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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by DNoD View Post
I just haven't gained any muscle. (but have gained fat, but have been lifting HARD). I've been eating above maintenance, also ate more after 2 weeks of not gaining just in case I got my maintenance wrong, but nope no gains. Can't even see any slight changes or strength/power differences when working out. I try and push myself but nope. I'm sedentary all day, every day apart from the gym, there is NO WAY I can be eating too little.

Now it's just taking the piss cos I'm not even building with quite a bit of fat instead of minimal fat, it's just.. fat and no strength but I keep getting told to keep on at it and it will come............................... When apparently I should be stronger every week and sometimes even every workout. What the hell am I doing wrong. And no I'm not an ecto.
Focus on gaining weight first. If you're not seeing strength gains you might want to consider the GOMAD/HGOMAD and squats routine. You will gain fat on that program but you will also gain strength and mass if paired correctly with clean eating, heavy lifting, and light cardio. You can always take the fat off later. It's bulking season, anyway.
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