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Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
I wouldn't know, I can't watch Game of Thrones, it's on Sky Atlantic here in England, I don't have that channel. Gutted I could never see it, a lot of people I know have given it rave reviews. It's on my "to do list" when it comes to online shows.
Those are happening in the next 2 seasons anyway, so even if you did watch the show, you wouldn't know what they are. Those are book terms. At least until A Storm Of Swords, the 3'rd book in the series, the best book and the longest book (to date) is completed in the next 2 seasons, then they'll be show terms.

I don't know what shows could possibly be ahead on your to do list but bump Game of Thrones to the top. It's the best thing on television, you have my word.

Imagine the WWE for the next full year, round the clock, with CM Punk, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow and Dean Ambrose as WWE, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and United States Champions, and Christian and Chris Jericho as the tag team champions, all at the same time, with Stone Cold Steve Austin and JBL as the general managers, with PRIME Jim Ross on commentary. Then, imagine if every show, in addition, WWE chained Kentonbomb to the ring ropes on the outside and made him watch Ryback, Tensai, Jinder Mahal and Drew Mcintyre job to all the divas. Then, multiply that by 100000x, and you're ALMOST at the level of greatness that Game of Thrones is on. Almost.

Which was stupider?

Rey Mysterio's SVR 2011 RTWM (Rey has a car crash and goes on an amnesia storyline which ends with him main eventing Wrestlemania with Jack Swagger and Even Bourne.)


Undertaker's SVR 2009 RTWM (Taker struggles feuding with Finlay and Santino before moving on to The Boogeyman at Wrestlemania.)
The Rey storyline sounds dumber. At least, as ridiculous as it sounds, The Boogeyman would, at least GIMMICK wise be a match that would make sense for Undertaker at WrestleMania, though I don't know why he'd have trouble with Finlay and Santino.

What was worse, Little People's Court or Donald Trump vs Rosie O'Donnell?
Originally Posted by Mister Saint Laurent on Xavier Woods' Gimmick
Man, talk about giving a guy nothing to work with. Imagine you've been called up to tv and they basically say to you "You're well educated. (which apparently because of your skin color means that this is an incredible thing.) We can't believe that someone with your skin color has the level of education that you have, so your gimmick is just gonna be that we put you on tv and brag that you went to school. Cause that's basically the gimmick that they gave him, how much more racist could his gimmick have been? Am I missing something here? What was the reason that the people were supposed to get behind him, other than the company just saying "phht, well, he's...in school".

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