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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Eddie Ray View Post
claiming that Ambrose looks like a jobber....ahahahaha...he's 6'4" ffs! not to mention he has become pretty buff since coming to the WWE.

I don't see why him facing Ryback is unrealistic. Ryback's push into main event territory is temporary due to the WWE having the need to fall back on a back up plan and the lack of main event faces means Ryback was the only available option. If Cena was fit and well Ryback would still be beating jobbers. Sure, one day it might be a more permanent position for him but just not right now and when that time comes I hope to see Ambrose being top heel. I know one thing, Ambrose will slaughter him on the mic, and with him being taller than Ryback, he will look like a legitimate threat.

Some people just love to hate and I pity them...same as all the AJ haters. She is one of the best things to happen to the divas division yet everyone shits on her. Some people just feed off their own negativity and hate rather than looking at the positives. For example, I don't like Ryback purely cause I don't think he can handle a 30 min match (where as Ambrose can with ease) but I hope he does well, cause he provides a change from "CCCEEEEEENNNNNAAAAAAAA" and could be a catalyst for change. this whole debacle has made the WWE brass think of its future for a change. but anyway, I digress...

Ambrose is part of the future of the WWE, not its entirety but a big part. He has great wrestling ability (something about Ambrose that people overlook a lot, usually because his promos are so good that it overshadows his ring work), great understanding of in ring psychology (the main reason why Bryan has succeeded is for the same reason), great intensity and is gold on the mic. He has what it takes to be successful. The rest is up to him but his achievements in the indys should speak for themselves...and before anyone rags on the indies...that's where the future is because they can come to the WWE fully trained with years of experience under their belt, its far more beneficial to the WWE and in turn for us, the viewer. Look at NXT, many of them are from the Indy scene and they harbor some of the best talent we have seen in ages.

anyway sorry for the essay, just had to get that off my chest...
You ever thought about writing for WWE in the future at some point? This is some great stuff, and who cares if it's an essay; it's a good read that gets me really gets me excited about Ambrose's potential..

In the few months I've posted frequently on WF, I've noticed that nobody understands how to sell a wrestling story. Not only can you do that, but it sounds like you know a thing or two on how to be successful in the WWE.
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