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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Monday Night Raw Results
Jan 10th, 2011 | Nashville, Tennessee

To open up the show, we get the usual opening video package and another one highlighting what went down last week; Mainly The Miz defeating John Morrison in a WWE Championship match in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match, as well as the progression of The Nexus - The Punk and Barrett promo, as well as the group interrupting the main event between Randy Orton and King Sheamus, leaving both men in a heap as the show faded out. We then go live to the arena where we are greeted with an impressive pyrotechnic display, as The King and Michael Cole run down the card and they hype up tonight's main event - A number one contender's match for The Miz and his WWE Championship at The Royal Rumble... A STEEL CAGE match, between Randy Orton, King Sheamus and either Wade Barrett or CM Punk.

Speaking of which, End Of Days hits and the seven members of The Nexus appear on the stage and make their way down the ramp, every man clad in their Nexus t-shirt and armband, with their wrestling pants/trunks underneath. CM Punk gets on the microphone and says that two weeks ago, The Nexus took out the biggest superstar in the WWE, John Cena, and last week they took out two of the other hottest superstars in the WWE, Randy Orton and Sheamus. The Straight Edge Superstar says that over the course of two weeks, they have caused chaos, anarchy and turmoil and they haven't even broke a sweat, and the dominance shall continue heading in to the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Punk then guarantees that one member of The Nexus, whether it be Punk himself, Barrett or any other member, will win The Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania and become the new WWE Champion. Wade Barrett then gets on the microphone and re-iterates Punk's points and adds to them by saying that what the WWE has seen so far is nothing compared to what they plan on doing over the course of 2011. Wade then says that Cena is scheduled to be live via satellite tonight because of the handywork of The Nexus and if Cena was wise, he would only be appearing via satellite for the next year, for his own sake.

On cue, the leader of the Cenation appears on the titantron to a huge reaction from the Nashville crowd. Cena, who's shoulder is in a sling from the injuries he suffered at the hands of The Nexus last week, looks dead in to the camera lens as Punk, Barrett and the rest of The Nexus discuss in the middle of the ring amongst themselves. Punk then grabs the microphone and questions what Cena wants, to which John happily answers. Cena says that they may have taken him out a fortnight ago, but it took six of them and their biggest mistake was allowing him to carry on breathing. John says that as much as he loves being at Raw and he loves pleasing the WWE Universe, he needs to spend time at home recovering and recooperating from "the cowardly ambush" at the hands of Nexus. John then says that he's recovering and training harder than ever because in 20 days at The Royal Rumble, he will personally see to it that every single member of The Nexus is eliminated and neither of them will disgrace the legacy of Wrestlemania and main event on the grandest stage of them all. All of the Nexus members scoff in the ring as John continues by saying that ahead of The Royal Rumble match, with the backing of the anonymous general manager, he has organised a warm up match for one of the members of the Nexus and that match, is next!


Match One | CM Punk vs. Mark Henry
Presumably leading by example, it is the loud-mouthed Chicagoan, CM Punk, that answers Cena's challenge on behalf of The Nexus, as The World's Strongest Man steps up to the plate. CM Punk accepting the challenge practically confirms that it will be Wade Barrett taking on Randy Orton and Sheamus in tonight's main event, also. The remaining six members of The Nexus also surrounded the ring, providing an extremely intimidating environment for the near 400 pounder. The match it's self was good, with Henry using his size and strength to his advantage. However, in the end, the brains and technical prowess of CM Punk prevailed, as he creamed Mark with a running knee in to the corner, followed up by the bulddog and ultimately making Henry tap out to the Anaconda Vice for a decisive victory. After the match, Punk screamed at the camera off mic "IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU CENA, HUH?" The six members of The Nexus entered the ring and began to put the boots to Henry, before over a dozen officials flooded the ring and separated the chaos.
Winner: CM Punk via Submission @ 6:12

After the post match antics, we go backstage where JOHN MORRISON is standing by with Matt Striker. Striker asks Morrison that after coming unsuccessful in becoming the WWE Champion last week, what is his next step in cementing his legacy in the WWE? Morrison scoffs and says that all his life he has been "the nearly man" and last week was no exception - Despite his best efforts, he NEARLY became the WWE Champion, but ultimately fell short. Jomo then says that losing last week may have actually been a blessing in disguise because now he's presented with an opportunity to win the WWE Championship on an even grander stage and an even more prestigious fashion - At Wrestlemania... Because he is entering The Royal Rumble match and even if it means him lasting 70 minutes and overcoming 29 other men to do so, he will achieve his boyhood dream and he will destroy his moniker of being "the nearly-man" by becoming the WWE Champion.

Morrison then walks off set, as we then go to a splitscreen of David Hart Smith and Natalya on one side, and the trio of Tyson Kidd, Jackson Andrews and Melina on the other, whilst Lawler and Cole hype the six-man intergender tag team match

We then fade out to a video package, hyping up the debut of The Queen Of Wrestling, Sara Del Rey!


Backstage we see Randy Orton warming up in his locker room ahead of his huge match tonight, until Scott Standford approaches him. Standofrd reluctantly asks for a moment of Randy's time, which he gets. Standford asks Orton for his view of what went down last week between himself, King Sheamus and The Nexus. Orton says that if The Nexus were out to prove a point, then the chose the wrong person to make a point out of, because unlike King Sheamus and even unlike John Cena, Randy Orton isn't going to sit back and let it slip. Orton says that whether he does it tonight, next week, next month or even next year, he will get his hands on each and every member of The Nexus and he will make them pay... But for now, he's focussing on his chance to reclaim his WWE Championship that was stolen from him by The Miz and his Money In The Bank Briefcase last November.

Match Two | Six Man Intergender Tag Team Match | Tyson Kidd, Jackson Andrews and Melina vs. DH Smith, Natalya Neidhart and ???
Making his first appearance on WWE programming since the 15th anniversary show in 2007, JIM NEIDHART returned to be the mystery partner of DH Smith and Natty. Cole brings up the family ties and the relations within this whole match, with Jim being Natalya's father and one of the best friends of DH Smith's legendary father, The British Bulldog. Also, the former tag team partnership of Smith and Kidd, a previous relationship between Natalya and Kidd as well as Neidhart playing a substantial role in training Tyson whilst he was training at the iconic Hart Family Dungeon in Calgary. The match it's self was pretty simple yet entertaining. Early on, the trio of Kidd, Andrews and Melina dominated and isolated Smith and Natalya using underhanded tactics and cutting the ring in half. However, towards the end of the match, DH Smith caught Kidd in midair after an attempted flying crossbody off of the top rope, and showing a great deal of strength, lifted Tyson high in the air and military pressed him, identical to how his late great father used to. Smith then made the hot tag to The Anvil, who shown no mercy and took no prisoners by unleashing hell on Kidd and Jackson, whilst Natty took care of her #1 contender at The Royal Rumble on the outside. After dominating the heel trio for a while, all six participants were in the ring, The Anvil and Andrews the legal men, and all three of the faces locked in the Iconic Sharpshooter on their foes in the middle of the ring at the same time... And Kidd, Andrews and Melina had no choice but to tap out for the feel-good win!
Winners: David Hart-Smith, Natalya Neidhart and Jim Neidhart via Submission @ 6:53

Following the match, the three victorious superstars celebrate and make their way to the back. Cole and Lawler then promote the rest of the show by saying that still to come we have a four-corner tag team match to determine the new number one contenders for the tag team championships, as well as a triple threat cage match to determine The Miz's #1 contender at The Royal Rumble, as well as another Royal Rumble qualifying match!

!SMACKDOWN REBOUND! - Alberto Del Rio defeats Rey Mysterio in a 2/3 Falls Match. Cody Rhodes not only defeats The Big Show, but also becomes the new #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at The Royal Rumble. Edge retains his title against Kane after a brutal Last Man Standing match, but Rhodes stands tall over the lifeless Edge to close the show.


We see a promo for the WWE's next PPV Extravaganza, The Royal Rumble, January 30th!

We then go to see a "during the commercial break" screen, where we see the legend that is Jim Neidhart, coming off a successful victory alongside his daughter and good friend DH Smith, blindsided by the egotistical Tyson Kidd and his newly appointed bodyguard, Jackson Andrews. The two men lay a vicious beatdown on the former two-time tag team champion in a random corridor in the arena and fleeing the scene before DH Smith and Natalya can get to them. Smith and Natty check on the condition of their friend/father before shouting for medical attention, as we return live to the arena.

Match Three | Four-Corners Tag Team Match | #1 Contendership | Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs. The Usos vs. Hood Domination (JTG and Ezekiel Jackson) vs. DZP
In what qas quite frankly a complete and utter clusterfuck between 8 men in an attempt to somewhat rekindle the tag team division in the WWE, they all go balls to the wall and peddle to the metal to put on a decent enough showing for the crowd tonight, as Santino and Kozlov join Cole and Lawler on commentary to add some comedic relief to what seems to be a fairly boring match. All teams manage to get in their offence at some point or another, showcasing the talents of the 8 men involved, but in the end, it's Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater that pick up the victory as Slater drills Primo with a Straight Jacket Hangman's Neckbreaker, setting up his South African partner for the 450 Splash, as The Nexus pick up their second victory of the night.
Winners: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater via Pinfall @ 5:04

Backstage, a limousine pulls up in the parking lot and out steps two men... THE MIZ AND ALEX RILEY! Matt Striker enthusiastically races up to the WWE Champion and his protege and begins to ask questions. Firstly, Striker asks what The Miz is doing here because he isn't scheduled to be on the show. Mizanin stops in his tracks and looks at Striker in disgrace, before explaining that he is the most MUST SEE WWE Champion of all time and he doesn't need to be scheduled on the show to turn up. Riley then butts in and says that now that The Awesome One is in the building, tonight's show has all of a certain become... UNMIZZABLE~! The Champ looks at his student in disgust at that horrible pun whilst A-Ry looks proud of himself. Matt then asks what The Miz thinks of tonight's main event and who he'd rather face at The Royal Rumble. Mizanin says that he's willing to face anybody and he doesn't care. Whether it be King Sheamus and shut him up once and for all and prove that the only reason he was King Of The Ring was because The Miz wasn't a part of the tournament. Or he could face Wade Barrett and expose The Nexus for all they're worth; Attention seeking hooligans that didn't quite finish kindergarten or he could face Randy Orton and prove that his Money In The Bank cash in wasn't a fluke and defeat him again, only this time on Pay-Per-View.

We then go to a doctor's room where Jim Neidhart is being treated by several medical staff. Natalya asks the doctors how he's holding up, and the doctors say not so well, and they'll have to send him to the nearest hospital and keep him over there for a few days - Tyson and Jackson really put a beating on him. In the background we can see David charging around the room muttering under his breath, visibly fuming about what's going down before storming out of the room and slamming the door on his way out, as Natalya looks on anxiously, before trying to catch up with him.


Match Four | Royal Rumble Qualifier | Daniel Bryan vs. Michael McGillicutty
The United States Champion and Michael McGillicutty, who's late great father Mr Perfect won the US title in WCW, put on a great performance and woke a seemingly lifeless crowd up with their match. Throughout, it was Michael's ruthlessness and aggression against Danie's in-ring prowess and technical wizardry and it made for a very entertaining 11 minutes! The larger, heavier Nexus representative used his strength and his power to his advantage by throwing Bryan around the ring with variations of suplexes and slams and he almost claimed the victory after connecting a Perfect-Plex, his father's very own special move. However, the United States Champion managed to get his shoulder up and turn the tide by kneeing McGillicutty in the top of the head whilst Michael was trying to suplex him. From there, Bryan took it to the mat where he, as expected, excelled and out of nowhere locked in the Lebell lock and it was only so long until McGillicutty tapped out, guaranteeing Daniel Bryan a place in the Royal Rumble match.
Winner: Daniel Bryan via Submission @ 11:30

We then go backstage where Ted DiBiase is just talking to his girlfriend, Maryse, until out of nowhere, R-Truth approaches him. Truth asks why Ted did what he did last week, and throw him out of the ring despite being tag partners for that night. Ted smirks and says that he was simply proving a point and he was proving that he has exactly what it takes to win The Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania. Truth scoffs and dismisses any chance of DiBiase winning the Rumble match until eventually DiBiase pushes Truth, sending him to the floor. R-Truth tries to get up and begin brawling with Ted, but a crowd of officials break it up.

Elsewhere, Scott Stanford is standing by with Wade Barrett. Scott says that tonight, The Nexus have won two and lost one and are seemingly on a roll and asks for his thoughts on his match up next against Randy Orton and Sheamus in a steel cage, the winner of which will challenge The Miz at The Royal Rumble. Barrett simply says that he leads The Nexus by example, and what better example can he give than holding the biggest prize in the sport around his waist. Stanford then says that the anonymous general manager has made this match a steel cage match to avoid any run-ins from any other Nexus members and he asks if that has caused Barrett to re-thing and change his game plan. Wade scoffs condescendingly and says that as good as every single member of the Nexus are, he doesn't need any help defeating Randy and Sheamus and the fact that it's a steel cage match gives him more of an advantage because quite frankly, he doesn't care if he takes his opponents out permanently tonight. Wade then walks off...


Cole and Lawler review tonight's show and hype up The Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View by saying that it's the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. We lights then begin to flicker as the steel cage that has been hanging high above the arena all night begins to lower. All three men then make their entrances as we get set to go!

Steel Cage #1 Contenders Match | Randy Orton vs. King Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett
From the beginning, the match is a chaotic brawl with all three men busting their asses to get the W. As you would expect, despite being a face and heel respectively, Orton and King Sheamus team up and punish Wade for interfering in their match last week and beating them down. However, the alliance only lasts so long and both men's ego get in the way and the two explode, beating the hell out of each other whilst Wade recovers. Eventually, Wade gets back in to the mix and the momentum shifts between all three men, neither of whom gain a distinct advantage for a sustained period of time. The end of the match comes when the Englishman has Orton on his shoulders ready for the Wasteland, but he turns directly in to a devestating Brogue Kick from King Sheamus, flattening Barrett, whilst Orton slips off of his shoulders just in time. Proud of his accomplishments, Sheamus bashes he chest and stretches his arms out, taunting the crowd, but when he turns around... RKO! Randy Orton creams King Sheamus with the RKO and makes the cover...1...2...THREE!
Winner: Randy Orton via Pinfall @ 13:49

The crowd explodes as the only face in the match overcomes the odds and cements his spot as the number one contender for The Miz's WWE Championship at The Royal Rumble, the same WWE Championship that Randy held before Mizanin cashed in his Money In The Bank title show. Orton collapses in a heap, tired from fatigue, as the cage is raised from the arena floor and back in the air, whilst Barrett and Sheamus slowly make their way to the back. Randy gets to his feet and poses for the crowd.


All of a sudden, THE MIZ AND ALEX RILEY sprint down the ramp and look to barrage Orton from behind... But Randy turns around just in time and catches them in the act. The two suited men freeze in the middle of the ring, unsure what to do as a sick smirk develops on the face of Randy as he knows he can get his hands on The Miz right now... BUT THE MIZ PUSHES RILEY IN TO ORTON... RKO TO A-RY! ... BUT THE MIZ HAS GOT AWAY! The sly WWE Champion sacrificed his own friend and protoge as a means of escaping the wrath of The Viper who just stands tall over an unconscious Alex Riley, licking his lips and grinning at a petrified Miz, as the show fades to black.


Confirmed For The Royal Rumble - January 30th, 2011
30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd 25 Other Superstars
WWE Championship
The Miz (c) vs. Randy Orton
WWE Tag Team Championships
Santino Marella and Vladamir Kozlov (c) vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater
World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Cody Rhodes
WWE Divas Championship
Natalya (c) vs. Melina

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