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Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution

Side Notes: First show. Didn't take as long as I expected. I know it probably needs a bit more colour to it and I'll try and work on that with future shows.

Hope you guys enjoy the show and feel free to leave feedback/comments/criticisms, etc (Oh and do let me know if you spot any coding eras!). It will be returned!

So, without further ado, enjoy the show!

(January 3rd 2013, Live from The Impact Zone, Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida)
TNA 3-Hour Impact Special

**A Revolution Begins**

~#~#~#~#~ OPENING VIDEO PACKAGE ~#~#~#~#~

The video package opens up to a black screen with just the TNA logo slowly moving forwards on the screen.

Narrator: Sometimes, a revolution takes place.

We see shots from famous worldly revolutions that occurred across the world as Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" bursts into action over the flashing images of fighting and tyranny.

Narrator: To begin anew, sometimes it is necessary.

We now see shots of huge moments of change in TNA history; Kurt Angle's debut, Sting's first TNA World Title victory and Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels all competing at their legendary Unbreakable match all quickly fade in and out of picture. The pictures now switch to a shot of Jeff Hardy becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion at Bound For Glory.

Narrator: Tonight, Jeff Hardy will defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship for the first time against the number one contender, James Storm.

The pictures show Jeff celebrating his victory over Aries before switching to shots of James Storm battling against Bobby Roode. We then Storm standing over Roode, celebrating, after being declared the victor. We now switch to a shot of Jesse Sorensen being carried out of the arena having just broken his neck.

Narrator: After almost a year on the shelf, Jesse Sorensen makes his return to TNA as he challenges the man who injured him, Zema Ion, for the TNA X-Division Championship.

We now see Zema Ion celebrating his many victories as TNA X-Division Champion, shoving the into the camera and bragging about how great he is. We see him injuring several X-Division superstars before the final shot is of Ion holding the belt high above his head. The shots now show Aces & 8s beating down Sting and Hulk Hogan.

Narrator: Sting and Hulk Hogan have been victims of Aces & 8s for several months but they plan to bring this all to an end when they call the group out for a huge face to face confrontation.

We now see a full scale brawl between Aces & 8s and half the TNA locker-room with the TNA guys getting the better of Aces & 8s. Bobby Roode is now seen, clearly frustrated, following him his match with James Storm at Bound For Glory.

Narrator: Bobby Roode's mouth may have finally gotten him into trouble as he is set to confront the man he accuses of 'screwing him' at Bound For Glory: King Mo.

We now see King Mo tossing Bobby Roode back into the ring and then Mo raising Storm's hand into the air in victory. We now switch to a completely black screen with flashes of light showing bodies in the shadows.

Narrator: A whole new crop of talent will be making their first in-ring appearances in TNA.

We now see shots of the bodies in the shadows who are, in fact, John Hennigan, Beth Scarlet & Natalie Neidhart all posing in-ring gear and ready for action.

Narrator: And a truly global superstar becomes a part of this new age.

The shot is now solely on Dave Batista, images of him on the red carpet, in moves, in MMA and then in a black suit and tie with a plain black background. He smiles to the camera as we fade back to the TNA logo.

Narrator: Tonight, a TNA revolution begins.

~#~#~#~#~ END VIDEO PACKAGE ~#~#~#~#~
We are greeted by a huge pyrotechnical display as TNA makes it's big return to broadcast television with this huge 3-hour Impact special. We cut to pictures of the many fans in attendance as we hear the commentators introduce the show.

Mike Tenay: Welcome to a new era for TNA Wrestling as Impact returns to Spike in what is sure to be a huge show. Hello everyone, I'm Mike Tenay alongside my broadcast colleague, Taz, and tonight, partner, we're in for one hell of a show.

The show now cuts to Mike Tenay and Taz at the announce position.

Taz: You're not kidding! Tonight, we'll see the "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm challenge "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Mike Tenay: Also on tonight's broadcast, we'll see several huge debuts as Natalie Neidhart & Beth Scarlet will be making their in-ring debuts against Rosita & Sarita in a Knockouts tag team match while John Hennigan is part of a huge 8-man tag team match that will see him team up with AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam to take on the World Tag Team Champions Of The World, Austin Aries and Joey Ryan.

Taz: That is one stacked match! Hennigan is a highly talented individual and so are all the other competitors in that match and I can't wait to see Neidhart and Scarlet in action. Those two are some damn tough women, I certainly wouldn't want to be in the ring with them.

Mike Tenay: Let's not forget about Dave Batista who becomes a part of TNA Wrestling tonight and will get the opportunity to come out and address the fans on his first night with the company.

Taz: Batista in TNA is huge, kinda like Batista himself, and I expect him to be challenging for the World Title in the near future.

Mike Tenay: We'll also see Bobby Roode come face to face with King Mo for the first time since Bound For Glory.

Taz: Roode has been running his mouth about how King Mo screwed him over against James Storm at Bound For Glory so TNA decided that he could say it to Mo's face. I'm certainly expecting fireworks, whatever happens.

Mike Tenay: TNA General Manager Hulk Hogan has said that he plans to put an end to Aces & 8s reign of terror once and for all tonight as he and Sting call them out.

Taz: I'm not sure if it's a smart move for Hogan and Sting to be calling those guys out considering what they've done to both Hogan and Sting in recent times. Not only that but Hogan has told the rest of the roster to stay backstage no matter what happens so I can guarantee you that, if it turns into a fight, Hogan and Sting are going to be seriously outnumbered!

Mike Tenay: After a long time out injured due to a broken neck, Jesse Sorensen will make his first in-ring appearance since he suffered the injury. He hopes he can make it a dream comeback as he challenges Zema Ion, the man who injured him, for the TNA X-Division Championship.

Taz: Sorensen went through a lot with that injury and Ion showed no remorse for Sorensen at all. In fact, he has gone out of his way to try and take out even more people since he broke Sorensen's neck. Sorensen will be out for revenge in his big return to...

~#~#~#~#~ CRAWL ~#~#~#~#~

Taz is cut off as "Crawl" by Kings Of Leon hits across the sound system as the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm appears to a large ovation from the many fans packed into the Impact Zone. He is in his ring gear, a black "James Storm" T-Shirt, a cowboy and sunglasses.

Taz: Well what a way to kick off the show! James Storm is in the Impact Zone!

Mike Tenay: Storm was recently named as the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship following his big victory over Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory.

Taz: It was a very impressive victory at that. That was match was a brutal battle and Storm managed to come out on top and, for that alone, he deserves an opportunity to challenge for the World Title in my eyes.

Mike Tenay: I sure can't argue with you there, Storm made it all the way to the Semi Finals of the Bound For Glory Series before losing out to Bully Ray. He now gets a shot at the man he would have faced had he defeated Bully Ray, the winner of the Bound For Glory series, the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy.

Taz: And what a match that promises to be. Those two are sure to go all out to try and walk out of the first show of the year as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Storm climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone by a stagehand as his music dies down on the background. Replacing the music, the fans begin chanting for James Storm. Storm smiles and nods before addressing the crowd.

James Storm: Happy New Year Impact Zone!

The fans pop huge as James Storm plays up to them. A "New Year, New Champ" chant begins to start up He laughs and half-heartedly waves them off before adjusting his shades.

James Storm: I'm not out here to play up to you fans. I appreciate your support and I'm proud to have it but, tonight, a era is born in TNA. Tonight, I go one on one with Jeff Hardy...

There's a huge pop throughout the Impact Zone at the mention of Jeff's name.

James Storm: For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

That pop seems tame in comparison to this one as the whole place is engulfed in cheers for tonight's main event contest.

James Storm: I respect Jeff Hardy for what he has achieved in the past and I respect that Jeff Hardy is one hell of a competitor. But tonight, he isn't walking out of this place as Champion... because I am.

There's a mixed reaction to this statement. There are a lot of James Storm fans in attendance tonight but, equally, there are just as many Jeff Hardy fans.

James Storm: I've worked so hard for this opportunity. Ever since Roode smashed that beer bottle over my head...

The crowd begin to boo at the mention of the Beer Money split.

James Storm: Every single moment of my life has been dedicated to regaining that World Title. It's taken over my whole life.

Jams Storm removes his sunglasses and looks very serious as he looks into the camera.

James Storm: I came so close at Lockdown but that damn cage door screwed me over.

He hangs his head low, looking disappointed in himself, before lifting his head back up again to continue.

James Storm: I almost won the Bound For Glory Series but Bully Ray knocked me off at the penultimate hurdle.

He reaches up and removes his cowboy hat, holding it against his chest.

James Storm: So with no title match, I went out and took revenge on that jack-ass, Bobby Roode, and now I'm finally getting a one on one opportunity to challenge for the World Title against someone who isn't going to try and steal a god damn victory from me!!

He tosses the hat down onto the canvas and drives his right boot down onto it.

James Storm: I'm sick and tired of playing the nice guy. From now on... I'm gonna be the tough guy!

The fans all begin cheering this statement as James Storm continues.

James Storm: Tonight, James Storm begins a new era in his career as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Jeff Hardy, sorry about your...

~#~#~#~#~ ANOTHER ME ~#~#~#~#~

James Storm is cut off by the sounds of "Another Me" by Dale Oliver & Jeff Hardy playing over the sound system as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy makes his way out onto the ramp in street clothes, jeans and a black Jeff Hardy vest, and then heads on down towards the ring.

Taz: Business just picked up!

Mike Tenay: The TNA World Heavyweight Champion is here in the Impact Zone and I'm sure he's going to have something to say to James Storm regarding his claims that he will be walking out of tonight's show as the new TNA World Champion.

Jeff Hardy looks straight towards the ring, getting handed a microphone as he gets to the bottom of the ramp before he hops up onto the ring apron and climbs into the ring. He keeps his eyes focused on James Storm before heading across towards the corner and climbing the ropes to the adulation of fans. He gets down from the ropes and turns to head for the opposite corner but bumps into James Storm and the two men are immediately face to face, looking like they're about ready to fight now!

James Storm: You want something?

Storm is completely deadpan as he says this, staring straight into Hardy's eyes. Hardy looks serious himself as he takes a step back and lifts the microphone to his lips.

Jeff Hardy: Yeah, I want to say something. Is that ok or does the TNA World Heavyweight Champion need your permission to speak?

This draws a huge pop from the crowd as Storm looks less than impressed by Hardy's pandered but motions that the ring is Hardy's as Jeff continues.

Jeff Hardy: James, you know I have a lot of respect for you and I know you've got a lot of respect for me. I can appreciate that you've worked damn hard to get to where you're at in this industry... but so have I!

Another big pop echoes throughout the Impact Zone.

Jeff Hardy: It took me five months to get from the start of the Bound For Glory Series to the World Heavyweight Championship and I wasn't handed anything during that time. I haven't been handed anything throughout my career. I worked to get everything I have and I'm not about to let anyone come in and take all that away from me.

A "Hardy" chant begins to build across the Impact Zone as both Hardy and Storm look out towards the fans. Jeff nods his head in approval before both men turn back to face each other.

Jeff Hardy: They helped me get where I am today. Those fans are a big part of the reason I do this.

A round of applause now engulfs the arena.

Jeff Hardy: With all the hard work I've put in and with these fans behind me, James, you're not going to be walking out as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion... I AM!

Jeff gets right back up in James' face again.

James Storm: Oh, is that right?

Jeff Hardy: Yeah, that's damn right!

These two combustible elements look like they're about to explode here when Storm breaks out into a smirk and takes a step backwards.

James Storm: See you later tonight Jeff.

~#~#~#~#~ CRAWL ~#~#~#~#~

James retrieves his cowboy hat and exits the ring as "Crawl" by Kings Of Leon plays across the sound system and he makes his way back up the ramp, leaving Jeff Hardy in the ring holding his belt looking more than a little flustered.

Mike Tenay: An interesting exchange between champion and challenger. Both men clearly want that belt.

Taz: I think Storm might be trying to play some mind games here because he looks a darn sight cooler about this whole situation than Jeff does.

Mike Tenay: You may well be right, James Storm is a smart individual and I'm sure he'll do anything he can to ensure he leaves tonight as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Taz: Oh man, this one's going to be a rocket-buster!

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

We return from commercial just in time to see Doug Williams climbing up the ring steps and entering the ring as the third participant of this X-Division fatal four way match, with both Kenny King and Sonjay Dutt already waiting in the ring.

Mike Tenay: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and we're here with our first match of the evening: a fatal four way match involving four of the X-Divisions top guys. The winner will surely be in line for a future shot at the X-Division Title.

Taz: I gotta be honest wit' you Mike, I like all the guys in this match. I'm wouldn't be surprised to see any of them walking out with the win here.

Mike Tenay: Of course, Doug Williams is a former X-Division Champion while neither Dutt, nor King are yet to have held that particular piece of Championship gold.

Taz: And let's not forget about Sabin...

~#~#~#~#~ FLOWING ~#~#~#~#~

Almost as if on cue, the sound of "Flowing" by 311 begins playing over the sounds system and it is greeted by a huge roar from the Impact crowd as Chris Sabin makes his first appearance back in TNA since he suffered an injury back in early 2012.

Mike Tenay: Sabin was out of for a long time with a torn ACL but he's finally back and the Impact crowd seem happy to see him.

Sabin slaps hands with fans as he makes his way down to the ring with a big smile on his face before he stops and poses at the bottom of the ramp way.

Taz: Sabin's such a talent dude, he can do things in that ring that just blow my mind. On any other day, I'd probably pick Sabin to win this thing but we don't know whether he's truly 100% having been out of action for so long and an injury that keeps you out for that long can be seriously damaging to your career.

Mike Tenay: And you've got to factor in the rest of the competition as well. Kenny King has looked very impressive since making his debut, Sonjay almost defeated Zema Ion for the Championship a few months ago and Doug Williams is always tough to beat.

Sabin is now in the ring and the four competitors are all backed up into separate corners as referee Brian Hebner calls for the bell.


Chris Sabin Vs Doug Williams Vs Kenny King Vs Sonjay Dutt

The sound of the bell starts of this match as Kenny King charges towards Sonjay Dutt, forcing him back up into the corner, and he begins laying the boots into Dutt. Doug Williams quickly follows suit and begins beating down on Dutt as he drops down to his knees and begins punching Dutt as King continues to put the boots in to him. Sabin watches from the opposite corner as Doug and Kenny both to get to their feet, looking rather smug at their dirty work when they turn around as Sabin's respective boots connect with both of their faces, sending both men flying backwards and, in Williams' case, out of the ring. Sabin turns his attentions to Kenny King as he pulls himself to his feet using the ropes. Sabin whips King off the ropes and drops him to the mat with another dropkick to the face. As Sabin gets to his feet, he catches Sonjay Dutt's knee right in his jaw. Sonjay hooks Sabin up and drops him to the mat with a quick snap suplex before floating over into the first pin attempt of the match, ONE... TWO... Doug Williams is in to pull Dutt off Sabin before he tosses Sonjay Dutt, shoulder first, into the steel ring post. He follows in by grabbing a hold of Sonjay in a German Suplex position as he attempts his patented Chaos Theory move but Sonjay grabs the ring ropes to avoid suffering the move. Williams releases his grip and drives his forearm down onto Dutt's back before bringing him up and over with a Snapmare takedown. Williams begins wrenching away at Dutt's neck as he clamps on a chin lock but it doesn't last long as Kenny King returns to the action, catching Williams with a hard right hand leading to him releasing the hold. King follows it up with several more hard right hands on Williams, beating him back into the corner before Chris Sabin arrives to help him out. Both men whip Williams into the opposing corner before King whips Sabin into Williams with a big diving corner splash. Sabin doesn't miss a beat as he throws Williams in to King who snaps him over with a power-slam. Before either Sabin or King have a chance to even think about their next move, Kenny King quickly rolls Sabin up, ONE... TWO... Sabin kicks out but he was almost caught unaware there!

Sabin rolls to his feet and lunges at King, forcing him back against the ropes before delivering several stiff chops to the chest. Sabin leaps up and goes for an enziguri head-kick that King ducks underneath before booting Sabin in the face as he attempts to steady himself. King follows up on the advantage by dropping Chris Sabin to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker. King does not get a chance to capitalise on the move as Sonjay Dutt catches him with a baseball slide dropkick as he attempts to get to his feet. Dutt lifts King to his feet before dropping him with a tilt-a-whirl tornado DDT. Dutt covers King, ONE... TWO... Sabin breaks up the pin attempt and pulls Dutt up but receives a jaw-breaker for his troubles. From behind Sabin comes Doug Williams who grabs Sabin and drives his arm into Sabin's jaw with a big European Uppercut that sends Sabin down to the mat. Dutt is now to his feet as Doug Williams throws a right hand towards Dutt but Dutt ducks underneath it and stomps on Williams' toe that causes him to hop around on one foot! Sonjay winds up his leg and goes for a big kick to the head but Doug blocks it, grabbing a hold of Sonjay's head before nailing him with a hard right hand and spinning him round. Williams hooks Sonjay up for the second time in the match, running him forwards into the corner before bring him down with a vicious CHAOS THEORY! ONE... TWO... THR-NO!! Kenny King is in to break up the count, bringing a double axe handle down onto Doug Williams' mid-section. He pulls Doug to his feet and catches him with a flurry of kicks to the chest before following it up with a big running clothesline, sending both Williams and himself flying up, over the top rope and then down to the concrete floor at ringside. As Williams and King lay prone on the concrete floor, Sabin gets to his feet and sees Dutt struggling to get to his. He spots his opportunity and pounces, lifting Dutt up and onto his shoulders before driving him down to the mat with a CRADLE SHOCK! Sabin takes Dutt straight down into a pin, ONE... TWO... THREE!! Sabin does it! He picks up the victory in his return match!


Christy Hemme: The winner of this match... CHRIS SABIN!!

~#~#~#~#~ FLOWING ~#~#~#~#~

Sabin gets to his feet, clutching his shoulder, when Hebner raises his arm to declare him the victor.

Mike Tenay: A mightily impressive victory from Chris Sabin in his return to TNA and his injury doesn't look to have hindered him one bit.

Taz: You ain't kidding Mike. That win will certainly help to re-establish Sabin as a top contender to the X-Division Championship going forward.

The cameras follow Sabin as he makes his way out of the ring and slowly back up the ramp, slapping hands with a few more fans as he heads up the ramp before we cut back to Taz and Mike Tenay at the announce position.

Mike Tenay: We've still got plenty more to come tonight as Zema Ion defends the X-Division Championship against Jesse Sorensen. Sabin could certainly be getting in the ring with the winner of that much somewhere down the line.

Taz: I can see it. Sabin's a former multi-time X-Division Champion and he showed he's got plenty left in the tank in spite of his injury.

Mike Tenay: I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. Right now, JB is standing by backstage.

We cut straight to the backstage area where Jeremy Borash is standing by in the interview area.

Jeremy Borash: Thanks Mike. I'm here with...

Borash is quickly cut off by the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries, who snatches the microphone away from Borash. Borash looks rather startled by this as Aries gets right up in his face and begins ranting at him.

Austin Aries: This is a joke. The TNA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line... and I'm not in the match? Is someone out to get me? Where the hell is my rematch? Huh? Where's my rematch? Huh? Answer me!

Borash is almost cowering in fear as Aries backs him up against the interview set up. A hand reaches across to Aries and pulls him back. The camera pans round to reveal that the hand in question belongs to none other than "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

Christopher Daniels: Come on now Aries, now is not the time.

Aries looks to Daniels and then back to Borash before sighing and turning back to Daniels, who is flanked by his other team-mates for the evening: Kazarian & Joey Ryan who is accompanied by his girlfriend, Tara, all in their ring gear.

Austin Aries: You're right... But you better leave!

He motions towards Borash who doesn't hang around much longer, disappearing off screen. Daniels pats Aries on the back before taking the microphone and turning to address the camera.

Christopher Daniels: Greatness. That is what you see before you ladies and gentlemen, an array of some of the greatest professional wrestlers to have ever graced this planet. First, you have Austin Aries.

Daniels plants his hand firmly on Aries shoulder.

Christopher Daniels: The next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. A man who was screwed out of the championship and will get his guaranteed rematch because he deserves it.

He removes his hand from a rather pleased looking Austin Aries and motions towards Joey Ryan.

Christopher Daniels: We've got the #Trending phenomenon, the most talented up and coming superstar on this entire roster: Joey Ryan. There is no doubt in my mind that this man will be competing for the Television Championship within weeks.

Joey Ryan smirks and nods as Daniels continues with his promo.

Christopher Daniels: And last, but by no means least, you have us.

He points to Kazarian before moving his hand back to motion towards himself.

Christopher Daniels: THE WOOOOOORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOORLD! We are... the best... BEST tag team on this planet. AJ, Kurt, you guys have had your opportunities to challenge for our belts and you know what? You've failed, you're not worthy of another shot and we'll prove that tonight. You two are on notice because we're clear out the tag team division, team by team. Get ready because the winter clearance starts TONIGHT!

Daniels tosses the microphone away as he and his team disappear off-camera as we quickly cut back to Mike Tenay and Taz down at the announce position.

Mike Tenay: A very confident Christopher Daniels addressing AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, potential future challengers for the Tag Team Titles.

Taz: And why wouldn't Daniels be confident? He's one half of the tag team champions and they've defeated Angle and Styles on multiple occasions. From the sounds of things, tonight ain't gonna be any different.

Mike Tenay: I'm sure Styles and Angle will have something to say about that. As will Rob Van Dam and the fourth member of that team, the TNA debutant, John Hennigan.

Taz: Hennigan and Van Dam are both crazy cats, I'll give you that. I wouldn't be surprised if either team pulled of the victory but Daniels and Kazarian have done it in the past and I can see them doing it again.

Mike Tenay: We'll find out later on tonight.

The pictures cut away to a limousine with a police escort headed towards the Impact Zone.

Mike Tenay: And speaking of things we'll find out later tonight, Dave Batista is on his way to the Impact Zone. He'll be here in person to address... well, I guess whatever he sees fit!

Taz: Big Dave Batista arrives in TNA tonight and I, for one, cannot wait!

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

The announce position is the first thing we see when we return to the show.

Mike Tenay: Welcome back everyone. Mike Tenay and Taz here on this, a very special night for TNA Wrestling. Not only a huge 3-hour Impact special, not only a World Heavyweight Championship match, not only an X-Division Championship match but four new superstars will appear in TNA for the very first time tonight.

Taz: Dave Batista in TNA! I can't wait to see what he has to say.

Mike Tenay: We'll also John Hennigan making his first in-ring appearance for the company in a blockbuster 8-man tag team match where he will team with AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam to take on the World Tag Team Champions Of The World, Austin Aries and Joey Ryan.

Taz: And, of course, Natalie Neidhart will be joined by Beth Scarlet as we introduce two true Knockout Knockouts to the TNA Knockouts division as they team up to take on Rosita and Sarita.

Mike Tenay: We've also got a confrontation between Bobby Roode and King Mo as these two men come face to face for the first time since Mo, quote unquote, 'screwed' Roode out of the victory in his match with James Storm.

Taz: If Roode isn't careful, I could see Mo knocking him out! Let's not forget that Hogan and Sting plan to call out Aces & 8s to try and put an end to this thing tonight!

Mike Tenay: Right now, though, we've got another big match as Mr Anderson and D'Angelo Dinero go one-on-one!

We cut away from ringside to show Christy Hemme stood in the middle of the ring with a microphone in her right hand.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.

~#~#~#~#~ SOUND OF MADNESS ~#~#~#~#~

The sounds system blares into action as "Sound Of Madness" by Shinedown plays and Mr Anderson appears at the top of the entrance ramp before raising his arm high into the air as his microphone is lowered as he continues to announce himself to the ring.

Mr Anderson: Making his way to the ring at this time, he hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He weighs in at a pristine 240 pounds; MIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSTEEEERRRRR AAAAANNNDEEERRRSOOOON... AAANNNDDEEERRRRRSSOOOOOOONNN!!!

He tosses the microphone aside before heading straight for the ring with a lot of purpose in his step.

Taz: Anderson looks ready Mike.

Mike Tenay: He feels like he has something to prove after being overlooked for the tag team match against Aces & 8s at Bound For Glory. A win here would definitely see him looked at as a potential soldier for that particular war. That is if Hogan and Sting don't put an end to it later on tonight.

Anderson climbs into the ring and bounces himself off the ring ropes looking ready for a fight as he music dies down.

~#~#~#~#~ SUPERSTAR ~#~#~#~#~

It is replace by the sounds of "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos and the arrival of "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from The Streets Of Harlem, New York, weighing in at 220 pounds; "The Pope" D'ANNNGELLOOOO DIIINEERRROOOOO!!!

Dinero steps out in his jacket and shades, slowly strutting down the entrance way as Anderson looks poised in the ring, awaiting the start of the match. Dinero climbs up the ring steps and enters into the ring, removing his sunglasses and jacket before handing them to SoCal Val at ringside. He smiles before turning to face Anderson as the referee calls for the bell.


Mr Anderson Vs D'Angelo Dinero

Anderson immediately races across the ring towards Dinero, as the match starts, swinging his right hand but Dinero ducks underneath right hand and catches Anderson with a right hand of his own. He follows up with several more right hands, beating Anderson back into the corner. He hooks Anderson's arm and attempts to whip him across the ring but Anderson counters and sends Dinero crashing into the corner. Anderson takes Dinero down with a vicious clothesline as he bounces out of the corner, dropping both men down to the canvas. Anderson goes for the cover, ONE... TWO... Dinero kicks out at two. Anderson pulls Dinero up to his feet by the hair and drives his forearm into Dinero's face several times before whipping him off the ropes again but, this time, Dinero counters and drops Anderson with a power-slam coming back off the ropes, ONE... TWO... Anderson manages to get his shoulder up. D'Angelo moves Anderson up into a seat position and begins driving his knees down into Anderson's back before winding his boot up and kicking him hard in the back several times over before bouncing off the ring ropes and driving his knee right into Anderson's face. Dinero drops down and hooks the leg, ONE... TWO... Anderson kicks out. Dinero gets to his feet and reaches down, pulling Anderson to his feet, and he goes for a hard right hand to the face but Anderson blocks it and catches Dinero with a right hand of his own. He then nails another and another and another, beating Dinero back against the ropes, whipping him off and dropping him down to the mat with a reverse elbow smash, connecting right with Dinero's jaw. Anderson drops to the mat and goes for the cover, ONE... TWO... Dinero slings his shoulder up off the mat.

Anderson gets up to his feet and drags Dinero up to his. Anderson throws Dinero backwards into the corner and goes to charge in after him but D'Angelo moves out of the way and avoids the contact, sending Anderson crashing, shoulder first, into the steel ring post. Anderson can be heard yelling out in agony as Dinero pulls him out from between the ring ropes and he immediately targets the injured body part by pulling the arm right down onto both his knees. Anderson falls backwards, writhing around on the mat and clutching his arm in pain. Not giving Anderson a single second to recover, Dinero pounces on the arm, driving his knees hard down onto it. He lifts the arm up and slams it down hard against the canvas several times before hooking the arm up in an arm-bar right in the middle of the ring. Anderson struggles to reach the ropes with his feet but, evens stretching his entire body out, he is still a good foot or so shy of reaching those ring ropes to break the hold. Dinero pulls on the arm as he tries to pick up the submission victory but Anderson refuses to submit. Dinero looks annoyed as Anderson attempts to crawl towards the ropes as D'Angelo tries to twist and contort the arm but Anderson is resilient stretching for, clawing towards and ultimately reaching the ring ropes causing the referee to break the hold. Dinero is mad as he gets to his feet, shoving the referee out of the way and pulling Anderson by the hair but being greeted by a low blow! The referee didn't see it because Dinero shoved him out of the way.

Anderson is quick to attempt to capitalise, using his good arm to pull Dinero into a small package, ONE... TWO... THREE-NO! Anderson can't believe it as D'Angelo makes to slip out of the move and quickly roll towards the corner. As Anderson attempts to get to his feet with one good arm, Dinero pulls himself up in the corner looking rather pissed. He charges towards Anderson but Anderson moves out of the way and Dinero crashes into the corner. Anderson swoops in and hooks his arm around Dinero's neck, attempting to go for the MIC CHECK but he pauses for a moment as the pain in his arm bothers him enough to stop him in his tracks and Dinero is quick to counter, slipping out and rolling Anderson up in a cradle, ONE... TWO... THREE!! He got him! Pope got him! Dinero gets the victory!

Christy Hemme: Here is your winner... "The Pope" D'ANGELO DINERO!!!

~#~#~#~#~ SUPERSTAR ~#~#~#~#~

Both Pope and Anderson look shocked as the referee lifts Dinero's arm in victory. Anderson lunges towards him but D'Angelo jumps out of the ring and begins heading back up the entrance ramp but still celebrating in the process.

Mike Tenay: A big win for "The Pope" here as he topples a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion in Mr Anderson.

Taz: Anderson looks mighty pissed but, on this night, he just got beaten by the better man.

We now cut to a shot backstage of Hulk Hogan address several members of the TNA locker-room backstage.

Hulk Hogan: I'm glad I managed to get you all here and, now that you are all here, I want you all to know that you need to stay away from the ring when we call out Aces & 8s tonight.

The whole room seems up in arms as a bunch of roster members begin shouting at Hogan when a bang noise silences the entire locker-room and the camera pans around to reveal Sting cracking a baseball bat against a locker.

Sting: The man said nobody comes to the ring when we call out Aces & 8s tonight. It's simple, Hogan is General Manager and what he says goes.

The roster seem to accept this statement.

Sting: Guys, we're not a bunch of animals. Yeah, we go out there to kick ass night in, night out, but Aces & 8s aren't like us. They don't wait for the bell to ring, they just strike whenever they want. If we do the same thing, what makes us any better than them, huh? 'Cos we are better than them, we're going to deal with this the right way and we're going to put an end to it.

Hulk Hogan: If any of you come out tonight, no matter what happens, you're fired.

Sting and Hogan look around at the roster who seem to have been completely dumbstruck by the last few moments as they both exit the locker-room and we cut back to Mike Tenay and Taz.

Mike Tenay: Well... uh... I don't really know what to make of that?

Taz: Me neither Mike but I'm sure Hogan knows what he's doing.

Mike Tenay: I still don't like it. I don't trust Aces & 8s.

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

As we return from commercial, a long black limousine pulls up in the arena parking lot. The door swings open and a black shoe is place on the floor, shortly followed by a second as the door is closed. The camera stays focused on the shoes for several moments as the owner of the shoes begins to walk into the arena. After a moment or two, it becomes very evident that these shoes are, in fact, Gucci. It doesn't take long the camera very long from their to begin panning upwards to reveal Dave Batista decked out in a grey suit with designer sunglasses to accompany the suit and shoes. The camera follows Batista as he steps up a few steps and then enters the arena, closing the door behind him. We stay focused on the closed door for a few seconds to allow the moment to set in before cutting away to the announce team.

Mike Tenay: He's here!

Taz: Business just picked up Mike!

Mike Tenay: We'll hear from Dave Batista later tonight and I can't wait to see what he has to say.

Taz: If I know Batista, he'll have plenty to say. You may actually have a hard time getting him to shut up.

Mike Tenay: That's just one of the huge moments we're going to have for you tonight as another is just about to occur between Bobby Roode and King Mo!

Taz: Oh boy! Bring it on, I'm ready!

~#~#~#~#~ RUN THIS TOWN ~#~#~#~#~

"Run This Town" by Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West begins playing and King Mo makes his way out to a rapturous applause. He is wearing street clothes, jeans and a plain black Bellator T-Shirt. He heads towards the ring about to come face to face with the former World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.

Mike Tenay: Ever since Bound For Glory, all we've heard in interviews with Bobby Roode is about how King Mo "screwed him" in his match against James Storm.

Taz: Well, he's going to have the opportunity to address those issues with the man himself. I'm not sure this is gonna end well though.

Mo is now in the ring as he jumps up onto the top rope to cheers from the crowd before retrieving a microphone from SoCal Val as he music dies down.

King Mo: I guess Bobby Roode has a little bit of a problem with me. He seems to think I "screwed him" against James Storm.

The fans boo this insinuation. Mo just smirks.

King Mo: Let's not waste anymore time then. Bobby, could you come on out here please?

Mo now waves Roode's arrival on.

~#~#~#~#~ SUPREMACY ~#~#~#~#~

He doesn't have to wait for very long as a large round of boos greet the sounds of "Supremacy" by Muse as Bobby Roode steps out and onto the entrance way to an even louder round of boos.

Taz: You know, I don't say this very often but I think this is a big mistake on Roode's part. I think he's picking a fight with the wrong guy.

Mike Tenay: You could be right Taz. We're still yet tor really see what Mo is capable of in the ring and I'm sure Roode is taking Mo far more lightly than he should be.

Taz: You're not kidding. Mo is one hell of a tough S.O.B. I just hope Roode knows what he is getting himself into.

Roode is now in the ring with a microphone as well. He sizes up Mo, standing on the opposite side of the ring to him. Mo jokingly motions for a hug, a request which is unsurprisingly rejected by a scorned looking Bobby Roode. Mo laughs to himself, shaking his head before turning his head back towards Roode.

King Mo: So, Bobby...

Roode is swift to cut him off.

Bobby Roode: That's Mr Roode to you!

King Mo: Ok then "Mr Roode". I heard you had something you wanted to get off your chest.

Bobby Roode: Yeah, you're damn right I do. You screwed me over against James Storm at Bound For Glory. I had the match won before you decided to stick your nose in and cost me the match.

King Mo: Oh really? Is that so?

Bobby Roode: Yes, that is so!

Mo begins smirking as Roode gets right up in his face, acting very aggressively about this whole situation.

King Mo: Well, I guess if you say I 'screwed you', we can take a look at the replay and we'll see just what you're talking about, right? Guys, can we a replay of the Storm Vs Roode finish?

We now cut back two months to TNA's Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View:

James Storm attempts a Superkick but Roode drops down onto his back and rolls out of the ring before heading back up the entrance ramp, waving Storm away as the fans in the arena all begin to boo. As he turns away and starts to make his exit, we see King Mo chasing after him and Mo grabs him by the hair before pulling him back towards the ring and tossing him inside. Roode rolls back to his feet and turns towards Mo, yelling at him, before turning around and... SMASH! Beer bottle shot to the head for Bobby Roode... LAST CALL! Storm makes the cover, ONE... TWO... THREE!!

We now cut back to the ring to see Roode waving his finger towards the screen

Bobby Roode: You see? Your job, as an enforcer, was to make sure nobody was to interfere in the match, not to man-handle the combatants. That match was a Street Fight, I could do whatever the hell I wanted and if I wanted to go for a walk I could damn well go for a walk. You're not nobody to stop me!

Roode's aggression is slowly heightening the point where it looks as if things might get physical between these two men but Mo immediately comes back Roode with some aggression of his own.

King Mo: That's right, it was a Street Fight and yes, that does mean anything goes... So I could do what the hell I wanted as well!

The crowd begin cheering as Mo starts to get a little wound-up by Roode's attitude.

King Mo: You weren't "going for a walk", you were running away like a god damn coward!

That statement gets another loud reaction from the Impact Zone.

King Mo: You're lucky I didn't knock you out back then so consider this to be your first and only warning; you piss me off, you get knocked out!

The fans are going wild! Roode looks like he just saw a ghost! Mo looks about ready to snap Roode in half!

After a few moments of pure stunned silenced, Roode manages to shake it off and return to his angered state.

Bobby Roode: Who in the hell do you think you are to talk to me like that? I'm Bobby Roode, I'm a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion. What exactly have you done, huh? "King Mo"? More like "King Ho".

Roode laughs at his own joke but Mo isn't impressed. In fact, the camera reveals Mo to be clenching his right hand and just about ready to punch Roode in the face but Roode is completely oblivious to this as he basks in his own vanity before he continues.

Bobby Roode: That's what I'm going to call you from now on, "King Ho". You're nothing but a dirty little...

Mo has had had enough as he blasts Roode in the face with a huge right hand that connects picture perfectly with Roode's jaw, sending him straight down to the mat!

The fans are going crazy!

Roode isn't moving!

Mo crouches down next to the unconscious Roode.

King Mo: Call me that again and I'll knock your teeth right down your throat.

~#~#~#~#~ RUN THIS TOWN ~#~#~#~#~

Mo tosses the mic down to the mat with a loud thud as "Run This Town" by Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West starts up again and Mo makes his way to the back with the fans cheering louder than they've cheered all night!

Mike Tenay: What a statement made by King Mo. He's not going to back down from the former World Heavyweight Champion!

Taz: Mo doesn't take any B.S from anybody. When you put somebody like Bobby Roode, who is notorious for getting himself into trouble with what he says, you're setting yourself up for something like that to happen.

We now see a shot of Bobby Roode, who is still laid out in the ring, not moving an inch.

Mike Tenay: Talk about a knockout blow. Roode hasn't moved although I'm sure he'll have something to say about this when he does regain consciousness.

The last shot we see is of Mo at the top of the ramp, both arms raised high above his head as we cut away to commercial.

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

~#~#~#~#~ REPTILIA ~#~#~#~#~

We return from commercial to "Reptilia" by The Strokes playing throughout the Impact as Jesse Sorensen makes his first in-ring appearance since he broke his neck. Sorensen looks happy to be back as he tosses the football he has been known for carrying high into the crowd before heading down towards the ring.

Christy Hemme: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for TNA X-Division Championship. First, the challenger, from Katy, Texas, weighing in at 200 pounds, he is current, reigning and defending; JEEESSSSSEEEEE SOOORRRENNNSEEENNNNNN!!

Sorensen slaps hands with fans on his way to the ring.

Mike Tenay: It's been almost a year, 11 months to be exact, since Jesse Sorensen first suffered a broken neck in a match against Zema Ion. Ultimately, that match changed both men's careers. While Sorensen was out injured, many blamed Ion for injuring Jesse but the current X-Division Champion showed absolutely no remorse for his fallen foe. Tonight, Sorensen has the just to gain a measure of redemption over Ion by walking away as the new TNA X-Division Champion.

Taz: I've spoken to him and I've got to say that Sorensen's a great kid. Always happy, always smiling, he's a great guy so for something like that to happen to him? That really sucks. To be honest, it hasn't really changed his out-look on life. He's still that same happy, smiley guy he always was.

We now see Sorensen in the ring with a microphone with many of the fans chanting "welcome back". Sorensen takes a few deep breaths before finally addressing the crowd.

Jesse Sorensen: Man, it feels good to be back.

The Impact Zone breaks out into cheers for Sorensen's return.

Jesse Sorensen: I really missed this. I really missed all of you.

The cheers become a round of applause.

Jesse Sorensen: That's not what I'm here to talk about though, I'm here to talk about... to talk about my injury.

He looks a little emotional when thinking back to when he first injured his neck.

Jesse Sorensen: Suffering a broken neck is a life changing experience. It certainly changed my life. I could have died. I'm lucky I can still even walk.

He shakes his head when thinking back to the incident.

Jesse Sorensen: Whether people want to blame me or Ion or dumb-luck, it still happened and I was still away from doing what I loved for a year. It really humbled me.

Sorensen struggles very hard to hold the tears back.

Jesse Sorensen: Tonight, in my first match back, I get the opportunity to realise my dream and capture the TNA X-Division Championship.

The fans begin to cheer once again as Sorensen's emotions all disappear and a stern face replaces it all.

Jesse Sorensen: Tonight, Jesse Sorensen becomes the new TNA X-Division Champion.

The crowd erupts as Sorensen places the microphone down on the mat before turning his attentions to the entrance way, awaiting the arrival of the champion.

~#~#~#~#~ WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE ~#~#~#~#~

"Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns 'N' Roses occurs to signal the arrival of TNA X-Division Champion Zema Ion. Sorensen looks ready as Ion makes his way out, hair spray in one hand and championship belt in the other hand. The fans boo his entrance but Ion doesn't seem to care as he cockily struts down towards the ring.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from Manila in the Philippines, weighing in at 170 pounds, he is current, reigning and defending TNA X-Division Champion of the world; ZEEEEEEMAAAAA IIIIOOOOOON!!

Ion slides into the ring and puts a bit of spray into his hair, styling himself up for the match before handing his X-Division Championship belt off to the referee and spraying the hair spray in Jesse Sorensen's general direction before placing it down in the corner. Brian Hebner holds the championship belt high in the air for all to see before handing the belt off to SoCal Val and calling for the bell.


TNA X-Division Championship
Zema Ion (c) Vs Jesse Sorensen

Zema Ion immediately starts to taunt Sorensen in regards to his neck injury as Jesse Sorensen looks deadly focused on the match. Zema races towards Sorensen but Jesse counters and manages to get a go-behind on Ion, controlling his position early-on. Ion tries to break Sorensen's grip but he has his hands tight around Zema's waist so Zema slings his elbow around, catching Sorensen in the side of the head, causing him to loosen his grip as he sweeps Jesse's legs from underneath him before paint-brushing the back of Sorensen's neck in a very patronising manner. Zema get to his feet and backs up into the corner as Sorensen feels his neck, looking rather ticked off as Ion tries to play a few mind games with his challenger. Sorensen and Ion lock up and Zema quickly grabs the side head-lock, now attempting to put pressure on the neck by twisting Jesse's head. Sorensen bounces Ion off the ropes, causing him to break the hold, and Jesse charges at Ion, taking him down with a flying cross-body. He lands on top of Zema and immediately goes for the pin, ONE... TWO... Zema kicks out. Both men quickly get to their feet as Sorensen attempts a clothesline but Zema ducks underneath it and hooks Jesse Sorensen up, driving him to the mat in a German Suplex with a bridge, ONE... TWO... Sorensen slips his shoulder out before the three. Zema gets to his feet and pulls Sorensen up before he boots Jesse in the mid-section before dropping him to the mat with a neckbreaker. Ion quickly goes for the cover, ONE... TWO... Sorensen kicks out before the three.

Zema gets to his feet and begins stomping on Sorensen's neck. He quickly drops down and grinds Sorensen's neck around in a reverse chin-lock, putting pressure on Jesse's neck. Sorensen reaches up and pulls Ion's hair, bringing him up and over with an innovative version of a snapmare takedown. Sorensen rolls across to the ropes to help get himself up to a vertical base. He turns around as Ion slowly begins to get to his feet and Sorensen runs at Ion, taking him down with a bulldog before going for the cover, ONE... TWO... Ion gets his shoulder up. Sorensen doesn't miss a beat as he rolls out on the apron and begins climbing up and onto the very top rope as he waits for Ion to get to his feet before he leaps off with a big diving missile dropkick that connects flush with Ion's jaw. Sorensen lands hard, clutching his neck, but he knows he needs to make the cover as he rolls across to Ion and hooks the leg, ONE... TWO... THR-NO! Ion manages to kick out before the count of three. Sorensen looks very disheartened by this as he gets to his feet and pulls Ion up to his feet as well. He throws a big clothesline at Zema but Ion ducks underneath it and drives his knee right into Jesse's mid-section before driving his fore-arm down onto Sorensen's back. Ion grabs Jesse and lifts him into the air before... NO! HOLY SH*T! PILEDRIVER!!! Sorensen may be dead as Ion shows no remorse from the crumpled heap that is Jesse Sorensen, rolling him onto his back and making the cover, ONE... TWO... THREE!! Zema Ion retains the X-Division Championship!


Christy Hemme: The winner of this match and STILL TNA X-Division Champion of the world... ZEMA ION!!

~#~#~#~#~ WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE ~#~#~#~#~

Zema Ion is handed the TNA X-Division Championship belt as he is declared to still be the champion before he rolls out of the ring and begins yelling out as he holds the championship belt high above his head. Meanwhile, Jesse Sorensen has yet to move since the match ended and the referee is now checking on him as we cut back to Zema Ion, who is still celebrating retaining his title. He backs up the entrance ramp, hoisting the gold high above his head, as the fans begin to boo the dastardly heel who continues to show no remorse towards the clearly hurt Jesse Sorensen.

Taz: That was a mighty impressive showing from our TNA X-Division Champion right there.

Mike Tenay: It may well have been as Zema Ion retains the TNA X-Division Championship but at what cost? Jesse Sorensen looks like he may be re-injured!

EMT's make their way out towards the ring as we cut away to commercial.

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

We cut back to the show just in time to see Jesse Sorensen being loaded up into an ambulance.

Mike Tenay: Jesse Sorensen failed in his attempts to become the new X-Division Champion and it looks like he has been re-injured in the process.

Taz: He took a whole load of weight right down on his head and neck with that piledriver.

Mike Tenay: I think Zema was out to hurt the neck. He spent the whole match targeting it and we don't know what further damage he may have done to Jesse Sorensen's neck.

Taz: He saw an injury and he targeted the injured body part. I would've done exactly the same thing.

The cameras now shift to backstage to show Dave Batista making his way down the hallways backstage, several staff members and TNA roster members all stopping to say hi and shake hands with Batista.

Mike Tenay: Later on tonight, Dave Batista will be out here to speak to all of us about whatever he sees fit.

Taz: If Dave Batista can do anything, it's talk. Expect some fireworks when he hits that ring later on tonight!

~#~#~#~#~ VIDEO PACKAGE ~#~#~#~#~

We cut to visuals of bar fights being played from a projector onto a wall. Punches and kicks are thrown throughout the video as blood drains from faces. The projector clicks as the images disappear and room is engulfed with darkness as the camera shows a man sat in a chair in the shadows.

Man In The Shadows: That was me when I was younger. Fighting on the streets, fighting in bars, just fighting wherever I could.

The man laughs before continuing.

Man In The Shadows: I'm no different today. Fighting is my life and it's going to be my life until the day I die.

The man now stands up and tosses the chair aside.

Man In The Shadows: That's why I'm coming to TNA: to fight.

The man steps forward into the light revealing his face.

Finlay: My name is Finlay and I love ta' fight.

Coming soon...

~#~#~#~#~ END VIDEO PACKAGE ~#~#~#~#~
We cut back to the ring where Sarita and Rosita are waiting in the ring as their music, "5150" by F.I.L.T.H.E.E/Brickman Raw, begins to die down in the background as both women stand awaiting the arrival of their tonight's opponent.

~#~#~#~#~ THEY SAY ~#~#~#~#~

They don't have to wait for very long as "They Say" by Scars On Broadway hits the sound system and newcomers Beth Scarlet and Natalie Neidhart make their way out to the ring.

Mike Tenay: The newest additions to the Knockouts Division make their arrival to the ring as Natalie Neidhart and Beth Scarlet are set to do battle with Rosita and Sarita.

Taz: I expect a lot from these two women. They'll surely be up there when it comes to the TNA Knockouts Title picture.

Scarlet and Neidhart both slide into the ring and pose for the crowd before heading towards a corner and discussing who will start the match as the referee calls for the bell.


Rosita & Sarita Vs Beth Scarlet & Natalie Neidhart

Rosita starts the match off for her teaming while Natalie and Beth discuss who should start for them with it seemingly being Beth who ultimately wins that discussion. The two women begin slowly circling the ring before both stepping forward to meet up in a lock-up in the middle of the ring. Beth immediately over powers Rosita and forces her back into the corner, driving her knee right up into the mid-section of Rosita. She pulls her out of the corner by the hair and lifts her high into the air before tossing her down to the mat with a ferocious body slam. Rosita clutches her back, rolling around of the mat in pain, as Beth reaches across the ring and tags in Natalie. Neidhart is into the ring quickly, as Scarlet makes her exit, and she pulls Rosita to her feet, and she uses forearm smashes to the face to weaken Rosita. Natalie bounces Rosita off the ring ropes and drops her to the mat with a hard clothesline. Rosita crumples down to the mat as Neidhart begins laying the boots in to her before tagging Scarlet back in. As their team is dominating this match, Scarlet calls for the end as she lifts Rosita up and over her head in a press slam position as Sarita jumps into the ring in an attempt to save her partner but Scarlet just tosses Rosita on top of her, sending both women crushing down to the mat. Neidhart jumps into the ring and stalks Sarita as she uses the ring ropes to pull herself up and Natalie clotheslines Sarita and herself up and over the top rope. Scarlet now stands over Rosita as she struggles to her feet and Beth pounces, hooking Rosita up and lifting her high into the air before bringing her crashing down to the mat with an AMAZON SLAM! Beth rolls Rosita onto her back and hooks her leg but it's merely a formality, ONE... TWO... THREE!! Scarlet and Neidhart pick up the dominant win!

Christy Hemme: Here are your winners, Beth Scarlet & Natalie Neidhart!!

Scarlet paint brushes Rosita's face as she gets her while Neidhart slides back into the ring and the referee raises both women's hands.

Taz: Well that was... dominant.

Mike Tenay: That's one way to put it! Decimating performance from Scarlet and Neidhart, they just destroyed Rosita & Sarita in what felt like a matter of seconds. I'm sure they'll both be in the hunt for the Knockouts Championship before too long.

Taz: No doubt about it. Those two women are damn tough. I can't think of many tougher than those two. They're definitely a threat to any Knockout what stands against them.

Neidhart and Scarlet both make their way out of the ring and back up the ramp-way as we cut backstage to a shot of Hulk Hogan and Sting who are heading towards the ring.

Mike Tenay: Oh man, this is going to be interesting.

Taz: These two men are going to go face to face with Aces & 8s and Hogan has told everyone in that locker-room to stay backstage no matter what happens!

Mike Tenay: Stay tuned folks, Hogan and Sting call out Aces & 8s next!

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

We come back from commercial to shots of the crowd who are all cheering as chants of TNA build up in the audience when the shot is drawn to the entrance way.

~#~#~#~#~ NANCY BOY ~#~#~#~#~

The fans pop at the sound of the opening notes of "Nancy Boy" by Placebo as Sting and Hulk Hogan make their way out to a tremendous ovation from the many fans packed up into the Impact Zone.

Mike Tenay: Here we go, Hulk Hogan and Sting have been talking about it ever since Bound For Glory and now the time has finally come for them to call out Aces & 8s in an attempt to finally put an end to this feud.

Taz: I'm not sure I'd call it a feud as much as a gang-war. Aces & 8s haven't waited for matches to deal with whatever problems they have, they take free roam and attack whenever they want.

Mike Tenay: Hopefully, that all comes to an end tonight as Hogan and Sting call out the group to sort this whole convoluted mess.

Both Hogan and Sting are now in the ring, each man with microphones in hand.

Hulk Hogan: I'm not here to be Hulk Hogan. I'm not here to tell you all to say your prayers and eat your vitamins. I'm here to end this thing with Aces & 8s right here, right now.

Sting: You know, this thing with Aces & 8s started a long time ago, way back in June, and for what? We still don't know what these guys want. Maybe they don't want anything, maybe they just want to create an issue. Who knows? Who really cares?

Hulk Hogan: The fact of the matter is that these guys have just come out and attacked people with no real rhyme or reason and it has to end. If they don't "want" anything and are doing this because it gives them some kind of kick or makes them feel special then that is a problem that they need to deal with. Don't come to our house, attack our talent and not expect to suffer the consequences.

Sting: Basically, we're sick and tired of you taking us out, us taking you out, random attack here, retaliation there. Aces & 8s, get your ass out here so we can end this thing... right here, right now.

They both turn their attentions to the entrance way, expecting Aces & 8s to make their way to the ring fairly but they don't. Instead, they slowly make their way out throughout the crowd, a total of five of them surround the ring and slowly slide into the ring, surrounding Hogan and Sting who now realise just what they've let themselves in for.

One of the masked men seem to be telling the others what to do and, indeed, when he tells them to attack, they do. Sting and Hogan do their very best to fight them off but the five on two numbers game is quick to catch up to them as Aces & 8s manage to beat both men down and begin another one of their gang-like muggings. The "leader" instructs one of the men to go outside and retrieve something as the others continue to beat down Sting and Hogan with boots and punches in the ring. The man slides out of the ring, reaching underneath the ring and retrieving a solid steel chair and... handcuffs?

He slides back into the ring and hands the handcuffs to the "leader" who instructs the rest of the group to get Sting up against the ring ropes as he handcuffs Sting up to the ring ropes. Sting is still hurting from the beat-down and is slumped up against the ropes as the group now continue beating down on Hulk Hogan as the "leader" retrieves the steel chair from his fellow Aces & 8s member. He calls for the group to pull Hogan to his feet as the "leader" winds up his steel chair and drives the steel chair hard into Hulk Hogan's skull. Hogan collapses to the mat and struggles to get to his feet as the camera shows Hogan's face and reveals that Hogan has been busted wide open by that chair shot to the head. Sting still attempts to struggle free but the cuffs are on tight and a members of Aces & 8s sees Sting struggling and begins beat him down once again, laying the boots into the prone former World Champion. One of the members swings the chair at Sting's legs, taking them out from underneath the Icon as he drops to the mat, clutching his legs in pain. The group now begin beating down the downed Hogan with several boots and punches before the "leader" grabs the chair and begins driving it down and onto the prone Hogan. One shot to his back, one shot to his side, one to his legs, another to his back and another and another and another!

The "leader" now begins driving the chair into Hogan's throat as he begins spitting up blood as his face is now covered completely in blood. The "leader" pulls his chair up once again and swings it across to Sting and takes him down with a shot to the head. He then swings back again and begins driving it down onto the prone Hulk Hogan three more times before tossing the chair aside and lifting his hands high above his head as the group leaving Hogan and Sting beaten senseless by the group as we cutaway to a video package.

~#~#~#~#~ VIDEO PACKAGE ~#~#~#~#~

The black screen slowly switches to a shot of sun setting, of clouds flying by and of the waters on a beach disappearing back out to the sea from where it came.

Narrator: In the beginning, there was only man.

Shots of AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting and Samoa Joe all slowly fade in and out of shot.

Narrator: But the world soon evolved into something different.

We now switch to shots of Samoa Joe charging across ringside and booting Sting in the face, of Christopher Daniels leap off the top of Ultimate X and of Kurt Angle holding Jeff Hardy in an ankle lock.

Narrator: Now, we go back to the beginning to start things anew.

We now see shots from early TNA show, of AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn winning the tag team titles, of the first Ultimate X match before jumping to a picture of James Storm taking a swig out of a beer bottle before throwing it at the camera, smashing both the bottle and the camera.

Narrator: This... is our Genesis.

Coming soon...

~#~#~#~#~ END VIDEO PACKAGE ~#~#~#~#~
We return to the Impact Zone to see shots of the blood stained canvas following that horrific beat-down of Hulk Hogan just moments ago. We now cut to the announced position where both Mike Tenay and Taz look rather uncomfortable.

Mike Tenay: In... In all my years of... of being a broadcast journalist... I don't think I've ever... ever seen a more brutal, violent and bloody beat-down as the one we just witnessed moments ago.

Taz: I've been a part of some violent matches in my time and I've seen some nasty stuff but that was just... kinda scary actually.

Mike Tenay: They just... they literally just half beat him to death. There's no way they can get away with this.

Taz: Well, Hogan knew what he was letting himself in for when he decided he was going to call the group out. He told everyone to stay in the back no matter what happened. I'm not sure how smart a move that was but that's what happened.

Mike Tenay: But they just crossed a line. They could have killed the man. What happens then? They get off scot-free just because Hogan 'knew what he was letting himself in for'?

Taz: I'm not saying that and, besides, Hogan's not dead. The fact of the matter is, Hogan got into the ring and call them out. Whatever happened to him after that is his own fault for calling them out in the first place. You don't go and poke a bear with a stick and expect not to have to suffer any consequences, do you?

Mike Tenay: Regardless, we'll give you all an update on Hulk Hogan as soon if we get one before the end of the show. Hopefully, he'll be alright.

Taz: Say your prayers, that probably means more for Hogan now than it has ever done in his entire career.

Mike Tenay: Moving forwards, we've still got more to come on this already exhilarating show as James Storm will go one on one with Jeff Hardy and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs.

Taz: Both men attempted to stake their claim to the belt earlier tonight and I feel like Storm came out on top of that exchange. Will he come out on top at the end of the night?

Mike Tenay: We also have the Impact debut of Dave Batista as he gets appears in front of a package TNA crowd for the very first time.

Taz: Dave will have plenty to say and I'm sure that, whatever he says, it'll end up make a big impact on someone.

Mike Tenay: And, when we come back from the commercial break, we'll have our huge eight man tag team match. Daniels, Kazarian, Aries and Ryan go up against Styles, Angle, Hennigan and Van Dam. That match is next!

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

~#~#~#~#~ HOLLYWOOD WHORE ~#~#~#~#~

We come back from commercial and are immediately met with "Hollywood Whore" by Papa Roach and the arrival of Joey Ryan, along with his girlfriend Tara. They pause atop the ramp and pose for pictures as if they were legitimate Hollywood A-Listers before making their way towards the ring for this huge upcoming 8-man tag team match.

Christy Hemme: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is an eight man tag team match. First, making his way to the ring, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 210 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Tara; JOOOEEEYYYYYY RYYYYYAANNNNN!!!

Joey Ryan slides into the ring as Tara stands outside the ring and applauds her man as he poses in the ring as he music dies down.


It is replaced by "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer as Austin Aries steps out onto the stage.

Christy Hemme: And his partners, first, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 210 pounds; AAUUUSSSTTIIIINNNNN ARRRIIEEEESSSS!!!

He tosses his cape aside before making a b-line for the ring, not stopping for anyone and even shoving Tara out of the way before rolling into the ring and pacing up and down the ring. Joey Ryan gets in his face a little about shoving his girlfriend but Aries completely blows him off and continues pacing while staring at the entrance ramp as his music dies down.

~#~#~#~#~ DISPOSABLE ~#~#~#~#~

"Disposable" by Marilyn Manson plays and the third and fourth members of the team, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, both make their way down to the ring with their tag team belts in tow.

Christy Hemme: And their partners, at a combined weight of 440 pounds, they are the current TNA Tag Team Champions of the world; CCHHRRIIISSSTTOPPPHHERRR DANNNIIEEELLLSSS and KAAAZAAARRRIIIAAANNN!!

Daniels and Kazarian are also down the ramp rather quickly, both sliding into the ring together before hopping up and onto the middle ropes on opposite sides of the ring, posing with their championship gold the loud sound of boos from the fans in attendance as their music now dies down.

~#~#~#~#~ HELP IS ON THE WAY ~#~#~#~#~

John Hennigan now appears for the first time in TNA to the sounds of "Help Is On The Way" by Rise Against and a lot of cheers from the fans in the Impact Zone. He is quickly followed out to the ring by the TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher.

Christy Hemme: And their opponents, first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 215 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Miss Tessmacher; JOOOOOHHHHNN HENNNIIIGGANNNN!!!

Tara looks more than a little pissed as she begins yelling at Joey Ryan as Hennigan and Tessmacher make their way towards the ring stopping at the bottom of the entrance ramp as Hennigan's music dies down.

~#~#~#~#~ WALK ~#~#~#~#~

It's replaced by "Walk" by Pantera as Rob Van Dam makes his way out to the ring to the sound of cheers from the crowd.

Christy Hemme: And his partners, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing in at 235 pounds; ROOOBBB VAAAANNN DAAAAMMM!!!

Van Dam joins Tessmacher and Hennigan at the bottom of the ramp as the two men shake hands and Van Dam's music dies down.

~#~#~#~#~ I AM ~#~#~#~#~

The familiar sounds of "I Am" by Dale Oliver hit the sound system and the cheers are louder than most usual as AJ Styles makes his way out.

Christy Hemme: And from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing in at 215 pounds; the Phenomenal AJ STYYYYYLLEESSSSS!!!

Styles slaps hands with several fans as he joins Hennigan and Van Dam with Tessmacher at the bottom of the entrance way, slapping hands with both men before all three turn to face their opponents in the ring.

~#~#~#~#~ GOLD MEDAL ~#~#~#~#~

A huge ovation greets "Gold Medal" by Tha Trademarc as Kurt Angle makes his way down towards the ring.

Christy Hemme: And their partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 240 pounds; KUUURTTT AAAANNGGLLEEEEE!!!

Angle nods to Hennigan, Van Dam and Styles as all three men slide into the ring at the same time as their opponents step back into their corner, Aries and Ryan stepping out onto the apron to avoid confrontation with their opponents. Angle and Styles both climb out on the ring apron themselves as the referee calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.

AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, RVD & John Hennigan W/Miss Tessmacher Vs World Tag Team Champions Of The World, Austin Aries & Joey Ryan W/Tara

Kazarian starts the match off for his team while, on the opposite side of the ring, Rob Van Dam is starting things off for his team. Both men look very energetic as they bounce around the ring before locking up in the middle of the squared circle. Kazarian is able to garner the upper hand over RVD, forcing the former World Champion back up against the ropes before delivering a slap chop across Van Dam's chest, much to RVD's disapproval. Kazarian and RVD lock up again as Van Dam grabs a head-lock and brings Kazarian up and down to the mat before taking a side head-lock down on the mat. Kazarian writhes around on the mat, struggling to break free, but Rob's grip on his neck is firm as both men slowly get to their feet. Kazarian drives his elbows into RVD's mid-section, winding him, before dropping him to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Kazarian attempts the first cover of the match, ONE... TWO... RVD gets his shoulder up. Kazarian pulls Van Dam to his feet and pushes him back into his team's corner before tagging in Daniels and laying the boots in to the prone RVD. Kazarian climbs out of the ring as Daniels pulls RVD up by the hair and drives his forearm right up into Van Dam's face. Daniels now begins beating RVD back into the corner before attempting to whip him across to the other side of the ring before countering and bringing Van Dam back into a short-armed clothesline. Daniels drops to his knees and goes for the cover, ONE... TWO... RVD kicks out again before the three. Daniels looks more than a little frustrated by this before he gets to his feet and pulls Van Dam up, falling victim to a counter jaw-breaker that stuns Daniels and sends him falling back against the ring ropes. Van Dam whips Daniels across the ring and catches him as he comes back off the ring ropes with a spinning heel kick, taking Daniels down to the mat before RVD goes for the cover, ONE... TWO... Daniels rolls his shoulder out before the three. Van Dam pulls Daniels up to his feet and slings him into the corner before leaping up and across, making the tag to Kurt Angle, before monkey flipping Angle out of the corner as Angle climbs into the ring.

Angle mounts Daniels and begins laying into him with several hard right hands with Daniels struggling to cover up. Kurt gets up to his feet, pulling Daniels up as well, before pummelling Daniels in the back with his forearm before slinging Daniels into the corner. Angle follows Daniels into the corner by beating him down with punches and kicks in the corner before whipping Daniels across the ring and Angle charges in after him but Daniels moves out of the way and Angle flies, shoulder first, into the steel ring post. Daniels quickly races across to his own corner and tags in Austin Aries. Aries is into the ring very quickly as he spots an opportunity to beat down on a prone Kurt Angle, laying the boots in to him as he struggles to get out of the corner. Aries pulls Angle out of the corner and drops him to the mat with a DDT before going for the cover, ONE... TWO... Angle kicks out. Aries pulls Angle up again and is caught by a big right hand from Kurt. Kurt throws and lands another right, sending Austin reeling back against the ropes. He whips Aries off the ropes and connects with a reverse elbow smash right to Austin Aries face before heading across to his corner and tagging in AJ Styles. Styles waits for Aries to get to his feet before he springboards off the ring ropes and takes Aries down with a diving clothesline. Styles goes for the cover, ONE... TWO... Aries gets his shoulder up. AJ gets to his feet and lines Aries up before running towards him but Aries takes Styles down with a vicious clothesline that almost decapitates him. Austin Aries is quick to follow it up by going for a pin attempt, ONE... TWO... Styles kicks out. Aries drags Styles over to his corner before laying in a few boots to the prone AJ and he then tags in Kazarian. Kazarian pulls Styles to his feet and he throws a hard right hand at Styles, beating him back into the corner. Kazarian teases Styles by going to whip him into his own corner but, instead, sends him crashing back into his own corner with a sick thud as Kazarian's team mates all cheer him on. Kazarian lays some boots in to Styles before pulling AJ to his feet and slapping him hard across the face. AJ attempts to fight back before Kazarian manages to draw the referees attention by something he says which allows Daniels and Aries the opportunity to beat down Styles. Kazarian now tags in Joey Ryan.

Joey Ryan now lifts AJ Styles to his feet and drives his forearm into Styles face before pushing him back against the ring ropes. Joey whips Styles off the ring ropes and goes for a clothesline that Styles ducks underneath but Tara quickly grabs Styles foot, tripping him up out of sight of the referee. Ryan quickly takes advantage by dropping down and laying in a load of punches to the back of the fallen AJ Styles. Joey pulls Styles up and shoves him back into the corner, using his knees as weapons to drive the air right out of Styles. He whips AJ across the ring into the opposite corner and charges in with a corner splash before stepping back and letting AJ fall to the mat like a tree in the woods. Ryan rolls Styles onto his back and goes for the cover, ONE... TWO... Styles gets his shoulder out before three. Ryan gets to his feet and reaches over, tagging in Austin Aries, who steps into the ring and begins laying boots in to Styles as Ryan exits the ring. Austin Aries pulls AJ to his feet, lifting him high into the air and holding him up for several seconds, allowing all the blood to flow to Styles head before dropping him down in a vertical suplex. Aries floats over into a cover, now hooking Styles leg, ONE... TWO... Kick out from Styles who really looks like he needs to make a tag here. Aries does a good job of cutting off the ring as he drags Styles back into his own teams corner before dropping to his knees and wrapping his hands around Styles' throat, literally choking the life out of him. Aries reaches up and tags in Christopher Daniels before rolling out of the ring as Daniels pulls Styles to his feet and whips him off the ropes before taking him down with a reverse STO. Daniels now steps across to the ropes, springing up and leaping off the ropes, coming crashing down onto Styles with the B.M.E. Daniels hooks the leg, ONE... TWO... THR-Shoulder up! Styles is barely still in this as Daniels gets to his feet looking very, very pissed off. He pulls Styles up and whips him off the ring ropes, going for a clothesline that Styles ducks underneath, and both men collide as they both go for a clothesline, now crashing into each other and plummeting down to the mat. Daniels rolls across to his corner as Styles attempts to crawl towards his own, desperate to make a tag. Daniels reaches up and tags in Ryan as Styles is just a foot or so away from making a tag but Ryan races across the ring and manages to grab AJ's foot before he can make the tag. Joey then drags AJ back into the middle of the ring by the boot before Styles attempts an enziguri head-kick but Ryan ducks underneath it and smirks but that smirk is quickly wiped off by... PELÉ!

Now is the chance as Styles leaps across the ring and...


John is quick into the ring and beats Joey Ryan to the punch, dropping him with a hard right hand. Ryan quickly bounces back up and goes straight back down as Hennigan delivers another big right hand. Hennigan now bounces himself off the ring ropes before coming back at Joey Ryan with a jumping leg lariat that sends Ryan rolling to the outside. Christopher Daniels quickly jumps into the ring to try and save his partner but Hennigan is ready for him, taking him down with a clothesline as Kazarian quickly follows Daniels into the ring. Hennigan cuts him off with a clothesline too but isn't quite ready for Austin Aries, who catches Hennigan with a forearm smash right to the back of the head, dropping Hennigan to the mat. This draws Kurt Angle into the ring as he races across the ring towards Austin Aries, hooking him up and delivering a big German Suplex. Aries is trapped in Angle's grip as he holds onto the move and takes him down with another big German. Aries is now on dream street as Angle delivers a third German, releasing his grip with the move this time before leaping to his feet to celebrate. Angles watches as Aries flops out of the ring when, suddenly, Daniels races across the ring and clotheslines both Angle and himself up and over the top rope and down to the concrete floor.

Rob Van Dam now climbs into the almost empty ring and looks around. He looks to Kazarian, who is still down on the mat following Hennigan's clothesline but then, out of the corner of his eye, RVD spots Joey Ryan getting to his feet on the floor. Van Dam bounces off the ring ropes but, before he can leap up and over the top onto Ryan, Tara stands over him and stops RVD in his tracks to the sound of boos from the crowd. Van Dam and Tara exchange a few words as Tara attempts to protect her boyfriend when Miss Tessmacher suddenly comes flying out of nowhere, spearing Tara into the steel guardrail at ringside and mounting her, beating her down with several slaps and punches on the floor. Van Dam now shrugs before running off the ropes again and leaping up and over the top rope, completely taking Joey Ryan out with a big flying plancha that almost flattens him like a pancake! Back in the ring, AJ Styles has Kazarian up and he delivers another PELÉ kick before Angle jumps in and quickly follows that up with a huge OLYMPIC SLAM that sends Kazarian flying across the ring and out to the concrete floor as we cut to the bottom of the entrance ramp where Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels are backing up the ramp, waving the match off as Angle and Styles beg them to come and face them in the ring. Hennigan is now in the ring with Ryan behind Angle and Styles and those two are the legal men! Hennigan quickly drives Ryan to the canvas with THE MOONLIGHT DRIVE!! Hennigan goes for the cover, hooking up the far leg, ONE... TWO... THREE!! Hennigan and his comrades pick up the victory!!


Christy Hemme: Here are your winners, the team of AJ STYLES, KURT ANGLE, ROB VAN DAM and JOHN HENNIGAN!!

~#~#~#~#~ HELP IS ON THE WAY ~#~#~#~#~

Rob Van Dam returns to the ring in time to raise his arms in the air with the rest of his team as they are announced the victors as we go to commercial.

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

We cut back from commercial to a replay of the finish of the 8 man tag team match.

"Hennigan has Ryan in the ring and those two are the legal men! Hennigan quickly drives Ryan to the canvas with THE MOONLIGHT DRIVE!! Hennigan goes for the cover, hooking up the far leg, ONE... TWO... THREE!!"

Mike Tenay: What a great match that was and a very impressive showing from Styles, Angle, Van Dam and, particularly, the debuting John Hennigan.

Taz: Hennigan was electric in that match and he'll be one hell of a talent in this company, hopefully for years to come.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight may have been a huge night for TNA and we may still have plenty left to come but we also have another show next week! I've just gotten news through regarding next week's Impact and the TNA Tag Team Championships will be on the line as AJ Styles & Kurt Angle challenge Christopher Daniels & Kazarian for the gold!

Taz: Woah, that's huge! Another big match for Impact! Those match makers just keep knocking it out of the park, huh?

Mike Tenay: Styles and Daniels have challenged for the titles on numerous occasions but have often come up short in their quest to regain the gold. Next week on Impact could be their last chance to challenge for the gold so let's hope they can make it count.

Taz: We all know Daniels & Kazarian are a highly resourceful team. Not to mention, they really are one of the best tag teams in the entire industry. I'm sure they won't be rolling over for Styles and Angle.

As it looks like Mike is about to make another statement regarding the tag team title situation but he is cut off by this arrival.

~#~#~#~#~ BEAST AND THE HARLOT ~#~#~#~#~

The fans pop with a roar of approval as "Beast And The Harlot" by Avenged Sevenfold bursts out over the sound system as Dave Batista makes his way out to a tremendous ovation. Dave is dressed to the nines in the same beautifully tailored light grey suit he arrived in.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, allow me to introduce, from Washington, D.C, weighing in at 290 pounds; DAAAAAAVVVVE BAAAAATTTIIIISSSTTTAAAAA!!!

Batista poses on the ramp as the fans go crazy for this man, this behemoth, this superstar of the wrestling industry. Batista heads further down the ramp and jumps up onto the ring apron before stepping between the ropes and entering the ring. He looks around the Impact Zone as all the fans cheer his arrival to both the ring and the company. Batista is handed a microphone by Christy Hemme which he holds in his hand for a few moments, waiting for all the cheers to die down. As he does this, a huge "Batista" chant breaks out for the newcomer who looks more than happy to be back inside a wrestling ring. He adjusts his shades before finally speaking his first words on front of a TNA camera since signing for the company.

Dave Batista: Well isn't this something?

The cheers for Batista are evident as the fans chant for the new TNA superstar.

Dave Batista: Dave Batista in TNA? Who would have ever thought it?

Even louder cheers for Batista.

Dave Batista: I'll be honest, I never thought it would happen.

The cheers begin to die down but are still quite prevalent.

Dave Batista: You wanna know why? Do you want to know why Dave Batista thought he would never end up in TNA?

The majority of the crowd looks confused now but some fans are still cheering.

Dave Batista: Because this place f***ing sucks.

Batista's smile completely disappears as he removes his shades, placing them in his pocket, while his look becomes one of total disgust and those cheers that were coming from the crowd just moments ago are now all but completely gone, replaced by some very loud boos.

Dave Batista: It's true, TNA is a joke of a wrestling company.

While the boos are quite evident, a small contingent of the crowd continues to cheer for Batista but they are completely and utterly outnumbered.

Dave Batista: Your World Heavyweight Champion is a guy who is probably on more psychotics than most psyche patients. The number one contender is a raging alcoholic who actually brings his alcohol addiction to work with him. You've got a group of masked men running around the place, taking out the people that run the place as well as half the roster because security don't have a brain-cell between them.

The boos are constant now, even from the small group who were previously cheering, and they're getting louder and louder with each passing second.

Dave Batista: And that X-Division? Are you kidding me? It's just a bunch of brain-dead monkeys do flips and dives like that's entertaining. It's a fact, nobody cares about these people because they're too dull to actually go out and get themselves some real fans. If you're driving by a car-wreck, you don't just rush on by, you stop and look at the chaos, the broken bodies, the flames, the pain. That's why people watch the X-Division, it's a god damn just car-wreck.

The jeers are at an almost deafening level now as Batista continues to rip on TNA.

Dave Batista: As for the rest of the roster? It's just a bunch of shmucks, has-beens and hacks who could never make it in the real big leagues. If it weren't for the money they were paying me, I would have come anywhere near this place because it's just full of...

~#~#~#~#~ CRUSH YOU UP ~#~#~#~#~

Batista's eyes are drawn to the ramp-way as "Crush You Up" by Dale Oliver cuts him up and TNA Television Champion Samoa Joe makes his makes his way out to the ring looking more than a little PISSED OFF! He heads down the ramp in his ring gear with a towel around his neck, looking ready to fight! Batista just stands in the ring smiling as Joe doesn't mess around, sliding straight into the ring and getting right in Batista's face.

Taz: Joe doesn't look too happy!

Mike Tenay: I can understand why he wouldn't be!!

Taz: This could get real ugly, real quick!

Joe and Batista are clearly exchanging a few choice words despite those words not being picked up by a microphone, which is actually probably a good thing. After one particular exchange, Batista breaks out into a huge grin and nods before stepping backwards clearly saying 'ok' to Joe. He lifts the microphone back up to his mouth as Joe crosses his arms, looking just about ready to knock Batista out if he insults TNA again.

Dave Batista: So you're the 'great Samoa Joe', huh? Very... uh... impressive? Look tubby, I get it. You've been going toe to toe with a bunch of nobodies your entire career and you've beaten them all. I guess that makes you feel like you mean something but you don't.

Joe looks even more pissed already but doesn't immediately react to Dave's comments.

Dave Batista: When you're standing in the ring with me, with Dave Batista, you're in big leagues little boy. When you're face to face with the Money Machine, you're nothing in comparison Joe.

The fans vociferously boo and jeer Batista.

Dave Batista: You hear that Joe? These fans all agree with me, they think you're nothing too.

That just draws even louder boos from the Impact Zone.

Dave Batista: So what I want, right now, is for you to get down on your knees and apologise to Dave Batista for interrupting the true definition of greatness.

The boos are almost drowning Batista out now as Joe shakes his head leading to Batista tilting his head to the side, looking a little dumbfounded.

Dave Batista: No? Did you just say no to the Money Machine? Did you just say no to Dave Batista? Did you just say no... TO ME?!?

Batista lifts his right hand up and slaps Joe hard across the mouth.

Dave Batista: You never say no to me! Never! I'm Dave Batista!

He slaps Joe again!!

Dave Batista: I'm Dave god damn Batista, I'm the Money Machine, I'm...

Joe has had enough as his eyes roll up into the back of his head and he spears to the mat and begins wailing on him with several hard right hands as all the fans in the Impact Zone simultaneously explode!

Mike Tenay: Joe has had enough of this!

Taz: A man can only take so much abuse before he has to take action!

Batista manages to writhe free of Joe's grip while his jacket is now torn. He quickly tosses his jacket out of the ring before attempting to make his own escape but Joe is quick to pounce on him, pulling him back down to the mat.

Mike Tenay: Choke! Joe's got Batista in The Choke!

Taz: He's not quite got it synched it. Batista's struggling to keep Joe from getting his arm around the neck!

Indeed, Batista is struggling against Joe, trying to stop him from locking The Choke in tight before blindly throwing an elbow that catches Joe just below the eye, causing enough of a distraction to allow him the chance to break free of the move and escape the ring. Batista heads back up the ramp, looking a little scared as Joe gets to his feet in the ring, staring a hole straight through Batista before rolling his eyes up into the back of his head again.

Crowd: Joe is gonna kill you! Joe is gonna kill you! Joe is gonna kill you!

As the fans chants this, Batista looks from one side of the crowd to the other before shaking his head and backing up the ramp looking more than a little scared.

Mike Tenay: I guess Dave Batista just got a bit of a reality check.

Taz: Welcome to TNA Batista! What a way to be introduced to the company!

Mike Tenay: I'm sure this won't be the last time we see those two in a ring together.

Taz: I hope so Mike! Joe looks crazed! He looks like he's going to beat the living crap out of someone and Batista could end up being that someone!

Samoa Joe runs his thumb across his throat as Batista disappears backstage.

Mike Tenay: Samoa Joe is just about ready to kill someone!

Taz: Batista better watch his back because, in my opinion, he just pissed off the wrong guy.

~#~#~#~#~ Commercial ~#~#~#~#~

We come back from commercial straight to Mike Tenay and Taz at the announce desk.

Mike Tenay: What a show we've had tonight and it is coming to a close but how big a night has this been for TNA?

Taz: It has been a huge night for TNA. We've had debutants making an impact, if you'll excuse the pun, we saw the return of Chris Sabin, an victory for The Pope in singles action, King Mo knocked out Bobby Roode and Aces & 8s put Hogan in the hospital.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, we do have an update on Hogan's condition. He is stable but doctor's believe he has suffer multiple broken bones and will most likely be out of action for a very long time.

Taz: That beat down he suffered at the hands of Aces & 8s was absolutely brutal. One of the most violent things I've ever witnessed in my long career.

Mike Tenay: And, of course, just moments ago, we witnessed the arrival to TNA of Dave Batista.

Taz: We sure did and, like I predicted, Batista had plenty to say but he was cut off by Samoa Joe who didn't take too kindly to what Dave had to say about TNA.

Mike Tenay: Not just that but Batista actually going as far as to slap Joe across the face twice. Quite frankly, I'm surprised he's still breathing.

Taz: If Joe had his way, Batista probably wouldn't be breathing. He was lucky to get out of there in one piece. I'm sure Joe will be looking to get his hands on Batista sooner rather than later.

Mike Tenay: Right now, however, is the moment you've all been waiting. Ladies and gentlemen, your main event of the evening and it is for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

~#~#~#~#~ CRAWL ~#~#~#~#~

We cut to the entrance way as the cheers in the Impact Zone are very loud for "Crawl" by Kings Of Leon as it begins to play on the sound system and the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, James Storm steps out for all the fans to see. Wearing no sunglasses and no cowboy hat, James Storm looks like he's ready to fight. He heads down the entrance ramp and down to the bottom of the ring steps before climbing up them and entering the ring to the sound of even more cheers. He begins pacing around the ring, grabbing a hold of the top rope and stretching himself out as his music dies down and we await the imminent arrival of the champion.

~#~#~#~#~ ANOTHER ME ~#~#~#~#~

The crowd also greets the sound "Another Me" by Dale Oliver & Jeff Hardy with a huge pop as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy makes his way out towards the ring, championship gold wrapped tightly around his waist. He slaps hands with a bunch of fans and he makes his way towards the ring before heading around the ring, slapping hands with all of the fans around ringside, before sliding into the ring. He removes the title from around his waist as he lifts it high over his head to further cheers from the crowd. Christy Hemme takes it with the introductions.


Christy Hemme: The following contest, scheduled for one fall with no time limit, is your main event of the evening and it is for the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The fans around the arena cheer for the announcement of this huge Main Event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Christy Hemme: First, the challenger, from Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, weighing in at 230 pounds; he is the "Tennessee Cowboy" JAAAAAMES STOOOOOORM!!!

James Storm takes his moment in the spotlight, taking a step forward and pandering to the crowd a bit before heading back off to his respective corner.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the current, reigning and defending TNA Heavyweight champion of the world; the "Charismatic Enigma" JEEEEEEEEEFFFF HAAAAAARRRRDDDDYYYYY!!!

Jeff steps into the middle of the ring and throws his arm into the air, proudly holding the championship belt high above his head to camera flashes across the Impact Zone and loud cheers from the many Jeff Hardy fans in attendance. He then hands the belt off to the referee for tonight's contest, Earl Hebner, before stepping back into his corner. Earl holds the belt high above his head as part of the championship pre-match ritual before handing the belt to SoCal Val at ringside and checking that both men are ready to go before calling for the bell to signal the start of this huge main event match.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) Vs James Storm

As the bell rings the two men slowly begin circling each other, preparing to do battle in what is sure to be a titanic encounter. The two men step forward into a lock-up as the two men struggle for positioning, both men hoping to try and gain an advantage early on. James Storm, the bigger man, manages to over-power Jeff Hardy and he shoves Hardy back into the corner before driving his shoulder into the mid-section of the prone World Champion. Hardy is clearly in pain as he struggles for breath as Storm pulls him out of the corner and body slams Jeff Hardy down to the mat. Storm bounces himself of the ring ropes and drops an elbow across Jeff Hardy's chest before pressing his own weight down onto Hardy's chest in a pin attempt, ONE... TWO... Hardy gets his shoulder up. Storm gets to his feet and lifts Hardy up to his feet and tosses Hardy hard into the corner turnbuckle, his body bouncing back off the padding and collapsing to the mat from the whiplash impact of the move. Storm steps across to the fallen Hardy and pulls him up to his feet and shoves it back into the corner before pummelling on Hardy with several hard right hands before following up with a bunch of boots in the corner. The referee admonishes Storm as he beats down on Hardy before he uses his boot to choke Hardy in the corner. He breaks the choke at the refs count of four before pulling Hardy up and out of the corner and taking him down with a short-arm clothesline. Storm goes for another cover, hooking the leg this time, ONE... TWO... Jeff kicks out. As James Storm gets to his feet, he waits for Jeff to get to his feet before charging towards Jeff, going for a spear, but Hardy avoids the move and Storm goes flying out of the ring and down to floor. Hardy runs back, bounces off the ring ropes and lunges towards Storm with a baseball slide but Storm has it scouted, reaching in and pulling Hardy out of the ring by the legs and dropping him down onto the concrete floor. Storm pulls Hardy up to his feet and tosses him, back first, into the steel guardrail at ringside. Storm takes a few steps back and runs at Hardy but Jeff counters and sends James Storm flying into the fans with a back body drop. Hardy steps back and charges towards the guardrail running up and leaping off it onto James Storm with a clothesline right in front of all the fans at ringside. Jeff Hardy gets to his feet, surrounded by rabid TNA fans, and raises both his arms high into the air as all the fans around him cheer him on.

Jeff reaches down and pulls Storm up tossing him back up and over the guardrail down to the concrete floor at ringside. Hardy climbs up and over the guardrail himself before pulling Storm to his feet and tossing him, head first, into the steel ring post. Storm looks like he's in a lot of pain as he struggles around on the mat before being tossed back into the ring by Hardy as the camera shows his head and we can see James Storm has been busted open! The laceration isn't that bad but bad enough that blood is begin leak down Storm's face as he attempts to get to his feet as Jeff Hardy gets into the ring. He pulls Storm up by the hair as the blood continues to seep down his face and he delivers a right hand to his challenger. He nails him with another right and then another and then attempts another but Storm ducks underneath it and drives a knee into Hardy's mid-section, winding him. Storm brings his forearm crashing down onto Hardy's back before following it up with a DDT and a cover, ONE... TWO... Kick out by Jeff Hardy. Storm gets to his feet and pulls Hardy up to his before whipping him into the corner and Hardy leaps up and onto the top rope before coming crashing down onto Storm with a Whisper In The Wind. Hardy quickly follows the move up with a pin attempt, ONE... TWO... Storm kicks out at two. Jeff looks a little annoyed as he sits up but doesn't waste time crying over the near fall as he pulls himself up using the ring ropes before heading across towards James Storm. He heaves James Storm to his feet and boots him in the mid-section before running off the ropes, only to be caught a big one-armed side slam. Storm lands on top of Hardy in a pinning predicament, ONE... TWO... Hardy, once again, manages to get his shoulder up before the three count. Storm is now looking frustrated as he gets to his feet and pulls Hardy up to a vertical base. He winds his fist up and floors Hardy with a hard right hand that echoes throughout the Impact Zone, sickening impact on the punch as Hardy's neck snaps right back as he crashes against the canvas. Storm takes a moment or two to catch his breath and consider his next move as he watches an evidently sore Hardy struggle to get to his feet. He runs across towards Hardy and drops him with a running bulldog that he follows up with a pin attempt, hooking the far leg, ONE... TWO... Foot on the ropes! Hardy couldn't even muster the strength to kick out that time, he just got his foot and placed it upon that bottom rope to break the count.

As both men are clearly feeling the effects of this match, it is clearly James Storm who, despite having been busted open earlier in the match, is clearly in the drivers seat. He gets to his feet and begins laying the boots in to Jeff once again, stomping away at his chest and sternum as Jeff tries to cover himself up with what little strength he has left. Storm drags Jeff onto his feet by the hair and wildly swings his right arm but Jeff ducks underneath it and leaps at Storm, cross-bodying him up and over the top rope and out to the floor once again. Jeff comes down hard, clutching his side moments after landing, but James Storm looks like he might be completely out as he lays face down, completely prone on the floor. As Jeff struggles to his feet, using the guardrail for support, he realises Storm isn't moving and he plays it up to the fans before climbing up and onto the guardrail with the help of the fans in the front row. Jeff runs the tight rope of the guardrail comes flying down onto the downed James Storm with a big diving splash, bring all his weight crashing down onto Storm's back but, once again, hurting himself in the process. As the referee's count on both men reaches six, the fans begin boo-ing the idea of this match ending in a count out and a 'get in the ring' chant builds up around the Impact Zone as Jeff Hardy tries to get to his feet. He grabs a hold of the ring apron and uses it to steady himself as the referee's count hits eight and he leaps into the ring right on nine, just in time to break the refs count. Hardy rolls back out of the ring and struggles to get James Storm up before rolling the Tennessee Cowboy back into the ring and stopping to catch his breath before rolling back into the ring himself. Jeff rolls Storm into the middle of the ring to avoid suffering the same fate as he delivered to Storm moments ago with a rope break before he makes the cover, hooking up both legs, ONE... TWO... THR-NO! Storm somehow manages to kick out of the pin attempt before the count of three. Jeff is looking more than a little desperate now as he hops to his feet and heaves James Storm up and into position for a TWIST OF FATE but Storm counters and shoves Hardy, face first, into the corner turnbuckles. Hardy clutches his stomach and chest as he stumbles backwards out of the corner and immediately falls victim to a back suplex from Storm who goes straight for the cover, ONE... TWO... THR-KICK OUT! Jeff Hardy will not die here tonight! He simple refuses to give in!

Storm runs his hands through his hair and pounds the mat in frustration before getting to his feet using the ring ropes. Storm reaches down and pulls Hardy up to his feet but Jeff counters with a jaw-breaker that sends Storm falling down to the mat. Jeff Hardy now points to the corner and ascends up to the very top rope as the fans are going crazy, knowing exactly what's coming next... SWANTON! But wait!! Storm rolled out of the way and Jeff connected with nothing canvas! Storm is now to his feet, measuring Jeff, poised to deliver... LAST CALL-NO! Jeff ducks! TWIST OF FATE-COUNTER! LAST CALL-NO! Jeff ducks again but Storm takes out the referee!! Storm is stunned and Hardy attempts to capitalise on the moment as he attempts another TWIST OF FATE but Storm counters it and shoves Hardy towards the corner. Hardy manages to stop his momentum by using the ropes before he connects with the turnbuckles before turning into... LAST CALL! Jeff Hardy is down and out! We're going to have a new champion!!


Storm counts the three but it doesn't matter, the referee is down and out cold following that missed Superkick. James gets to his feet and heads across towards the referee, shaking his prone body an attempt to revive him but to no avail. That referee is out cold! Storm turns around and reaches down to pull Jeff Hardy up when, out of nowhere, Jeff connects with a TWIST OF FATE! Storm is down and maybe out as Jeff climbs to the top rope once again before leaping off and connecting with a high impact SWANTON! Jeff hooks the leg... but still no referee! Jeff rolls across to the referee, shaking his body in an attempt to wake him but he has no luck in attempting to do so. He gets to his feet and tries to drag the referee across to the corner to try and stand him up using the turnbuckles but he can hardly move the refs body after suffering through this gruelling encounter. Jeff takes a moment to catch his breath as he turns around... LAST CALL! Jeff plummets to the mat like a tree falling in the woods but Storm is still hurting from the Swanton as well! He collapses to the mat, completely drained by this match as both he and Hardy lay flat out on the mat. Storm slowly begins crawling towards Hardy, looking to make a cover, as he drapes an arm across Hardy's chest. As he does this, the referee finally begins to come to and spots the pin, crawling across the ring to deliver the count!





Two and three quarters as Jeff Hardy barely, and I mean barely gets his shoulder up before the count of three.

James Storm is on his knees and he cannot believe it!

Storm gets to his feet and has his hands on his head, wondering what he's going to have to do to defeat Jeff Hardy. He now steps back and calls for another Superkick! The referee is now to his feet and watches as Storm calls for Jeff Hardy to get to his feet, hoping that this next Superkick will end the match. Hardy begins to get to his feet when suddenly...


Out of nowhere, Austin Aries comes flying into the ring with the World Title belt and blasts Storm across the face right in front of the referee. Aries smirks as he stares down at the downed James Storm as Hardy finally staggers up and onto his feet, turning around just in time to see Aries hop out of the ring.

The referee has no choice but to call for the disqualification!


Jeff Hardy looks confused as he tries to regain his bearings and looks to Aries, not knowing Aries just laid out Storm. Hardy looks down at Storm and then looks to the referee who is talking to Christy Hemme regarding an official match result but the fans all boo, knowing exactly what is coming.

Christy Hemme: Your winner of this contest, as a result of a disqualification... JAMES STORM!!

Even more boos!

~#~#~#~#~ CRAWL ~#~#~#~#~

Austin Aries looks incredibly proud of his achievement as he backs up the ramp with the entire crowd booing and jeering him as Jeff Hardy looks on, a look of anger now etched into his eyes.

Mike Tenay: Austin Aries just screwed James Storm out of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Taz: Hardy looks pissed and I'm sure that when Storm comes to, he will be too!

Austin Aries feigns tears at the top of the ramp as the fans continue to boo and jeer him while Jeff Hardy helps James Storm to his feet as Impact goes off the air.

Fade To Black...

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