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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Seem like contracts has gotten a lot of changes/improvements
#77-78: Contracts (Parts 5 and 6)

Today we will look at two more terms that are part of contract negotiations.

The first is intended push; as simple as it sounds, this guarantees an active wrestler that he'll have a minimum push for the duration of the deal. This ranges from Never Lower Than Main Eventer all the way down to Opener, and includes "Normal Push" (the default setting, means there is no guarantee). Obviously the higher the push you guarantee, the more attractive the offer.

The second is availability; this covers what shows a worker will be contracted for. The options are All Shows, PPV Only, Major TV Shows And Above and Everything Except House Shows. So if a worker was contracted for Major TV Shows And Above then he wouldn't be available for booking on 'B' shows or house shows. Again, the terms affect the attractiveness of the offer and are strictly enforced.

We will look at some more terms in the next entry.
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