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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
Go look at some old Rap City freestyles, you can find so many instances where x rapper here phones it in and freestyles some lines from a song off one of their albums. Even recently, go to the GOOD Music cypher a year ago, Kanye does it. Freestyles don't "prove" anything for me.

Also, how are Drake and Bieber phonies? They never claimed to be great freestylers (Bieber isn't even a rapper for that matter) or anything.
Hip Hop is based from freestyles, is it not? Drake claims to be all tough and everything but he started on Degrassi ffs. Bieber had some "rap" thing on Hot 97, Ludacris wrote it for him and he memorized it. The same deal when DJ Premier had a bunch of rappers come up on stage to freestyle, Bieber asked to come up but he wanted Ludacris up there with him or he wanted pre written lyrics, one or the other.

They are just a bunch of corporate talentless douchebags.

Kanye has never been a top elite rapper, he is in the Dr. Dre class of producing and rapping. Drake, Lil Wayne etc. All claim to be top Hip Hop talent but they can't rap for shit and they're just bubblegum pop music.

Drake, Lil Wayne and all them can sell how may records they want, and they can claim to be awesome but didn't Vanilla Ice sell like 20 million copies of his album? Adam Sandler has been making crap movies for a long time now, but they still manage to make a ton of cash, does that still make them good movies? No, it doesn't at all.
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