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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

This should be a fun post to dismantle. Not like it takes much effort with 20 something people on a wrestling forum anyhow. Let's see here...

Originally Posted by DBizzle View Post
Not voting for Mittens. The republican party is the biggest threat to "average" Americans in recent history. Yet, they have somehow convinced the voters that they care.
They don't care because they don't want people dependent on government? Oh ok.

The repubs have become a horrid mix of:
-- uber-rich people who get all sorts of government aid and loopholes
So the democrats aren't rich? And the democrats don't [b]exclude[b] themselves from things? Is this a joke?

tea partiers - "Get your government hands off my medicare!" - need I say more - people who claim they want a constitutional government and they can't spell constitution
Hey quick - Can you inform me of the number of arrests, terrorist plots, drugs traded, and assaults/rapes that took place between events at Tea Parties, and events at various "Occupy" events? You know - Occupy Wall Street, a very liberal movement that spread across the country and saw countless drugs traded, children "misplaced" and even idiots trying to blow up a bridge? Hop to it, Sparky, and get me those figures. Thanks.

-- war mongers - see chicken hawks like Dick Cheney
War mongers -- Hey did JFK ad LBJ escalate action in Vietnam? Did Obama claim he was closing Guantanamo Bay, and then not do it? Did he also ok action in Libya? Both parties are "hawks" when it suits them. You're post has been bullshit til now, but this one is the biggest bullshit by far. Youre one sided comments are fucking laughable.

Conservatives have been on the wrong side of history on nearly every major issue.
-Ending slavery
-Low Taxes

Shit I can stop right there and I've already crushed your comment above.

They are hypocrites. I can sum up their economic policy in a few words "I got mine. Screw you.".
I work two jobs, so I don't "got mine" and yet I still support a Conservative mindset over a race baiting, pro entitlement one. Entitlement programs leads to learned helplessness. Seen how fucked up California is with multiple cities filing for bankruptcy? Probably not, too busy "being trendy" as a liberal. Fun fact: California has colleges that require no history or political classes to graduate, but taking a Marvel Comics class earns the same level of credit. Yeah - cause that's totally the same thing!

Americans too lazy to research it on their own. You want hypocritical morons in charge, the right wing has plenty.


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