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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Best "Roody Poo" IMO was probably in April 99, NY:

Nothing but money in this seg.

I don't want Rock to revert completely back to how he was 10 years ago. Obviously, his character has evolved since then but my only criticism is that, at times, I do feel like we've got Dwayne Johnson the person instead of The Rock the character. It's partially the fault of that stupid ass Cena/Rock, I'm sorry, John/Dwyane, program they gave to us earlier this year that enabled it to happen. I don't want to see Dwayne trying to get shit to trend on twitter for 15 minutes out of a 20 minute promo and then he spends the last 5 minutes being The Rock. I'd much rather he be what he was in his first return promo in 2011. That's the Rock I personally want to see but he doesn't get to be that Rock when they put him in these ridiculous shoot style feuds. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing Dwayne/Phil by the time the Rumble rolls along instead of a kickass Rock/Punk program over the WWE title. Oh joy.
I agree, there was nothing in that feud but 2 indivisuals trying to see who was most popular, when they could have given us something special story line wise. I mean sure, the Rock had a tight schedual, but still. Not really much gain out of it. Except for making Cena look like a GOD saint during the feud.

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