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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by PunkSE316 View Post
I'm not in any phase.

I've never liked T-Pain, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Drake, Chris Brown etc.

Kanye is average at best. The first two albums he had were good but the fame started to go to his head and he started acting obnoxious.

Frank Ocean and Hopsin are the only two really good talents going today. All this Drake, Lil Wayne stuff will be looked back in 10 years time as a phase, very similar to the Nu Metal movement at the time which ended up being a flash in the pan, difference is..at least Nu Metal actually had some talented bands but it faded out quickly.

Cher called and she wants her auto tune back.
I was referring more to the "corporate douche bags" type of comments. And now you gave another one with.....Two good talents going today, huh? LOL. Yeah, that's indicative of that phase I'm talking about too, lol. "Fuck Nelly and Jay-Z and Cash Money! That Kweli is the real shit! It's all about the underground!". Wash, rinse, repeat, shit don't change, just the names do.

I don't fuck with Drake or Wayne at all, but really who cares? People have been saying the same kinds of things you are saying forever.

And let's not act like Kanye wasnt obnoxious from the beginning. He was always a cocky, goofball with asshole tendencies, he just went from the underdog to the favorite. You ever see his MTV punk'd episode when he was shooting Jesus Walks? LOL, that's obnoxious. Funny as hell too. He just got more somber/weird for a few years there when his mom passed.
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