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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
Im still rather confused why there is a ban on stands in england when theyve been shown to be perfectly safe in germany and more

I mean I get hillbrough but come on, its completely irrational
Never try to understand the thought process of Club Executives and FA officials Redead, it'll just hurt your brain.

I mean this is the same system which says everyone in the ground can stand in front of their seat during half time, but the minute they kick off for the second half it becomes an unsafe practice.

This is the same system that imposes a 3 season limit for a club in the Premier League/Championship to covert their terrace into a seated stand, however if they were to be relegated to League 1 these sanctions would never pass and the terrace would be free for use. Again, apparently League 1 fans and below aren't worth saving.

This is the same system that continually preach how unsafe standing is...without having any documented proof of anyone ever being harmed simply by standing. Its the same way the likes of Man Utd and Aston Villa have fought off plans to close parts of their ground where persistant standing is common, because no Court in England would permit such a punishment because the Safety Council would have no evidence to suggest it would be a fitting punishment.

The media are also to blame since they seem to be incapable of separating safe standing from 'terraces'. Its not a fecking terrace you uneducated and lazy bastards!!

Hillsbrough is also the worst example for not allowing safe standing btw. Standing didn't cause that tragedy, hell the Taylor Report which is what led to all seater stadiums in the wake of Hillsbrough even says this. Piss poor policing and ill-designed stadiums enclosed with fences led to that disaster, and it was something that was bound to happen before anything changed.
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