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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Makaveli View Post
As far as rappers being fake goes, you can't just look at their music. Music is art, like movies. You don't watch Clerks and think Jason Mewes in real life is Jay from the movie. Sometimes when rappers say tough shit on a record they do it to sell and build an artistic image. Do you really think L actually snuffed Jesus? Hell no, it's horrorcore. It's art.

It's not like Drake is all of a sudden carrying tec-9s and and flashing red bandannas. Take his music for what it is. That said, I pick my spots when it comes to his music. Very selective.

Probably his best verse ever.
Of course, I get that Hip Hop is an art but Drake is just another corporate puppet, that is all he will be, and the rest of YMCMB. Drake, the person..is delusional, the whole Aaliyah thing is way too weird, no input from Timbaland or even Missy Elliot? It's odd.

Drake isn't even in the same level as Big L. Big L is a freak, I mean that in the best way possible.

Drake just tries to put on this tough guy image outside of Hip Hop music and it is just fake..he was on Degrassi ffs. Hip Hop is very cookie cutter now with the exception of Hopsin, Frank Ocean and possibly a Kendrick Lamar. Hip Hop is just in a stage like Rock music was with those horrible hair bands (Motley Crue, Cinderella, Poison etc.) It's like too much bullshit is coming in at once.
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