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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Bound For Glory 2012

1) TNA X-Division Championship:
Zema Ion(c) vs Rob Van Dam ~ **

RVD is way over. Ion gets an INCREDIBLE amount of heat. I enjoyed that. Good for the young guy to be over in the right way. Ion really dominated this one following his spike ddt. After that it was all Ion negating Vam Dam every step of the way. That was a nice touch. Figured this was gonna be much more back and forth. Then again, it continued with Ion's "pretty f'n dangerous" angle. RVD makes a quick comeback in hitting the rolling thunder followed by the Five Star Frog Splash and that's it @ 8:04. Ah. I wanted more. Not a bad match, just it felt like the definintion of "average". Main thing to blame for that is how short it was. There was no sustained comeback by RVD. He merely hit two signature moves (one being his finisher) and took out Ion. Like I said, not bad. Too short. Fun way to begin at least.

2) TNA Television Championship:
Samoa Joe(c) vs Magnus ~ **1/2

Magnus enters. I'm riding his train in thinking he could have a future. Really improved in ring. Knows how to cut a promo. And while it doesn't matter, he has a darn good look to him. Almost can say he simply looks like a star. Then there is Joe who has an unconventional look, yet he has proven he is a star. So enough about pointless looks. Onto the analysis of the match~! Ok, now this one was back and forth. Which gave it a nice flow. I liked this more the second time around, granted my rating didn't change. Magnus hits the elbow and I really thought he had him. Marked that it wasn't over because I wanted these guys to get a good bit of time. MAGNUS CHANNELS BRET HART @ WrestleMania 13 by using the ropes to roll through while in the Rear Naked Choke and gets an even closer nearfall. I loved that spot. Magnus attemps a figure four, tells Joe he's number one and that proves to be a big mistake. Joe counters that into the rear naked choke causing Magnus to submit @ 9:15. While I did like this match more another go around, I still felt that it didn't get enough time. When the match really began to pick up, it ended. Not gonna complain. Joe & Magnus got their own match on the biggest TNA PPV of the year. And helped restablish the Television Championship too. That belt has gotten some nice exposure this year. Which was really needed. I want a rematch. These guys with a bit more time could have really defined that finishing stretch.

3) One Year In The Making - Street Fight:
Robert Roode vs James Storm ~ ***3/4

Hype video is great. As if this long standing feud needs anymore hype. We're all jacked for it. King Mo enters to ZERO reaction. That's so hilarious. Get that guy out of here. God damn I love Roode. He enters and fans boo, but more importantly they just kind of seem in awe by his presence. It Factor all the way, baby. Storm enters to what was a surprisingly dull reaction. I expect this guy to get a pop that would blow the roof off. Heard a few boos even. First sign of the hot & cold crowd. Some early teases of tention w/King Mo by both Roode and Storm. Luckily that was all that happened pardon one spot near the finish. Storm bleeds within 4 minutes. HOLY SHIT at his face during this match. Flair level gnarly crimson mask. Crowd gets into the match more and more as it goes on. Thankfully. A dead crowd really could have hurt this. How could they not react though? This is pure entertainment. DOUBLE R SPINEBUSTER on the rock solid ramp spot ruled. They had some good ones in this match. Table dive was wicked. Roode landed right on top of his dome. Almost seemed like it hurt him more than it did Storm. Of course the tops of the big time spots was when the thumbtacks were introduced. Roode took all of it. Major props to him. I'd expect nothing less. These guys both work hard in all their matches. The elbow spot into the tacks was my favorite nearfall of not only the match, but the whole night. HOW DID THAT NOT END IT? The false Last Call nearfall was a real huge surprise, but the elbow in the tacks trumped it. Especially when it followed the Last Call. You had to know the beer bottle would come into play. Great callback. That's how the feud began and that's how it ended. Awesome. Speaking of awesome, or more like holy shit, was that second Last Call superkick. Sweet lordy science was that ever impactful. That really was a Bound For Glory-esque level Last Call. Following that uber kick Storm picked up the elusive win he's been gunning for @ 17:33. While I really got into this, I still don't feel it was the top match from TNA this year. Very good. Great effort nonetheless. I don't want to end this with a sour taste because this really was worth seeing. Darn good brawl. Thankfully King Mo only had that one interaction. It led to a good teased finish too, so King Mo being enforced worked out. I wished Roode could have vindicated his great year with a win at BFG, but Storm winning was the logical conclusion. He still got plenty of exposure and a major match. That's good enough for a deserving great worker like Robert Roode.

4) If Joey Ryan wins, he gets a TNA Contract:
Al Snow vs Joey Ryan ~ *

Joey Ryan gets an interview. I was looking forward to this one. Quite a bit actually. I think the world of Joey Ryan. California brothers sticking together I guess. Always loved Al Snow. That's right, loved. Underrated cat. Joey enters...it is phenomenal. Sooooo marking out seeing him enter in an arena like this. He deserves it. Talk about hard workers. This guy is willing to do anything for this biz. Plus he's entertaining as hell. He gets heat too. YES. SLEAZY JOEY is over. His Twitter trunks are fabulous. #joeyryan ftw. We Want Head chant begins immediately. haha. Snow is still in pretty good shape. He mostly used basic wrestling 101 offense to dominate Joey early. Fair enough. Seems logical to "school" Joey for being an unsigned punk. Taz has trouble saying a common word. Oh boy. Comments on how there isn't anything wrong with sleaze. This is their color commentator folks. Crowd dies during the match. I know it isn't overly exciting, but I don't understand that. Snow does his trademark double underhook headbutts followed up by the Snow Plow. Only gives lackluster two count. Again with finisher false finishes? Happened in 3 matches in a row. You can stop now TNA. Don't over do it now. AL SNOW GETS HEAD. Crowd pops. Joey Ryan makes out with Head. This guy is the greatest ever. Snow goes for Head only for Matt Morgan to murder him with the carbon footprint. Ugh. Not this worthless idiot again. I thought he went away. Joey covers to win and earn himself a TNA Contract @ 8:27. YES. But, why does Matt Morgan have to be with him? I hate this guy. He's terrible. I digress. What matters is Joey has a contract. I anticipate Joey on the upcoming Impact. That match was dull and basic. Nothing special whatsoever. More about the antics than the wrestling.

5) TNA Tag Team Championship - Three Way Match:
Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian(c) vs Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero Jr & Shawn Hernandez ~ *1/2

Daniels & Kazarian cut an awesome promo. Daniels and his appletini is one of the most pleasing things you can see. Why? I don't know. He's simply fantastic. This match has a video package? Weird. There was no point behind this match. Apparently the Daniels/Styles program died down and this really just kind of happened. Whatever. Hype isn't really a negative. Christopher Daniels dances his way to the ring. Unbelievable. Then he molests the tag team championship. lmao. Random sequences of moves go on for what feels like forever. Fans don't seem like they care. I hate when three way tags don't have one member of each team in. They have everyone in during three way matches with singles wrestlers, so why not with tags? It makes no sense. Doesn't help the match either. Especially when stuff breaks down. It's like why weren't these guys in from the very start? Nothing happens still. Angle makes a hot tag to Styles and begins his GERMAN SUPLEXES sequence. Fans love Angle. Actually making the people react. Pace has certainly picked up following that. Everyone is in. Lmao. Obligatory breakdown in mutli man matches. This match still sucks. No story whatsoever. Everything is random. I'm not into this at all. Fatty botch with Kazarian and Hernandez. It was nasty. For all the wrong reasons. Glad Kazarian wasn't injured. Tenay creams for AJ doing a dive. Funny. At least Tenay isn't talking like a corpse. Crowd only really seems to go nuts when Angle is on the offense. Nearly at the end of this match and I really can't remember Chavo doing a single move. How awful. Styles kicks out of a BME. Oh wow, another false finish. Is this ROH? Knock that crap off. Did I mention how much I don't care for this...yeah I think I did. It all feels like something we've seen before. Hernandez obviously tags in after sitting on the apron for about 3 minutes. Hernandez kills Daniels with the Border Toss followed up by a Chavo frog splash (fans are booing pretty heavily atm) and Hernandez cover for the surprising 3 count. We have new TNA Tag Team Champions @ 15:34. Match over and the fans don't care. The least over team wins. Don't know why either. I knew Daniels & Kazarian wouldn't win, even though they should have. I really didn't feel that match. I said it about 3 times already and I'll say it again, dull and random. Not for me. The hot phase was a bit better the second time around at least. Mostly because the match went by a LOT faster when things picked up. First 8 1/2 minutes of that match were so boring. Not to mention pointless. Why didn't these guys go out and give us a blitzkrieg as soon as it began? A 10 minute high energy bout would have been better than that.

6) TNA Knockouts Championship:
Brooke Tessmacher(c) vs Tara ~ 1/2*

This match is going on WAY too late in the PPV. This should have been around the 3rd match. Or used as the match to follow the awesome Street Fight. Whatever. Some random showing of British Boot Camp kids. Tenay calls one guy Spud. I wonder if that is the indie guy Spud. Probably. Those twins were hot too. Anyways back to the match. Clearly you can tell I don't care. Brooke gets crickets. Ha. Go back to working at Hooters. Taz wants the guest timekeeper to ring the bell. He goes nuts by saying "RING IT!!!!!!" Oh that Taz. He's terrible. Brooke booty pops early. That's all she's good for. Hey, I eat my words as she does a good satelite headscissors. One good move. I think i'm in the clear when I say she sucks. Ok, a leaping hurricanrana from the top by Brooke was good too. It was actually quite impressive. Congrats to her. Bland match nonetheless. Which was expected. Tara dominates to win clean @ 6:21. Good. Not even gonna acknowledge that bullshit reveal. I thought TNA was gonna cut crap like that. I shouldn't be so naive sometimes. This show has hit a real dull phase following the Street Fight, sadly.

7) No DQ Match - If Aces win they get full access. If Aces lose then they must leave TNA:
Sting & Bully Ray vs Aces & 8's ~ *1/2

Sting is mad over. Of course. Bully Ray is REALLY over. That's the coolest thing yet. Even for being the best heel in the company he still is over in a massive way. Only been aligned with Sting for 2 weeks haha. That's all it took I guess. Goes back to my point that Bully Ray has it. That presence. That charisma. 41 years old or not he is easily in his prime. Joseph Park is locked up to the guard rail when this begins. DAT FACE. He brings endless hilarity. Brawl begins and it's pretty exciting. Only for so long. Eventually it stays the same thing. Then they go in the ring and it becomes formatted into a tradtional tag team match? WHAT? WHY? That makes no sense. It's no dq. What happened to the brawling? Baffling. While they are selling that the Aces guys (Mike Knox & Drew Hankinson) aren't wrestlers it leaves the action to become really...well bad. All they did was punch. It's not Kronik vs Undertaker & Kane level bad, but it's along the lines of a dull clobberfest in the fashion of Nasty Boys, Demolition, or Powers of Pain. Both of them are capable of so much more too. I was looking forward to this one too. I thought it was gonna be a wild and fun affair. Only thing I ended up liking was Bully's offense because he's the best in TNA. Has that hook. Crowd ate it up at least. The leader enters, spinebustered Bully through a table and the Aces pick up the big win @ 10:53. Post match: Hogan's one punch beatdown of the Aces was beyond grand. It's a sight to behold. Leader becomes unmasked....it...is.....DEVON. *GASP* Fans are shocked. Everyone is shocked. At least that pay off gave some intreige. I'm still upset that the match was underwhelming. Ending was very flat. While I didn't praise this match at all...I can't lie in saying that this was better on a rewatch. Noticed how much the fans got a kick out of it. I think I walked in expecting something too wild that this didn't work for me. Bully really carried it for me like I said. Enough to give this my biggest improvement of snowflakes yet. I saw the eyes of one of the random Aces guys walking out with Devon, Knox, & Hankinson. It looked like Garett Bischoff. Now that Devon is the leader my Garett theory is looking more and more likely. The were a team afterall. Yeah, could be way off. Oh well. I like to live dangerously. *hb @ Austin Powers references*

8) TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Austin Aries(c) vs Jeff Hardy ~ ***1/4

Main event time. Crowd is into it. Pro Aries crowd. Hardy is getting quite a bit of heat. Then he gets a loud pro Hardy chant going. I've said Jeff Hardy is the John Cena of TNA. Really rings true here. Aries gets a nice string of moves together in the early 4 minute range. Aries taunts the hell out of Hardy. Oh that cocky A Double. Jeff's offense is centered around high risk. Nothing has changed there. Only you can tell that Aries went in expecting that. Upon the first miss Aries kept Jeff completely grounded. Logical story behind the match right there. It continues for a good portion of the match. Aries has managed to stop any momentum by Hardy. It keeps up until Hardy DESTROYS Aries with an alley-oop powerbomb. He's used that against Kendrick before. Works well on these small opponents. He really drives them down in a boss way. I really have a better appreciation for the way this match was worked this time around. This was total garbage in my eyes when I first watched it. Aries offense keeping Hardy grounded was his way of showing that he deserves what Jeff has. He can dominate the "oh-so loved" Jeff Hardy. Even the double heat seeking missile proved a point. He shows he can not only dominate Hardy with his strong ground game, but with his ability to fly himself. Showing the world that he can do it all. His domination is his point to prove. I don't know how or why I missed it the first time around. Nonetheless, I see it now. Have to acknowledge that deadly hangman's neckbreaker onto the ramp. Wow. Brutal. Legit very brutal. Something like that could have knocked out Hardy. Aries jumping top rope hurricanrana was AMAZING. The brainbuster nearfall...good grief. Who expected that? That's one false finish I'll accept. I know lots didn't like the finish. They claimed it was too "super Cena". Gtfo with a comment like that. Moronic. It was fine in the sense that Hardy found his opening. Got his surge of energy and took full advantage to win. I didn't like how Aries how to roll towards Hardy for the Swanton, but whatever. No big deal. Not gonna nit pick. He had to get over there somehow. Jeff crushes Aries with a Swanton following two Twist of Fates to score the TNA World Championship @ 23:04. My opinion on this clearly changed. Not gonna put it in the same category as the majority did however. I thought it was good. Good lengthy bout with a good story behind it.

Ok. So overall this PPV was not a steaming pile of shit like I referred to upon my first watch. I was frustrated that it didn't come off to be what I expected I guess. I've seen way worse PPVs from TNA and wrestling in general. That's behind me now. I can sum this PPV up, for lack of a better term, as fun enough. I know some people hate that. I don't care. Go complain about it somewhere else. It was fun for about half the show. Hit a dull snag towards the end until the main event. Some opinions on matches remained the same. Some changed. Hardy/Aries was for the better while Ryan/Snow was weaker this time around. Like I said after my first watch: half the show gave me something while I felt the other half didn't really come through.

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