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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Human Nature View Post
Oh okay! Thanks, I'll practice some tonight when I play '13!

BTW, if anyone wants me to test anything tonight on the demo, let me know and I'll see if I can. I'm going tonight and probably tomorrow!
So far I'm testing Rocky's championship entrance, make sure it's still there.
And see if the statistics for the titles restart once you change the titles for shows or change the superstar to a different show.
If the demo has all championship entrances available (which I'm not sure if they would cause it's a demo), please check what Alberto Del Rio's championship entrance is, because I've heard that it's supposedly far better than his regular entrance, which could hinge on whether I put a title on him or not. I know that Alberto Del Rio is not in the demo, however, considering I've seen the Dean Ambrose pre-set entrance on CM Punk, there may be a chance that the demo still gives you the option to see the entrances of others who aren't playable.

Speaking of the Stunner, i'm dying for the day they reanimate the damn move to where the opponent actually falls flat on his back rather than acting like an acrobat from Cirque du Soleil
You and me both. They actually HAD it but they removed a shitload of moves from the game, and it went with them. It's in like HCTP and maybe a few others, I'm not sure when they did the removal of the moves but I played HCTP a couple weeks ago and a regular, traditional Stunner is in it, along with virtually every other type of wacky sell Stunner.

EDIT ~ For those of you interested, here's a near 18 minute video on creation modes. It was JUST uploaded by the WWEGames Youtube account a few minutes ago, it's brand new.

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