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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Summerslam Feedback

Sorry this took so long but better late than never right?

I really enjoyed the opening video package, you really set the tone well with it being a huge show and it needed a pretty great video to hype it up. You managed to get all the matches into it, and then giving the most importance to the Christian/Ric match, and I could imagine the way the video faded out with Ric saying he wonít retire so well done on the package.

The opening commentary from both teams was well written, putting emphasis on the big matches for later tonight. Loving the banter between Coach and J.R, btw, Iíve always preferred it when announce teams had one clear cut face and one clear cut heel who would cheer anything a heel would do.

Intercontinental Championship up first? Good choice, and not just because I predicted it e. Nice choice to go with the fast start from Benjamin, shows how hungry he is for the title and should get the crowd into it straight away. Hassan targeting the ankle is a smart move on his part, Benjamin is extremely quick so any way to slow him down should be attempted. Would like to have seen some differentiating with the pin falls, the way you are writing them so far doesnít really add any suspense to the count. Haasí not punching Hassan was a good way of showing the friendship between the Benjamin and him, while also showing Hassanís tactical side as he knew he would have won via DQ. Another leg drop this time, but from the top rope adds some extra impact to a move weíve seen a few times already, I would have liked to have seen something different like an elbow drop to the leg, just to show something different. Again, the tactical mind of Hassan really showing here with the removal of the turnbuckle cover, I would have liked to have seen Hassan inflict more damage on the leg before trying something like this though, maybe he could have locked in a couple of leg submissions. I donít know why, but I smirked at the image of Haasí flying through the air at Khali. Hassan landing on his feet after the T-Bone Suplex, Iíve seen that, and itís been awhile since Iíve seen Hassan so Iím not sure if heíd be able to do that, but Iíll take your word for it. Hassan going back to the injured ankle was the smart thing to do, halt the comeback from Benjamin. Iím not sure about Haasí on the apron bit, if I was Hassan Iíd let the referee deal with him while keeping a hold of the submission. Benjamin is Intercontinental Champion, I can live with that, Hassan was champ for 4 months so itís time to give someone else the belt. I imagine weíll see a rematch before it comes down to Benjamin and Haas for the title. Good opening match, only gripes would be Iíd have preferred Hassan to work on the ankle a bit more, and Iím not sure about Hassan letting go of the hold. Also now that I think about it, Khali was down for a hellaí long time after the Haas thing.

The little sentence during the aftermath, that Haas was looking at it like he won it, gives me an idea of where youíll go with this. I fully expect a Benjamin/Haas feud over the title in the coming months.

Nice piece of dialogue from Bischoff, it really shows that in his mind, he owns Michaels and HBK should do everything he tells him to do. Bischoff bringing up Michaels family as a very nice way of getting HBK to listen to him, and get him to do what heís told, from this segment I expect some form on confrontation between HBK and Kane, and Batista during the match. It wouldnít surprise me if Michaels went to Superkick Kane but got Batista instead.

Nice way to start this match, with Lashley showing his power early on, JBL is no slouch in the power department so this really shows just how strong Lashley is. I would liked to have seen Lashleyís fast start to last just a little bit longer. . I did think that you shouldíve had JBL be in control for longer than he was, heís a former WWE Champion so showing his skills off by keeping Lashley under control would have probably make the comeback mean a lot more. I believe the ending was a little abrupt but Lashley winning was the right thing to do. This win cements him as a top player on SmackDown, getting the pin over a former WWE Champion and a wrestling god as Jibbles puts it.

I really enjoyed reading this interview, certainly youíve made Christian into a top star in this thread and while I donít expect him to end Flairís career tonight, I do expect him to have a great showing and maybe best him at the next PPV. But yeah, solid interview and a good batch of hype for the match later.

With eight men involved in this match I could tell it was going to be chaotic from the get go. And thatís exactly what it was with the teams turning on each other, but with Doane and Nemmeth winning, it means you have a readymade tag team for the World Tag Team Titles. This was a good little mid card match, would have been entertaining in real life because of how chaotic it was.

Another solid interview here from Cena, adding some extra hype to the WWE Championship match later on. Cena and Angle should be a cracker. As for RVD/Rey, Iím not really sure if they should be featured since they arenít on the card, but I can see why you did it Ė as it gives some good hype for the next SmackDown, and it just goes to show how stacked your shows are since they didnít get on the card for tonight. Oh, and Van Dam reacting the way he did to Teddy calling him desperate seemed a bit odd to me, Van Dam usually seems like a laidback guy so to see him react like that was strange.

This was the match I was probably looking forward to the most, I skimmed back through this thread a few days ago, and saw the beginnings of this feud was near the start, so to see it last all the way to Summerslam is quite something. Just thought Iíd say it here, because itís been bugging me Ė I personally think you couldíve added more drama to matches by differing the counts of pin fall, the way they are laid out makes it seem like the same length of count all the time before someone kicks out. I thought the start to the match was entertaining, I liked the back and forth between the two men. Itís probably just me being thick, but at the start, I had trouble following the action, like I said it could just be me but I had trouble putting together the action with the way the words were laid out. I thought you done a great job in creating a lot of drama, and despite me thinking at the start that Edge was a cert since Money in the Bank matches hardly ever end with a new holder Ė you got be believing at some stages that Jericho would win so props for that. Really enjoyed this match, both men put on a show and the desperation shown by both men really showed how much they need/wanted that briefcase. While I donít think Edge will cash in tonight, I think it will be pretty soon, strike while heís hot and all that jazz.

Pretty good video to hype Unforgiven coming up, I know most people donít comment on the packages but I really think they can be a good thing as you can pick up on hidden messages in them.

I was expecting a Angle segment to pop up since Cena had a good interview earlier, but I didnít expect it to include Michaels. Enjoyed Angle playing the dick head here and making Michaelís problems seem worse and gloating as heís in the WWE Championship match while HBK is only refereeing the World Title one. I do think Michaels should have tried to respond though, maybe have then Angle cut him off to provide Angle the platform to come out with the second paragraph of dialogue.

I was a huge fan of Carlito around this time, same with Hardy so I was really looking forward to this match. I actually thought the Twist of Fate came a little soon, not much went down between the start and the ToF and Carlito kicking out was a little much, I know it was early but Iím not sure I like kick out to finishers unless itís a huge match. I realize thatís a little hypocritical as Iíve done the same, aha. Iíll be honest and say I wasnít a huge fan of this match, donít get me wrong you wrote it well and you chose the right Superstar to win, but something just didnít click for me.

I just realized that there isnít a womenís match on this show, not very often you see that, but if I recall the division was pretty good at this point so hopefully they get a chance to show it on PPV soon. Trish returning soon is a great thing, her and Victoria will probably continue what started earlier so looking forward to seeing what you can do with the divas. Enjoyed the exchange between the two.

I liked the fact that you had Batista show signs of worry about what Michaels will do, would have been completely stupid if he said he wasnít at least concerned. Grisham asking Batista about Kane was extremely needed, I feel at this point Kane has became an afterthought which you donít want your challenger to be. So this was needed to remind us that it isnít all about Michaels and Bischoff, even without them Ė Kane is still able to believably take on Batista.

I donít remember much of Mark Jindrak apart from I would see him on Velocity all the time. I will say that Jindrak attacking Show from behind was a smart move, gives you a way of getting Show in danger pretty early. Iím not really sure this match needed the No Holds Barred stipulation, this could have probably been a singles match on its own and still be just as good. But anyway, this is a very good win for Jindrak, this should help him move up the card and with Regal with him heíll have a good mouthpiece.

Ric Flair was on point here, I have a lot of trouble with writing him but you seem to do it well. Good interview, which hypes up the match just like Christian did. You got the intensity and emotions perfect, so good work on that.

I would have personally wanted to see a little hype video for the Taker/Orton match, but thatís just personal preference as I enjoy reading them and feel that they make the match seem that much bigger. The back and forth action was extremely good, enjoyed a lot of the spots in it, and you had some creative exchanges like Orton countering the chokeslam into the RKO, youíve done a lot of that during the night Ė have creative finishes/exchanges etc. I loved the false finishes in this match compared to the Hardy/Carlito match, as I felt they meant a lot more in this match and it was warranted considering the rivalry. Nice finish to the match, and a pretty great bout all in all, Orton looks like a star now and should move on to the WWE Title now, unless you go for another match, but this time a gimmick like Hell in the Cell.

Matt Hardy is the never the most entertaining star on the microphone, but I feel you did okay here. Hardy putting over how tough Carlito was to beat was good, but then bringing it back onto himself by putting himself over was good, a good interview. I felt someone would interrupt and attack Matt, and Carlito was predictable. ĎLitoís little bit of dialogue I felt wasnít really needed, couldíve saved that for SmackDown to give him a good promo to give.

I thought this video package was absolutely fantastic, I really enjoyed the differing views from different Superstars, and I believe this makes it extremely difficult to predict, although Iíd be shocked if Flair lost. Flair losing and retiring is a very bold move, not one I particulary agree with it as I feel a win for Flair here would give it that feel good Summerslam moment, while Christian could come back at the next PPV and get a win over Flair there. Flair at this point, I think had some more to give, but if you donít want to use him then thatís okay. I assume heíll be back at some point, maybe down the stretch at Mania. But anyway, I really enjoyed the match; Christian using the Figure Four was nice, I knew Ric wouldnít tap to that, if he did though it would have been a huge moment, retiring to the move that you used to create your legacy. Christian should be catapulted now to the main event I feel, and if he becomes champion and we see Edge cash in, I can already see the main event for Mania now, aha.

I was a huge fan of Kennedy, and I loved his Kennedy Kennedy gimmick so Iím interested to see where you go with him. Find it interesting that youíve brought him in well before he actually debuted. You got him down to a tee here, playing the cocky son of a bitch. I do feel though, that this segment would have been better served had Kane been involved instead of Kennedy as I feel he needs some exposure before the main event as every other competitor in the world title matches has had some.

The psychology of this match was solid, not sure why Angle would target the back instead of the ankle though. Cena bringing out the STF at this point is the perfect time to do it, since heís against a Submission Machine, which shows that he can fight fire with fire. The FU of the top of the turnbuckle was something special, we donít see that very often and I do feel this should have ended the match without a doubt. However, I do feel that Angleís foot on the rope wasnít really needed, after a huge move like that, I think he wouldnít know where he is let alone get his foot on the rope. Expecting Orton to get involved in this now, however I know people like to have ĎTaker take long times off so I hope you donít do that and he gets involved in it.

I feel that Ortonís interview wasnít really needed at this point; he didnít need to tell us what he done since we just saw, but I suppose it sets up a feud for the WWE Title. I expect a three way for the belt, as with the ending to the match before Ė Angle has to get a rematch. The way Orton described Taker running away all the time leads me to believe that weíll see a rematch before the three way though.

Again, another nice video package. I really enjoyed this match, Iíve said that a lot in this I realize but I really did. For a big man match, you did a great job with this. HBK kicking both Batista and Kane was a shock, expected him to kick one but not both. Bischoff ordering HBK to stop counting at one point was really nice done, really showed off how much of a cunt Bischoff is and HBKís face I could picture in my mind when it happened. But yeah, good main event, I did expect Batista to win, just because I donít think Kane should be the one to end his reign, but at some points I truly thought Kane had won it like when HBK kicked Batista. I expect huge repercussions for Michaels on RAW now though, and the fact that Bischoff was out there to watch it unfold makes me think it will be even worse.

All in all, I thought this PPV was a damn good read and the effort you put in really shone through. I did have some irks with some of the stuff, like the pin falls and the kicking out of the finishers but the positives definitely outweighs the negatives. I enjoyed most of the booking and the writing was solid throughout, youíve created some possible new feuds and I canít wait to see how Bischí will react to HBK on RAW. Great job, bud.
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