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Re: Smackdown 10/19, Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Originally Posted by Huganomics View Post
You're overreacting just a wee bit.

Jack fucking Swagger cashed in the briefcase successfully. Early '06 Cena was successfully cashed in on. They're not going to have anyone unsuccessfully cash in on a weakened opponent, especially someone as prominent on shows as Ziggler.
Perhaps it's a slight exaggeration. Perhaps Ziggler won't hit his finisher and they'll at least let that save some face.

Honestly, I wouldn't be that mad Barrett lost if he won one of the two Raw matches they had. I'm also not as pissed about that as I am Sheamus' unstoppable booking, and it's for the same reason I hated Cena in 2005 and 2007. We have a corny face rarely ever losing. The one singles loss he's taken this year was against the one guy besides Cena who's above him, and even that was a shock to some degree. While it's not like they should have Sheamus lose every week, losing every month or two in a competitive match-up because of the guy you're feuding with really wouldn't be that bad or detrimental to Sheamus, it would build up that guy for a future WHC match and it would further Sheamus' feud in the most simplistic way. I mean hell, even Punk when he was face was pinned several times during his feud/three-way feud with Bryan and Kane back in May-June-July. Punk always looked vulnerable but rather than hurt him, it simply furthered his feuds and made people think that Punk could be beaten by these guys and that his title could be in jeopardy (kayfabe of course). With Sheamus you just don't get that (or at least I and a few others don't). It makes it an un-enjoyable watching experience and makes me care for the main event and World Title even less.

And honestly, if Sheamus was ever going to be the underdog, this feud with Show would be it. But instead of Show getting in Sheamus' head, costing him matches and making Sheamus question himself and make Show seem like someone Sheamus can't stop, they have Sheamus treat him like any other opponent on a SD, and at HIAC I'm confident that is what will happen. I don't get why kids/casuals would have any doubt of a Sheamus win. With the way WWE is booking this, it's Big Show that has something to prove to Sheamus, and that's a problem when he's larger than Sheamus and the heel in the feud. Heels as the underdogs just aren't cool, and the same shit is happening on Raw with Cena/Punk/Ryback with Punk seemingly the underdog, though with Punk because of his size it's a bit more acceptable. With Show though? Absolutely not.

And then to top it all off there's the issues with Barrett. Barrett has some cool vignettes, looks to be coming back back better than ever. What changes? He modifies his entrance music a bit though it still sounds like jobber music. He grows a beard. He tapes his hands/wrists... and... adds a new finisher? His style and moveset hasn't changed much if at all, and he still walks around, talks, and acts like the same Wade Barrett who was there before he got injured. To make matters worse he squashes a jobber and then says (something along the lines of) "Guys like him aren't worth my time. So I'm gonna make things interesting for myself. Wade Barrett is now open for business, and business will be booming!"... and then what happens? He faces more jobbers. Then the one star he finally gets to face in Sheamus, he can't beat him even with Show as a distraction out there, and he couldn't beat him on SD even in a lumberjack match. Barrett's return is single-handily the most botched return I've ever seen in the WWE. It's crap like this that makes me wonder why I continue watching, and sadly because it's as long there's a glimmer of greatness in WWE (right now that glimmer is CM Punk), I'll continue being a fan and watch at least the show he's on. I've tried to stick to SD even in the dark days of Sheamus/Del Rio because of Barrett's return and Sandow's arrival, but I simply can't anymore.

I'm watching you...

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