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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Wouldn't say Tanahashi's working as a heel. He's still the top babyface guy in the company and he's still being booked against heels on the big shows - Okada/Tanaka/Suzuki/Yujiro. He's just edgier. I think the heel stuff is the more the crowd reacting differently to him and he's smart enough to adapt his game to how they react to him.

Ripped the show earlier, I'll upload it later. TAKA's been of my favourite wrestlers this year actually. Him and Taichi are super fun as a goofy duo and I was hoping this would show him still excelling at non goofy stuff and it most certainly did. Really hope more K-DOJO stuff surfaces because he's been working some great looking 20th Anniversary matches.

Have you seen the TAKA/Taichi vs Liger/TM4 match from June 16th? It fucking rules and you'll almost surely like it for Liger/TAKA/Taichi. Him and Taichi have starting doing the best shtick ever in tags with Archer where they stand on the apron and fall down like an earthquake hit when Archer does a bodyslam. There was a SuzukiGun tag I was watching yesterday and Archer did like 3 of them in a row and everytime they got up they back up they fell back down again after the slam. It's the best.
I've watched next to nothing from 2012, but TAKA's one of my favourite wrestlers ever and I'll watch anything involving him in it.

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Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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