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Re: Serious Question: Why again did Taker throw Mankind off of Hell in the Cell?

Foley said in his book that he had a conversation with Terry Funk about being thrown off. It was supposed to be a joke, but Mick got the idea that he could pull it off. It was definitely a planned spot. So was the chokeslam, however Mick later said that it was not a planned spot because he was trying to appease his wife, who was extremely distraught over the match.

Foley later changed his story and said that the chokeslam was planned, but they didn't expect the cage to break. A lot of people say, "now how the hell did you NOT expect that to happen."

My argument has always been that during the first HIAC match with Taker and Shawn, Taker eventually back-body-drops Shawn on top of the cage. They performed the spot near the middle of the cell and Shawn legit bounced off of it during impact. So I think you could argue that, well, Mick figured if the cage was strong enough for that--why couldn't they do a choke slam spot? Why he didn't think of his own weight vs. Shawn's is beyond me, but regardless I don't think either of them were expecting the cage to break.

As for why he did it? Mick thought he needed that moment to become what he became. Even then his thirst for the crowds approval didn't waver, and his utter disregard for his brain at the Royal Rumble six months later is proof of that.

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