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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by DNoD View Post
Not doing enough exercises? I thought that was bogus and plus starting strength is like 4/5 exercises right? I'm doing more than that. And I can't use barbells for a while, which sucks, and is probably why I am not consistent with squats/deadlifts cos dumbbells are annoying for them. That's the only thing I mean by not in a proper routine, but like I said surely not doing them is the problem? I was doing 3/4 * 8, because I thought it was good, and everyone else I've asked said do 8.
Originally Posted by i$e View Post
He meant not doing enough as in you're not consistent.

Get a barbell.
^^^ that. Not doing enough as in the volume, intensity, consistancy is not high enough.

Originally Posted by Loudness View Post
Guess we still need to clear up BASIC things for beginners here.

You can either gain muscle, or lose fat, there's no inbetween such as toning muscle. You can "tone" if your bodyweight gets lower (bodyfat wise) or stays the same while the bodyfat drops (which means muscle gains). You will never get 200 lbs and below 10% if you just hit the light weights and do shitty abs exercises, neglecting legs and any logical intesity and rep-range. Your muscles only grow if you give them stimulation to do so, so if you only go light, why should your muscles think they have any reason to grow? Better tren hard and eat clen instead of training hard and eating clean if that's your philosophy.

Originally Posted by Nas View Post
lol, broscience.

hey iSe, if it's not too much to ask can you do a guide to gaining fat/muscle for the skinny tall dudes out there (like me or EGame) I can easily digest your posts without having to read it over and over to fully understand. Or just link if you've already made a post similar to what I'm looking for.

Thanks, bbz.
HOL was going to write one up, not sure if he ever did.
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