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Re: Aces and 8s: A Look Back At Their Path Of Destruction

Originally Posted by Uhtred View Post
So please enlightened me.

1) What did the Devon reveal do perfectly?
2) What do we need to get about the Devon reveal?
1) It confused everyone. Devon being revealed wasn't supposed to strike a "OH MY GOD IT'S BIG BAD DEVON" reaction, it was designed to confuse and it did just that.

2) It's just one piece of the puzzle that's been revealed. It opens the possibility that ANYONE on the current roster could be in Aces & 8s and they aren't just a bunch of outsiders coming into the company.

Originally Posted by Uhtred View Post
You have unpredictability and then you have a cluster****

And the Devon reveal was a cluster**** on many levels.

1) Even TNA, Devon and the twitter account of Aces and 8s are confused over something as simple as whether Devon is the leader of Aces and 8s or an prospect.

2) Devon coming out the stupid statement after the match that "He was behind Aces and 8s all along".
What Devon actually said "It was me all along" which is still somewhat ambigious. I do agree with you on this, i hope this was a slip of the tongue and he aint implying he's the leader. Devon being just one minor member works, if he turns out to be the leader of the whole group it will be one of the biggest anti climaxes/worst plot endings in TNA's history

Originally Posted by Uhtred View Post
Basically an allmighty cluster**** but if you want to confirm it is genius booking by being unpredictable then go ahead.

Even when you consider that Devon was an face who turned, the majority of the fans in TNA and worldwide have no emotional attachment to the Devon character so his turn had zero effect.
Disagree, in the last 18 months he's always got a good reception from the crowd as a face.

Originally Posted by Uhtred View Post
If TNA wanted to turn a face for shock value then at least choose a face whom the majority of fans care about/support and have an emotional attachment to.

That is why the Hogan turn, when he joined the NWO worked and why this Devon turn will have no effect.
But Devon being revealed wasn't done to shock, it was done to confuse. It was pulling a "WTF is going on?" reaction, not an OMG reaction.

Originally Posted by Uhtred View Post
The only faces in TNA who could have pulled off joining Aces were James Storm, AJ Styles or Sting.
I'm almost certain this isn't (and it better not be) the climax. Storm possibly may have worked, Styles simply wouldn't make sense as he's a TNA grown superstar and a Sting heel turn simply wouldn't work because he's too much of a legend. TNA could turn him into the biggest baddest heel and the crowd would still cheer him constantly.

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