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Re: Must Watch Lucha Libre Matches?

Holy shit at Panther/Atlantis 1997 finally being upped to youtube. I remember you giving me the MU link Yeah and then realising I may never see it again when MU went to shits. Definitely not as good as the 1991 encounter but its still outstanding, probably the Great American Bash Eddie/Rey match compared to their 1991 match which is the Halloweeen Havoc/6/23 Smackdown match.

For more recent Lucha, you can't get much better than the Panther/Casas feud from this year. Haven't seen the trios matches but the Lightning match in January and the Hair vs Hair match in March were both outstanding and MOTYCs. Terry vs Chico Che in January produced two really brilliant bloody brawls with the Hair match possibly being Terry's best singles match, with only that Multifaceto match from 07 or 08 (there are two) possibly being better. Santo/Villano vs Angel Blanco/Solitario TXT 2/25 is my Lucha MOTY and would be a top 3 match at worst for 2012 (may just have Cena/Lesnar above it). Casas/La Sombra from February is a lower end MOTYC compared to the Santo tag, Terry/Che brawls and Panther/Casas feud, but its a really well worked title match with a very engaging veteran vs young athlete story.

Trio Fantasia vs Thundercats 1991 is an outstanding Lucha brawl, blood everywhere, some incredible punches and bumps and the crowd losing their shit for everything:


MS-1 vs Sangre Chicana 1983. Total bloodbath, think Andy3000 said it was like human cock-fighting and honestly that's as good a description as I can think of. Fans of the Memphis and Mid South mid 80s brawls will love this, honestly as good as the best Lawler, Mantel, Dundee, Sawyer and Duggan brawls.


Blue Panther vs El Hijo Del Santo, Monterrey 4/9/00. Essence of Lucha here, fabulous matwork, hot crowd, insane dives, briliant pacing:


Honestly though Yeah1993 has a great introductory list. Should give you a sampling of the variety to be had in Lucha and allow you to see if you enjoy the style as a whole (e.g Lucha title matches, hair vs hair brawls, insane trios matches) or if certain styles impress you more than others. If you can make it through that list and find some favourites, then I'd say the above matches again represent the diversity Lucha brings to the table, and they're some of the best Lucha matches in history.

BTW if anyone out there can find a link to Damiancito/Cicloncito from January 1997 that would be incredible. Its something that should be watched by everyone but the only available link I had (sendspace) no longer works, and MU crashing likely lost a few more possible links. I prayed whoever uploaded the October trios encounter would up the singles match as well, but alas not yet
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