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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Rocky Mark View Post
no sorry, hip hop is art sure, but it's not a movie business where you play a character, remember rap was made in the first place to express what's inside

rap at one point was considered the "Realest" genre of music because it was based on experience and true feelings

i'm not saying that if a rapper isn't a hardcore gangsta that means he's wack, you could make great stuff without faking

as for the L example, well that was just a metaphor he used, but he was still in it, he was legit and real as it come

I honestly believe fake rappers are the real sell-outs, so yeah, Drake is fake, the guy went from a retard on Degrassi to frontin' like a hardcore thug.. that just doesn't cut it from me, if you're fake your heart isn't in it and you're just in for the green, not that I care but i'm not gonna be fooled (lol a blood from Canada?)

his music is garbage imo, he's trying to hard to copy Wayne's style and his lyrics are abysmal
But you realize L had ZERO problems with law enforcement, right? And what's your definition of real? Toting guns and committing crimes? Not exactly a smart tactic when you actually have something going for you.

And the whole Aaliyah thing is blown out of proportion. I used to hate on the guy for it too, but you have to realize the man is just obsessed with her. "Loving" her and writing her notes is fucking insane, yeah, but wanting to do a project based on Aaliyah or whatever isn't really that bad.

At the end of the day, most rappers are fake to a degree and the ones who are "real", again using the toting pistols definition, end up going nowhere and dead, get locked up, or make shit music. The "realest" rappers of all time are fake to a degree. Pac, L, and Biggie all being examples. Everyone contradicts themselves, stretches the truth, etc.

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