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Re: Main Event great for character development, but will it last?

Originally Posted by Macho Minion View Post
I'm old-school. I don't live in the Attitude Era, I live in the Golden Era. I miss the days when feuds and characters were built in a more organic way.

And so, I sit here with The Main Event playing on the DVR and it's pretty obvious what WWE is attempting. They recognize their roster hasn't been properly developed and fans haven't been able to connect with them like in days past, so Main Event is a showcase, a "deep dive" into the featured personalities. I'm seeing pictures from Kofi Kingston's early days, a promo that's weaving between reality and kayfabe.

From a pure wrestling perspective, this is a very good move by WWE.

But I fear it won't "stick." I fear I'm in the minority of fans that want actual depth on the entertainment side of the equation (not what passes for depth on most eps of RAW these days), and this experiment may be dead on arrival.

What say you?
I happen to agree with on the idea that the WWE has developed this show to dig deeper in to personalities. It will work, but it's a matter of exposure. They need to incorporate this on to Raw, and certainly Smackdown. Main Event is the "guinea pig" for now. However, I would imagine that the members of the locker room are really excited about this since it equals more exposure. People were complaining about there being too many WWE shows, but it takes this many shows to really explain the "who", and "whats" of your characters. Fans need to find some sort of connection. With all the media social outlets these days it should be easy as pie to get "over" with a character.

Jim Ross is right when he says many of these guys are just happy to show up on television. They don't really have a direction for their own character. Guys like HHH, HBK, Hogan, Austin, and countless others had dreams for what they wanted to be in the ring in terms of character. These guys need to step up to the plate because their company is actually providing them with many more opportunities to market themselves. This in turn is part of the reason I respect Zach Ryder. Look at how he used social media. In the old days Ryder would probably be a star, he seems to be a fan what he does, and shows effort. You may not like the "Woo, Woo, Woo" because I know I can't stand it. However, he is proof that you can be marketable. Ryder has a sense of direction, and that's something most stars like Kofi, or McIntyre can't say.
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