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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Last night’s Backlash was believed to be a successful event, in regards to match quality and drama involved, but one blip on the radar was the injury of Shawn Michaels. Actually, the injury wasn’t really an injury at all if rumour is too believed. It was the plan all along to take Michaels out of the match, and have him take some time off before a big summer angle which he will need all his strength and skill in the ring for. We don’t know when he will come back, but rumours are saying it’s between one and three months.

The Miz and John Morrion are apparently receiving rave reviews after their performance last night, and Chris Jericho is being heralded backstage after he has made The Miz into a star on the RAW brand. Jericho and Miz is rumoured to continue, they will team together now and then but they won’t be an official tag team, instead The Miz is likely to face off against John Morrison and Jericho will probably be thrust into the main event scene where many feel he belongs.

As for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton became WWE Champion last night, after he punted Triple H the skull. This leads us to believe that Triple H will be out for awhile to allow Orton to develop as the top star in the company. However, after Orton RKO’d Stephanie, we expect his feud with the McMahon’s to continue for some time. Apparently creative wanted Triple H to win the match and retain the title, as they have made Orton to be such a big star now, that they don’t a big enough face to compete against Orton for the title. Triple H had to be put out with the punt because of nagging injuries so the only top faces left on RAW are Kofi Kingston and possibly CM Punk, Batista is still injured and there has even been talk of turning Chris Jericho face to feud with Orton.

Speaking of CM Punk – officials were impressed with his match with Kane last night, and the cutting of the hair was the plan all along, CM Punk protested to that but realized it was for the good of his character development and we should see a new CM Punk in the coming weeks and months.

Meanwhile, creative are especially impressed with Kane, many believe he has been rejuvenated and has played his new character extremely well. There is no plan to return the mask, creative feel that would be going backwards but Kane should be a top player on RAW for the weeks to come, with a possible WWE Championship match touted.

On the SmackDown side of things, many feel the Jeff Hardy and his brother, Matt put on the match of the night. The spot at the end wasn’t actually planed, it was only supposed to be the announcers table that Jeff went through but Hardy decided to put the other table on top to make the spot seem more impactful. And it was, many in the arena and backstage feared for Jeff’s health when Arn and Dean were checking on him, they threw up the X sign but Jeff protested he was alright and wanted to finish the match. We expect Jeff to take no more than a couple of weeks off before coming back, possibly to get involved in the Cena/Matt Hardy program that people have been touting.

Many feel now this is the time to strike, Matt Hardy after his victory last night is probably the hottest member of the SmackDown roster, it’s only a matter of time before Hardy gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bobby Lashley returned to the WWE last night in a move that was well received by many backstage, Lashley and his differences with the ‘E were resolved and he made his re-debut last night by beating Vladimir Kozlov. Expect Lashley to continue feuding with Kozlov ‘till at least Judgment Day, and then branch off possibly against John Cena, as he was the last person that Lashley really had a program with before he left.

WWE Divas Champion Maryse retained her belt against Gail Kim last night and then had a confrontation with the WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix, we believe this may be the start of a unification match between the two champions, the only problem is there both heels. WWE has toyed with the idea of turning Maryse into someone who gets cheered, but doesn’t care what the fans think, as they feel the fans will choose to boo Phoenix over Maryse. Maryse is being touted as the next face of the Divas division, similar to Lita and Trish Stratus. The Divas Champion has apparently worked hard backstage, said all the right things and has improved in the ring and there has even been talk of Trish returning to pass the torch so to speak, which would probably happen around Summerslam.
Featuring both RAW and SmackDown Superstars...

‘Time to shake things up...’

After a chaotic Backlash, the chaotic ways of the WWE are about to continue as the draft rolls into town for this year. We’re in the same building that Backlash was held, where we saw some great moments, and some horrible moments but tonight – new rivalries will form, brands are shaken up and the WWE will never be the same.

Last night, we witnessed the crowning of the new WWE Champion, we saw Randy Orton defeat his long term enemy, Triple H in a No Holds Barred match. But it’s not the fact that we have a new WWE Champion that’s on everyone’s lips, the moment that everyone is talking about is Randy Orton punting Triple H in the skull and then sealing the night with an RKO to his wife, Stephanie McMahon. Tonight’s show, before the festivities of the draft starts, we will hear from the new WWE Champion, as Randy Orton will kick off the show, and we’re sure you won’t want to miss what Orton has to say.

On the subject of World Championships, John Cena retained his as he defeated Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship and at the end of the match, the two men shook hands out of respect for each other. However, John Cena’s week isn’t finished, tonight we will see him take on the WWE Champion in a huge main event, it’s Champion versus Champion, the two biggest stars in the WWE go head to head and the winner will receive a draft pick for their brand.

But that isn’t the only Champion versus Champion match scheduled for tonight, tonight we will witness the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio take on the WWE United States Champion, R-Truth. Last night, Rey Mysterio retained his title and was saved from a beating from the World Tag Team Championships, tonight he goes one on one with his SmackDown equivalent and we’re sure it will be a huge one.

But that isn’t all, in matches that will affect the landscape of the WWE, the new WWE Tag Team Champions will take on the World Tag Team Champions. It’s Cryme Tyme taking on The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson and we’re sure it will be huge.

Every Superstar is in the building tonight, so expect appearances by quite possibly, any one of them.

Confirmed For RAW:

Randy Orton Opens The Show

Draft Matches:
WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion
Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Intercontinental Champion vs. WWE United States Champion
Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth

World Tag Team Champion vs. WWE Tag Team Champion
Cryme Tyme vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Chris Jericho & The Miz vs. The Colons
Jack Swagger vs. Bobby Lashley
Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim
20 Man Battle Royal

Non Draft Matches
CM Punk vs. Kane


Massive thanks to everyone who reviewed or even read the show, means a lot. Feedback is still welcomed, RAW is almost done, will be posted in a few days. As for the prediction contest, the winner was The Bad Guy with Jam and Flux tied for second, in third was a tie again as CP and ThatWeirdGuy had the same scores.

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