayne, Rick Ross, etc. because they're popular, they sell records, so of course they would be all over Billboard and the radio. USE YOUR BRAIN.

While I agree that the majority of YMCMB make crappy music, Drake is not one of them and the only reason why he gets shit is because he's mainstream. If he were an underground rapper we wouldn't hear this shit about how he's so fake through all these internet rap forums.

Originally Posted by Tupac Shakur
We ain't even really rapping, we just letting our dead homies tell stories for us.

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