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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

Gotta say that I'm surprised that this match went first but unpredictability is always good. You've invested a lot in Miz and Morrison by giving them mentors such as Jericho and HBK, so hopefully it pays out in the end. This match gets interesting real fast with HBK going down with an injury. As soon as this happened, I knew the ending to this match. Can't say I didn't like what you did though. You made Morrison look really good by surviving for a good while before losing to Miz and Jericho. I think I would've had Jericho pin Morrison, but I guess it's safe to say that Miz got to hit his finisher because of that cheap shot from Jericho. So you did good with this. Draft night, always a good time! Champion vs. Champion? Book it!

Lashley back in the 'E? I can dig that. I'd imagine he'd be on Smackdown right? Smackdown needs some guys to fill out the upper card so I think Lashley will be doing that nicely. Nice addition if you place him on Smackdown. As for the match, it was a good display of power from both guys. Kozlov was written well which is a first that I've read. I can definitely see Lashley being in the main event, don't mind that at all. He's got a good skill set, so I'll enjoy the matches for sure. Jeff's interview was very good too, I like the way you wrote for him, bringing up the stuff that Matt has done to him. Should be match of the night maybe.

Regal/Rey was a really good match. It was just like any other match where Rey was the underdog and pulled out the win. Mysterio's a great wrestler so it's hard not to have good matches for him. Was a nice touch that you had McIntyre and McGuiness ejected but I knew that they would get involved after somehow. The aftermath was good too, CRYME TYME! Loved the segments you had with them so it was good seeing them getting on the pay-per-view. Tag division is definitely heating up and Regal and his henchmen surely aren't done. Let's see this continue! Judgment day video looked good, UNDERTAKER!

The Brian Kendrick, what a character he was. I was actually watching some old matches he had and some promos he had, he was quite likable. Not sure how I feel about the title change but I'll see where it goes. Ironic ending with the apple spit, nice touch there. I was impressed with the way you made Jackson look here, he was an absolute beast. I think the pairing of TBK/'Zeke could've been so much more so here's hoping you do well with them. Lashley interview was quite tolerable, kudos to you for that. I don't like that it seems he'll continue feuding with Kozlov though. Kozlov should just go away so that you can have Lashley in the upper card.

Won't comment too much on the match with Punk/Kane cause it was good as usual. But wow, the aftermath was where it all started. I thought that chokeslam would be it but taking it a step further with cutting Punk's hair, was a bold move. Don't know what this means but it definitely adds something to this heated feud. You portray Kane really well as a sadistic demon. As for the Orton/Flair segment, it was good. I like you bringing up the history these two had. What Orton had to say was logical and very megaheel-like and even I was booing him in my head. Glad to have finally seen these two interact, was waiting for it. Oh and I didn't really like the ending to the Punk/Kane match, it just seemed really rushed. Punk hits a kick to the gut and successfully connects with the GTS? Why didn't he just do that in the first place, eh may be me just nitpicking but yeah, those are my thoughts on that.

Wow, just wow. I knew this would be match of the night and it certainly delivered. Though I'm thinking HHH/Orton can match it. But wow, what a fight that was. It showed just how much tension there was between these two, you portrayed that they had no remorse for what they did to each other. It kind of gets me excited to see what you do with Matt now. He's now in a position to be a bonafide main eventer if you pull the trigger. What he did to Jeff was just brutal. The Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder was a good spot but the best one was probably the tables. After that spot, it was all over for Jeff. Nice touch with you writing Matt as a total ass when he finished off Jeff with that Twist of Fate.

Divas match was needed here after that brutal TLC match. Giving the divas nine minutes? Bold move here dude. But it was a pretty decent match. Division was still tolerable this year, so it should definitely continue to improve. Just a step in the right direction for the divas.

Cena/Edge matches are always good because they have good chemistry and this was no different. There were so many instances where I thought that the match would be over, but it just kept going. Not saying that this is a bad thing, but maybe if you toned it down a little, it would've been better. Like my partner said, less would've been better at this point. Then having Show come out was a bit much too, but I like what you were doing with it though. Go big or go home right? Show just came out looking weak here with Cena and Edge taking him out. Plenty unanswered questions here. Is Edge face now? Tweener? Who's Cena's next challenger? Who will Big Show feud with? I kind of sense a triple threat coming here with Vickie pulling some strings. Definitely some things to watch out for on Smackdown. Beth staking her claim to the divas title, wooo! Seems to be you might change it back to the Women's Title, which I wouldn't mind at all. Any storylines the divas are in will be for the better.

Hmm, I'm sticking with the TLC match as match of the night but the WWE Title match comes in at a close second. Good use of weapons here and I shuddered at the thought of HHH connection with that Sledgehammer shot to Orton's skull that was placed on the steel steps. There may have been an unnecessary amount of kickouts to their respective finishers but I think it was alright in this case. The steel steps were used a lot which I thought was rather unique, so kudos to you for that. After that punt, it looked to be all over and it was. Having Stephanie come down, I wasn't so sure of. Don't exactly get why she would do that. I think I would've just had the cameras see her reaction from a monitor in the back. Then have her be Orton's worst nightmare instead of Triple H. For a second there, I thought she was gonna kiss him, haha. But yeah, may have been a bit much but I still enjoyed it.

Finally to the conclusion! Overall, was a good pay-per-view in my eyes. You did well in advancing the midcard feuds and the tag team division looks to be heating up which is awesome. I think you may have done a little too much in the WWE and World Title matches but I still enjoyed them nonetheless. I also liked how you included videos on some of the feuds, it gave the match seem of some significant purpose. I enjoyed what you did man, now let's get to the draft!

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