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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Streaming sites? I checked desirulez and they have a couple working links for the full show.


TNA Xplosion : Daniels vs Magnus

I'm a big fan of Daniels' music. It's nothing special but it just suits him I think.

Anyway, this does feel like a real competiton. both guys just trying to outwrestle the other. Magnus goes for the submission which he doesnt usually do but it gets the extra points. He rocks the ted dibiase jr clothesline which im a fan of. Has some nice power moves too. Daniels steals the win like only he can though, just as i was thinking he was taking the dq risk seriously by having no Kaz at ringside. Fun for less than ten minutes though.


Sacrifice 2012: Joe/Magnus vs Christopher Daniels/Kazarian

Opening sequences is a really nice back and forth between magnus and daniels. Awesome use of power by magnus with the vertical suplex too. Crowd's hot for joe, and he looks up for it (srsly ive loved joe this year. idk what happened to him but im happy).Power vs speed dynamic between the teams look evident. Joe and Magnus have some nice tag sequences too, i really hope they go do more teaming in japan since i feel this team had a load of potential. Daniels is greatness as usual. Taz apparently shows his age by mentioning nsync, does that mean he's my age . Control segment is real nice, daniels and kaz do a great job of isolating magnus and the crowd is hot for joe to tag in. JOSEPH PARK SIGHTING. magnus finally gets one on one in the ring and outpowers kaz while daniels cant help him for once. daniels reaction to joe being tagged in is beautiful, same for the moonsault miss. joe is on fire here, hot tag sequence puts angles one from sunday to shame. kaz and daniels are veterans though and stop joe/magnus from finishing it. awesome nearfall which i remember had me thinking it was over. finish kinda comes out of nowhere which is a bummer. fuck aj/daniels for letting this feud go nowhere too, these two teams had a great sprint, better than the tag title match on sunday which was way longer (or at least feels it)


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