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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Post Summerslam News and Notes

Last night’s Summerslam was regarded as a big success amongst officials with the dramatic main event taking centre stage and capturing everybody’s attention with a lot of people now wondering just what the next step in this ongoing saga will be.

Well, rumour has it that Shawn Michaels involvement with Batista is over with for now and that the devilish Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff will throw something else in Michaels path, throw somebody else his way this coming week on Monday Night Raw. As far as who Michaels enters a feud with, we can’t confirm any names right now however there are a lot of hot, up and coming heels on the red brand and there is no doubting a feud with the Showstopper could elevate them.

One of those up and coming heels is the man who shocked the world at Summerslam and ended the career of Ric Flair, Christian. Captain Charisma picked up the biggest win of his career in a result that shocked many however we can confirm that this has been the plan right the way since back at Wrestlemania. Ric Flair himself pitched the idea of a retirement angle heading into Wrestlemania, citing that this may be his last year in the company. However the angle was hotshotted to Summerslam with Flair set to undergo surgery on a nagging knee injury. The talk right now is that Flair’s retirement IS legitimate, however Flair may return somewhere down the line, perhaps in a backstage role or an on screen character with early as next year being touted. Christian meanwhile is set for his strong push to continue with some pushing backstage for a World Title run or at the very least a shot at the champion, whoever that may be.

The WWE Championship match was very well received last night and officials felt that Kurt Angle got the very best out of John Cena. Cena’s reign was always scheduled to continue with until at least No Mercy and it would appear as though he has a ready made match with Randy Orton. Orton pulled off a HUGE victory, toppling The Undertaker last night in another very well received contest. A title match between two of the WWE’s brightest young stars is under serious consideration. Kurt Angle of course lost in controversial fashion to Cena with his foot placed on the bottom rope. This was done so Angle can lay claim to a rematch, one we expect him to receive BEFORE No Mercy.

Shelton Benjamin meanwhile regained the Intercontinental Title last night, thanks to the help of his partner Charlie Haas. There is obviously something lined up between these two men but right now all we can tell you is, don’t expect this angle to wrap up anytime soon with our sources claiming that the blow off between these two may not come until the end of 2005.

Two more bright prospects picked up big victories last night at the expense of two veterans as Mark Jindrak and Bobby Lashley defeated Big Show and John Bradshaw Layfield respectively. Both Jindrak and Lashley are scheduled for strong pushes to continue for the rest of the year, however don’t expect either man to be catapulted right to the top of the card just yet.

One topic gathering a lot of focus right now is the Money in the Bank contract. Edge retained his briefcase last night, defeating Chris Jericho in a thrilling contest and officials are up in the air about how, when and where Edge cashes in that contract. It is almost guaranteed that the Rated R Superstar becomes a World Champion but some members of creative want there to be a real shock factor about the eventual cash in. The Canadian has until Wrestlemania to cash in but it’s not expected to be left that long with the feeling being that it WILL come sooner or later.

On a rather different note, the WWE has rather surprisingly CANCELLED two of their upcoming Pay Per Views. Armageddon which was scheduled for December as a Raw only show along with No Way Out which was a Smackdown only show have both been removed from the schedule. We can reveal that the thinking behind this is to do with building suspense and encouraging stronger build up heading into two of their biggest Pay Per Views in the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. The company knows they will lose money with the cancellation however the goal is to make the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania as big as possible and draw in huge buyrates for both those events.

The gap between Survivor Series and Royal Rumble is a long one and likewise the gap between the Rumble and Wrestlemania but the feeling is it will create a much better story to the matches and the fans will therefore be a lot more invested. There will however be something in place of the two cancelled Pay Per Views…

In place of Armageddon, there is likely to be a special 3 hour Raw show with a lot of possibilities being talked about for that, including a Night of Champions special while Smackdown would likely receive something similar, most definitely a theme to it. In place of No Way Out, we can CONFIRM the blockbuster return of Saturday Night’s Main Event! This extravaganza will return on February 26th 2006 and will be a Two Hour Special live on NBC featuring the superstars of BOTH Raw and Smackdown. The feeling is this will be used as a prelude to Wrestlemania with a lot of feuds being showcased here or got up and running.

Massive thank you to all of those who left predictions and a big thanks to those who left reviews, much appreciated and glad to see the show went down pretty well. Summerslam is still more than open for any more feedback but just wanted to get this thing moving forward. Not sure how well the cancelling PPV ideas will go down but I think like I mentioned in the notes it’ll be a good way for me to build feuds further without having to focus too much on single brands in between the big events.

Another little note, predictions contest, what you’ve all been waiting for…right? Melvis, Flux and Jam all got 8 out of the 10 matches correct and each scored two bonus points. While Cult scored 9 out of 10 matches correct and got one bonus point. As it’s a tie I’ll give it to Cult based on the fact he got most matches correct. Again, thank you to all though.

And finally, Raw is nearly done and dusted so I don’t think the wait for that will be too long, expect a preview some time next week probably. Until then, take care all.

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