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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by THANOS View Post
There's no such thing as "smark shit", we're all fans, and some of us just choose to like talented performers instead having meathead fetishes. I've never understood why so many people prefer big guys over smaller guys that you can relate to easier. Some people in this world must have some secret homosexual fantasies if they want to see guys that "look" good, not that there's anything wrong with that .

Also, you need to realize that wrestling is kayfabe, it's not real. So things like believability can be thrown out the window right now.
There is a such thing as smark shit (the post I am replying to right now is smark shit). Most of you know what I mean whether you want to admit or not. So called "meatheads" are no different from "talented" performers. In most cases the "meatheads" are the more talented of the two.

I can't relate to X-Pac MEV at all.

What the hell made you bring up sexual fantasies?

Yeah there is nothing wrong with that considering that humans are sexual creatures. I don't know who the hell made up shit like hetero, homo, and bisexuality anyway. It's fucking sex.

But anyway, who I like or don't like in wrestling has nothing to do with sex. What the hell made you bring up sexual fantasies?

I know wrestling is kayfabe, but there are some matches that just don't make any sense at all. For example if X-Pac MEV ever does face Brock Lesnar and gets any decent amount of time on the offensive end, I am going to laugh myself to tears. What Kevin Nash (I'll call him Big Sexy since I supposedly have sexual feelings for him) said about guys like X-Pac MEV and D Bryan is the truth. And I like D Bryan.
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