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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 4 (FINAL FOUR)

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Lol, you act like Serbia is motherfucking North Korea. It's an European country where radios, internet and all that exist just like in the U.S. and other European countries. I assume you have never been outside of America (or North America for that matter) because that's the only way such a mind-state can be explained.

With internet, anything is accessible. And a rapper like Nas is one of the most well known rappers around the world and he comes on radio every now and then so I doubt many people who are "in" on the modern world don't know about him. Also, you don't have to understand his references to really enjoy the music. I've been listening to Nas for over 5 years now and not until a year ago did I really start paying attention to the heavy slang he uses most of which I didn't even understand. For instance, I had no idea what the fuck he's on about in "Memory Lane" but now I understand it all. With help from internet and slang dictionaries, of course.
Correct, I have never been off of North America. I'm not saying that I think they don't have internet and radios and shit and live like the Amish or something......it just bugs me out that American culture would be on their radar like that. Because no other countries cultures are on my mind like that.

And yeah, I do wonder how a foreigner would enjoy a song like A Queens Story, for example. Shit, if I wasn't from NY and old enough to remember the 90's, I would be like "what the fuck is dude talking about".
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