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Re: APOCALYPSE: Return of The Livid One

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
What just recycled diarrhea? Your brain?

You're sweating right now, huh? I can see you, Livid One. Hunched over your keyboard, hitting refresh page every ten seconds, constantly snivelling and sucking the mucas back up your flaring nostrils, every now and then giving your tiny little bollocks a little squeeze because it's itchy down there, ain't it?

When was the last time you washed? I can fucking smell you from here.

Rah, I've just realised... the shit thing isn't a gimmick, is it?


You're now inventing new kinds of shit to play with. As for the second bolded part of your post, I note the use of the word barely. I'll assume there is still some mess from the punctured blood vessels from your dad POUNDING YOUR BLEEDING ANUS when he caught his wife cheating on him with you.

How is your mother by the way?
tl;dr LOL

But I see what you're saying. Fragments of your fathers fingernails are still buried inside the man folds you call your butt cheeks, after all SODOMIZING, all the while Granny Tuna Casserole aka your Grandmother was filming these goodies to her perverted delight. The reason you think this is a sodomy gimmick is because me being blunt as usual, have to state the truth that your were fucked in the ass all the time when you were a kid. This is what you have in common with PUSSY, I mean BULLY.

Just saying, dawg. Don't be mad.

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
That makes a lot of sense considering I've made several rants without any outside influences. Good logic.
Yes, I know you're a short sighted, mumbling, viagra popping, old fart. lol The tone in your texts are that of a bitter, grumpy, senile oldphag. Ever heard of anti-depressants?

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