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Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 6

Pumbaa breathed a sigh of relief as he left her house. Finally he could have peace of mind. As the anxiety the war had caused him left his being, a dark figure appeared and broke him in half.

Spoiler for Pumbaa:
Originally Posted by Pumbaa

Congratulations, you are Billy, The Legend, Forks Aligned! You are Jacob’s father and an elder of the Quileute tribe. Your best friend is Bella’s father, Charlie. Unfortunately for you, you have diabetes and use a wheel chair. Getting old sucks but with age comes wisdom thus you are worthy of being The Legend. Each night, excluding the first one, you may PM me the name of another player and assign them a role of someone who has died in the game. This person will have the option to accept the role you have offered them or keep the role they already have. If they choose to accept, they will have that role until they die unless you offer them another role which they also accept.

Win Condition: You win when Forks is the only faction remaining.

Lawls’ rage burned in her soulless body as fiercely as her wild red hair blew in the howling wind. “The Cullens will pay for everything they have taken from me,” she screamed as she came across a helpless Cloverleaf whom she mercilessly grabbed and broke her neck.

Spoiler for Cloverleaf:
Originally Posted by Cloverleaf

Congratulations, you are Sue, The Forensic Investigator, Forks Aligned! You are the widow of Harry, who died in New Moon of a heart attack. You have two children, Seth and Leah, who are both werewolves. Since you and Charlie, Bella’s father who is a police officer, become romantically involved at the end of Breaking Dawn, you are a 2-shot Forensic Investigator. Twice during the game, though one shot per night phase, you may PM me the name of a dead player and I will inform you of all the players that targeted him/her since the beginning of the game.

Win Condition: You win when Forks is the only faction remaining.

As Lawls left Cloverleaf dead in the snow, she felt one step closer to triumph. One step closer to bringing Forks and the Cullens to their knees. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she took a bullet in the back of her head and then another to her heart. She was extremely dead.

Spoiler for Lawls:
Originally Posted by Lawls

Congratulations, you are Victoria, The Godmother, Rebel Vampires Aligned! Originally part of her lover’s James’ coven who dies at the hands of the Cullens at the end of Twilight, Victoria is a red-haired, cat-like vampire. Since her supernatural talent is self-preservation, this makes you the investigation and night-kill immune Godmother. Every night you are to decide who will be killed and which member of your mafia will be carrying out the kill. You can talk to your fellow Rebel Vampires here: :|

Win Condition: You win when the Rebel Vampires is the only faction remaining.

It is now Day 7. With 6 alive, it takes 4 for majority.

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