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Re: Noyk: Fucking or chastity, which is it then?

I haven't been active on here much until recently, too bad I missed this in it's prime but I gotta say I'm surprised some people didn't see through his bullshit earlier. I always thought his posts and most of all his threads were cries for attention, almost everything he says comes off as artificial. Rush and Seabs in particular put him in his place very effectively, as well as anyone else who caught his "LOL, i trolled u guiz" spin on everything. Just a coward going through the motions. All this thread did was validate my preconceived notions of Noyk: He's just a try hard chameleon using the "Lulz Internet is srz bzns' defence while actually caring a whole lot about it, as Cat revealed. The "Multiple Accounts/Self Rep" reveal was just the kill shot to the already severely battered Noyk.

Quite the delicious thread, this one.

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